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The White That Blinds
Walking knee deep in the snow was one thing. Walking against a storming wind carrying more snow was another. Having to carry her injured best friend all the while through all that snow was almost too much but Ebigail would not, could not give in; she was determined to bring Caroline to safety in spite of the world itself seemingly out to get her.
Her arms were getting tired. She still wore the thick metal cuffs on her wrists. Carol cut the connecting rope but they couldn’t be removed and they were uncomfortably heavy. Not to mention, with how cold it was, it was affecting the metal and it was starting to bite into her skin. To make matters worse, she was wearing a thin white dress and that was essentially it; her shoes were the barest of sandals. Carol was the one dressed for the snow, with her black hooded coat with matching boots and purple pants.
She was so exhausted and tired… The snow-laden winds obscured any hope that waited in the distance, if there was even any to b
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[HDN] High Interstice - Rei and Umbriel
Mama glared at the back door with a pursed lip and a fist on her hip. Just because the front door said ‘Closed’, that didn’t mean anyone could get service at the back door of a restaurant. Who was bothering her at the crack of dawn, anyway?
Fine, whatever. Mama put down her rolling pin and opened the back door.
The young woman behind the door flinched, whereas Mama raised an eyebrow. Holy smokes, the early bird was well-dressed; she wore a black suit and a skirt that wouldn’t look out of place in a board meeting. Her glasses topped off the academical air, although her blue eyes flickered up and down between Mama and the pavement. Her hair, long and bluish-silver, was as straight and smooth as someone coming out of the hairdresser’s. That all said, Mama thought the white horn on the side of her head and the skulls on her belt and gauntlets were a tad unnerving.
Mama raised an eyebrow. What would an occultist businesswoman want with
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I talk to myself a lot
Mainly when I am alone
I like hearing myself speak
But I like being listened to more
So when no one is listening
I listen to myself
I say things to find answers
To confirm questions on my mind

Other people would say no
But when I talk to myself
I do not talk back
In one ear from out the mouth
The message comes back
I listen to myself
And I believe them
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The Sun
Light stretches far
Very far
It never stops stretching
Until it hits something
Then it stops
Light will not stretch on
Where light does not stretch along
There is nothing
When there is no light anywhere
There is nothing anywhere
All things are left in nothing
All things are lost without light
We need light
Without light to see things
Without a light to see reality
We make our own
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HN is Real: Chapter 18: Crash
In preparation for Black Heart's story, Neptune lied down on the floor on her stomach and supported her head with her arms. Next to her, Jacob, Nisa and IF sat down, all of them cross-legged but Jacob was leaning forward slightly with his arms crossed, IF also leaning forward slightly but her hands were on her knees and Nisa was leaning back and supporting herself with her arms behind her. Compa sat on the bed next to Black Heart's.
"Ooh, this is gonna be exciting," Neptune said eagerly as she kicked behind her. "Come on Blacky, let's go!"
Black Heart sighed. "Calm down. Now, here's what happened...
It was only maybe two weeks ago when the Console War ended if it wasn't put on hiatus. During the end, Green Heart, White Heart and I decided to focus our strengths on Neptune in order to—
"Whoa, hold your horses!" Neptune interrupted. "You're going way too fast!"
"... Huh?"
"We can't see your flashbacks, see, so you have to be veeeery detailed for us, 'kay?"
"... You have to b
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HN is Real: Chapter 17: Super Dimension Game Party
IF woke up the next morning after a good night's sleep. She'd gotten used to the generator ages ago; getting around the world, she was forced to put up with ridiculous living conditions from time to time and… well, the generator was still pretty bad but she'd slept through worse. Getting up from her bed, she looked around and wasn't the slightest bit surprised that, while Neptune and Compa were still sleeping, Jacob and Nisa were gone.
Compa stirred. In a few moments, she sat up. As was always the case when she slept, she was wearing her pink-trimmed white halter neck chemise. "Hi, IF…" she greeted with a yawn.
"Morning," IF returned before getting up from her bed.
Compa rubbed her eyes. "You know, I think you should get yourself some pyjamas."
"Nah, I'm good with what I have on now." IF retrieved her coat that was hung over the railing at the foot of her bed and snaked her arms through its ridiculously long sleeves.
