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Blazing Chainsaw Again

Blazing Chainsaw, second one.

Aww, during the exam week, there're about 4 days to see the next subject. So I drew instead of study! //punched
This one, Blazing Chainsaw is for :icondamaged927: very late gift. His OC, Tilt-chan with her chainsaw on fire! :love::love:

It's a really breath taking one of pic I've tried my best on. That chainsaw took me as much as time as the character! ;A:;
Hope you like this one! >u<

Blazing Chainsaw Again (30-9-2013)

Done in SAI and Photoshop

Few textures used here are available in SAI
Other resources by myself

Tilt (C) ^Damaged927
Artwork (C) *Porforever

Older version (2011)
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Even crazier than the original!  I love the manic flame background and the even more insane action-y choice of pose, and the breaking chain is also a very nice touch.
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Aww, thanks a lot! I glad you do like the pic! ;v;
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Awesome! This is so cool! I just love how this drawing has explosion kind of feeling! Really great work!!
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Thank you very much, Kumiko! :hug:
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I remember this one Por! You really made so much progress since ;A;
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Aww, glad you can! I must say you're the one who developed so much of improvement too! Especially your background painting! :love:
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แม่สาวเลื่อยเดือด ;A;
น่าฮักแต่ดูเถื่อนดี ผมชอบ ><
แสงวิ้งๆของพี่นี่มันเอกลักษณ์มากๆเลยนะฮะ OAO!! ชาบูวว
Porforever's avatar
ขอบคุณค๊าบไอแดด ;v;

แหม งานเราก็วิ๊งออกนะ ระยิบระยับเลย :D
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วิ้งแบบขุ่นๆด้วยครับกำ 555
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รูปใหม่ของพี่ปอ ;A;
สีหวานมากเลยคับ @_@ แบบว่านมเย็น
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แห่ๆ ขอบคุณค๊าบบ ;v;

อันนั้นสุดๆของตอนนี้ละแหละ นานๆได้ทำ100เปอร์เซนต์ทีนึง แต่ดูๆไปก็เหมือนยังเสริมอะไรได้อีกอยู่เลยนะ ;u;
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Amazing job on the flames *o*
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aww, thanks so much! :love:
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Blazing chainsaw again ahaha! Porforever i must tell you this is one piece of art i haven't forgotten even since 2011. I always bookmarked the page and take a look at it when i want to feel depressed about my art skills. This one is an excellent improvement, but i'm still fond of the older one. Good work!
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Aww, thanks so much! Me so glad to hear you like that one so much!!! QvQ
maybe some mistake here with the newer one, I've observed for a while one view and favs. It's not as much as the older thought! ;v;
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Fine use of color!

Well done.
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Thanks so much! :love:
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:icontiltplz::iconsaysplz:I am having so. much. FUN! :devilish:

Thank you so much for her Por!  She looks absolutely lovely!  I like the overall orange lighting (it works well with the fire) and that expression is so menacing :devilish:  The chains look fantastic and I love how everything feels like it is moving :nod:

Thank you so much again!  This is such an awesome surprise! :hug:
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Aww, my very pleasure, Mike! Just you like it, me so happy! :hug:

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