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Character Sheet - Millie Grains

Millie Grains the Hare Fighter

Name : Millie Grains
Gender : Female
Race : Human... yeah, human
Class : Wind Fighter
Age : 17 years 
Height : 160 cm (not include bunny ears)
Weight : 48 kg
Nature : Cheerful girl, Change the emotion really fast. Not good at lying and be tricked easily. Reasonable one but sometimes asking silly questions.

Likes :
- Eating
- Every types of meat which delicious
- Candy and Sweets
- Bunnies and Big Creatures (except spiders and stuffs...)
- Large Trees and Spacious Grass Plain and Natural Height Area
- Grass Flowers
- Quests, Competitions and Adventures
- Toys and Collecting Items (which most not useful)
- Horror and Scary Story
- Dependable Peoples

Dislikes :
- Spiders
- Most types of vegetables (But she can eat carrots if in the necessary time)
- Deep Water
- Narrow space
- Thunders
- Taunting and Provoking
- Philanderers
- No Money left...

Other about Millie :
- Millie can uses a little wind magic by casting through her long boots.
- Her wind magic is pink, like the wind gems on the boots.
- Millie can get drunk very hard. Cause she drink her own family's beer since she was very young. 
- Her waist pocket is full of various candies. She loves to buy candy from the different places she visited.
- She can eat candy in everywhere, every single times.
- There're some of sour candies in that candy pocket. And the time she shares her candies to others, she always get those sour candies by randomly picking.
- She really loves bunny. When she was a child, she want to grow up to be a rabbit.
- She hates vegetables but only carrots she eat because she believe that rabbit eat carrots.
- Millie is poor.
- Millie is a rookie fighter. She is bad at fighting monsters.
- She loves to stand on the top of the big trees.
- Those bunny ears over her head are actually fake. (and yeah, she has human ears since she's not bunny XD)

Some pictures of Millie
Millie and her Lovely World by Porforever  After War by Porforever Halloween Carnival by Porforever

And others
Millie Tai by Porforever Details-head by Porforever Others Doodles by Porforever 

Tools : ClipStudioPaint and Photoshop

Millie Grains © Porforever
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G4MM43T4's avatar
lovely style
Porforever's avatar
hehe, thanks a lot! :love:
JonUndone's avatar
Oh, my! Look at this cutie~ >u< <3
Porforever's avatar
Aww, thankies! //v\\
Porforever's avatar
Thank you very much Nia! :hug:
LinkyKOS's avatar
She not bun bun? then she loves bunbuns a lot?
Porforever's avatar
Yesh, just a human girl who fall in love with bunnies! XD
LinkyKOS's avatar
Yay, that's perfect then X3
Nebelstern's avatar
cutesy~ ^^
omg, she doesn't look like she could /would get drunk... XD
oh god, sour candy.. ^^;
Porforever's avatar
Haha, she's completely different type from Malice the easily drunk XD

Hehe yeah, that candy she'll give you.
tsukirinz's avatar
มิลลี่ยยยยย <3 <3
Porforever's avatar
ใช่แล้ว มิลลี่ยยยย์ <3 <3 
Piehamster's avatar
I wanna see her drunk! :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:

Hehe, she's so cute~ :iconyukkoshyniplz:
Porforever's avatar
Haha, that's a hard chance PiePie! X3
Glad you like her anyway! :love:
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flkjgksdjfkjgksjdkfjgksjdkfjglksjdklfjg uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :iconomgsocuteplz::iconomgsocuteplz::iconomgsocuteplz:

secretly doodle her <3
Porforever's avatar
Awww, many thanks Skunky! :love::love:

Nuuu, don't keep it secretly! please show meee! 
Skunkyfly's avatar
dfkjjaksdfkajksdjfkajsd awwww you're welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >/////////////////////////////////<

nuuuu,,, we can't >////< cause we draw her with our OC //slaps
Porforever's avatar
Nuuu, you should show mee, because she's my oc tooo  >u</
Skunkyfly's avatar
awwwwww yaaaa >/////<
MG7000's avatar
HAHA!!! A VERY NICE, CUTE and AMAZING Love :salute: 
Porforever's avatar
Hehe, thank you MG7000!
MG7000's avatar
You're Very Welcome...
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So finally got time to do art? :D
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