"Doesn't it get weird, though? Sleeping in what you wear
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HN is Real: Chapter 16: Outsider's Reminiscence
Three days had passed since the second fight with Black Heart. With no more leads to follow, the party fell into a routine of taking on maybe two jobs a day, playing video games, eating, chatting and, as IF suggested they do, trying to gather more information. Unfortunately, no matter how many NPCs they asked, the party couldn't find any more information on where they could find any Guard Vermins on Lastation. Asking about Key Fragments proved to be an even more fruitless endeavour as no one even knew they existed. This is why the party just spent most of their time lounging about when they didn't have any missions to do.
Currently, it was the afternoon. In the motel room, IF and Compa were sitting on IF's bed while looking at IF's phone. The sixteen dogs were lounging around or playing with each other.
"Hi, 5pb here!" broadcasted the voice of a young girl from the phone. "Been a while! We're taking messages from our listeners right now. I'll read them here and carry the messages on to
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HN is Real: Chapter 15 Another Altercation
An hour had passed since Nisa dragged Jacob off for what she called “training” although none of the other girls really bought it… Well, Compa and Neptune bought it, considering they’re Compa and Neptune, but IF could tell that Jacob’s “training” would not be of the usual variety. Not that she actually knew what Nisa would put him through but she knew this would not be a pleasant session. It wasn’t important to her, though; she was too busy looking on her phone, trying to find a new quest.
“Did you find any quests yet?” Compa asked from in front of the TV.
The key word being “trying”.
IF sighed. “No I have not.”
“Aw,” Compa whined. “You’d think that there’d be a new one by now.”
“Same here. Then again, it’s nice to know that a landmass can go for at least an hour without some random civilian asking for a monster to be killed for no reason other than to aven
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HN is Real: Chapter 14: Take a Breather
Those dining at Chian's restaurant found their lovely oriental atmosphere shattered once again just like how that boy came in, only this time the door was opened about as slowly and softly as a charging rhino, there were actually four boys, three of the boys were actually girls (or two of them, depending on who you asked), they didn't look fatigued or battered and… Okay then, they conceded that there were many differences between the boy and these girls but, when you're trying to dine in peace, all interruptions feel the same.
"Chian!" Compa called. "Where are you?"
Chian came into the restaurant by the entrance that led into the hallway. "Ah, there you are. Come on; Jacob's this way."
Chian led the part of four down the hallway into the room where Jacob was, much to the relief of those dining. Chian opened the door to show the state Jacob was in to the party. The blood on his neck was cleaned off but he still had the scar on his cheek. Before he turned his head to face the party
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HN is Real: Chapter 13: Fight or Flight
With no more leads, the party decided that the best course of action would be to check on Chian. The poor girl had been grieving for about an hour now so the party believed that she might like someone to talk to. Possibly, this might also get the plot on track.
"Hey Chian!" said Neptune as cheerily as ever as the party walked through the front door. "Ya stopped crying yet?"
"Neptune, don't be so blunt," Jacob rebuked.
"Oh, hey," greeted Chian as she brushed the floor with a broom. As a silhouette, it was hard to identify if she looked any worse but her hair was definitely a bit messy. "Do you need anything?"
"We're okay," Compa replied. "We just wanted to see how you were fairing."
Chian might have smiled. "Ah, thank you. I appreciate you all checking up on me. I'm all right now." She went behind the bar and put the broom away, allowing the party to take their usual places on the stools.
"Are you sure? The Tech Expo may be gone but I'm sure there's another way to help!" said Compa.
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HN is Real: Chapter 12: To Find His Path
The party wasn't in what you'd call the best spirits. On top of the Tech Expo being cancelled, jobs were few and far between, meaning that money was a very limited resource that the party had to use wisely. Furthermore, finding the Key Fragment or even the possible whereabouts of a Guard Vermin were tasks comparable to finding a power outlet in frozen tundra. To top it all off, no one had any idea what they were supposed to do next. With all that considered, everyone had kind of gone off to do miscellaneous things; Nisa had dragged Jacob off to train, Neptune and Compa had said they were going to look around, not having been in Lastation before, and IF, being the only productive member of the team, was in the motel room websurfing for… something. Jacob didn't really know.
That was about half an hour ago. Now, Jacob and Nisa were sitting on pipes, drinking from juice boxes. Around them were several of the dog robots that Jacob, Compa and Neptune brought back to the motel.
"Hey, S
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HN is Real: Chapter 11: Two Adversaries, One Day
The party was waiting at a forest clearing that may or may not have been the battleground with the Egg Dragon, named by Jacob after Compa revealed that "cutscene monsters are never documented". Nisa and Neptune looked highly agitated, Compa looked a bit nervous, Jacob was rocking back and forth in boredom and IF, even though she looked more or less indifferent, definitely felt the glares of the two most powerful members of the party.
