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Day Daily Dwarf

Day Daily Dwarf

My original character, Day, Day Daily Dwarf! 
This one I've experimented on some coloring techniques. It's going pretty well in my own opinion! C:

She's the same girl from these drawings of mine if you might remember! 

Adventure Break (Animated) by Porforever Strike the Day! by Porforever Name the World by Porforever

Hope you like this! C:

Tools : ClipStudioPaint
All resources are done by myself and some are Free-To-Use materials without credit require.

Character & Artwork © Porforever 

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SonikkuLover-99's avatar
Heheh, her bellybutton marks the spot c:
IAmTheSenate2's avatar

Dayummmmmmmmmm baby

kat036's avatar
Love the themes
MattKaySeven's avatar
Beautifull Artwork Airborne 
Buniis's avatar
Ooh nice !!^^
Nixiomihla's avatar
This is so cute qwq
bluewingfairy's avatar
she's a cute dwarf ^^.
rcAngel's avatar
How old is she? I'm kinda completely concerned that she's hardly wearing anything and still undressing
S3rb4n's avatar
What a cute and sexy dwarf!
DeadCobra's avatar
Uuuu does she knows how sexy she is Horny revamp 
rcAngel's avatar
She has no breasts and looks to be 8 at max. Screw off, creep
DeadCobra's avatar
So what if she has no breasts are you saying small boobs is not sexy
She looks like a loli and the age is not defined also its just a picture
rcAngel's avatar
I'm absolutely not saying that, in fact I prefer a woman who's top priority isn't her breast size.
However the character in this picture appears to be and has the breast size of an 8 year old,
which indeed makes her a loli. No the age isn't defined but its pretty easy to tell a child from
an adult, even if she is a dwarf.

If its just a picture, why is lolicon manga illegal and punishable with prison and, in some 
countries, death?
DeadCobra's avatar
Don't know
But have you seen some females there are plenty of adult women who look this young
rcAngel's avatar
Until I see a pic of a grown woman, 20 years or older who legit looks like she's 7 or 8 without some kind of body modification, I'm not convinced in the slightest. I don't believe there are any adult women who look as young as the girl in the pic.

Either way, I really don't care anymore. As long as OP had the intention of drawing a legal-aged woman I don't really care (maybe OP's just really used to drawing small children so his adults come out looking like them? It's a stretch but I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt.) My problem is when people see what appears to be a very small child like her and calling her sexy. She may as well be nude the way she's dressed now
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