"IF, I understand that one cannot save the world on an empty stomach or an empty wallet. However, I find taking a job from Avenir shameful, humiliating and in direct opposition to the justice that I stand for." Nisa's posture seemed composed but her face made it apparent she was barely holding back from ripping IF apart.
IF sighed. "I'm sorry but this was the highest paying job available at the time. If there was anything else, trust me when I say I would've chosen that instead."
Jacob spoke up. "I'm actually looking forward to this. We've all heard how 'e
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HN is Real: Chapter 10: And That Makes Five
"Jacob, wake up," said IF as she nudged him the next morning.
"Nngh…" he groaned before opening his eyes. "What do you want…?"
"We're leaving in a few hours to talk with Chian. We haven't had breakfast yet and Compa said you could make pancakes. I said we should just have some sandwiches but Neptune and Compa are adamant on pancakes. Compa's run off to the store to get some flour because we don't have any."
Jacob groaned and forced himself out of bed. He was wearing his usual getup minus his jacket, shoes and socks. "Alright, alright…" Jacob yawned. Damn body clocks. "When'd she leave?"
"Just a minute ago," IF answered. "She won't be back for a while. I just wanted you good and awake for when she gets back."
"Fair enough…" Jacob did a few stretches.
Compa chose this moment to burst into the room, looking panicked as usual and yet still not out of breath. "Nep-Nep, IF, Jake! Bad news! Someone saw a monster prowling near town!"
"What…?" Jacob rubbed his
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HN is Real: Chapter 9: Head for the Source
"Here we are," announced IF as the party entered the door to their motel room. While it at least did have four beds with green bar headers and footers, windows with green frames, four hanging lights that didn't look the slightest bit eco-friendly, a stove, a caged fan hanging from the ceiling and a middle-sized TV on the other side of the room, there was an air duct on the wall that made a continuous faint noise. This might have been slightly tolerable if it weren't for the huge metal generator placed near one of the beds. It was slightly shorter than Compa and the pipe extruding from the top branched out left and right at the edge of the ceiling. The room was ugly and noisy.
"Home sweet home," said Jacob.
Compa looked around quizzically. "I don't think it's that nice. It looks kind of dirty, the generator and air duct are-"
"I was being sarcastic," Jacob said quickly.
" Oh."
"Well," began Jacob, "someone has to take the bed next to the generator. Not it."
"Not it," said Neptune.
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HN is Real: Chapter 8: Five Day Skip: To Lastation
Five days had passed since the Blue Shadow sidequest. The party spent most of their time doing other sidequests and things but you won't find chapters of them doing that because they would be boring. Anyway, IF and Jacob were walking from the supermarket carrying reusable shopping bags to the Sky Harbor where Neptune and Compa were waiting for them.
"You know," IF began, "I didn't really think you were the kind for green apples. You're kind of pudgy... well, just a bit, anyway, so I figured you'd go for the chips and chocolate. Not that we don't have those but it was unexpected for you not to be the one to go for them at first."
Jacob sighed. "I'm trying to better my diet. Besides, we're going on a long trip. I want something that sustains me and is actually of benefit, not something transient like chips and chocolate."
"Fair enough, I guess." IF shifted her shoulders. "Tch… these bags are heavy."
"Thank goodness these gauntlets increase my arm strength. I can't really feel the we
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HN is Real: Chapter 7: Recovery Point
It took the better part of twenty minutes for the party to get to the nearest hospital. Purple Heart turned back into Neptune before entering so as to not raise a fuss. The party walked to the counter with Jacob being carried by Compa.
"Excuse me!" Compa said to the silhouette man behind the counter. "Our friend needs help! He was stabbed by a giant spear-lance thingy!"
"A giant spear-lance thingy?" the man responded. "Well, that's a nice change of pace from the Jaki clubs, the Dogoo tackles, the Imp tackles, the Killer Rabbit wounds and, lest we forget, those blasted Sand Worm victims. Was the weapon altered in any way?"
"No sir," Compa answered. "The spear was just a spear. Or a lance. It was hard to tell. Anyway, he has a massive cross-shaped wound in his stomach and he needs proper medical attention right away."
"I see. And you thought it would be a good idea to just carry him in rather than, say, call for an ambulance to pick him up when you got back from the dungeon?"
Compa didn'
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After so many months, so much self-pushing to write... it's finally finished.…

And yes, this will indeed be the last chapter I write for this fanfic. I have new stories to write.
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