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Tokka Week

By Porcubird
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That's right Tokkaneers, we're finally gonna have a whole week dedicated to our ship *sighs*
August 1-7 will be Tokka Week :w00t:
To read more about what will happen during Tokka Week, go to :icontwilightrose2:'s journal about it here ---> [link]
And for those who are wondering who the random squirrel sitting on Toph's head is, it's me X3

Toph and Sokka © Mike and Bryan
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aren't tokkips pokemon?
no fans of tokka
hollyfowl56's avatar
Oh thanks for clearing that up
yea you might have been thinking of mudkip
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SatanicSnowStormHobbyist General Artist
XD Toph's face
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nice drawing
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PorcubirdStudent Traditional Artist
Thanks :aww:
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It's a Tokka Week? I'm so excited! :+fav:
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Tokka Week? 'Tis a dream come true!

Too bad my lack of fanarting and/or fanfictioning will contribute nothing to the cause. But I will totally enjoy every second of it!
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LOL this pic is funny, but in a good way : )
Tokka week huh? Not to sure what it is, but I already like the sound of it!
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roseredautumnStudent Traditional Artist
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mastertortilla27Professional Artisan Crafter
Hm....a Tokka week, interesting...if I find some time to make enough fics I'll definitely join in.
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PorcubirdStudent Traditional Artist
Yay :D
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TOKKAAAAAA! WEEK! =O Me and my cuzzins are gonna have some super ultra parteh!
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PorcubirdStudent Traditional Artist
woot, Tokka party!
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Tokka week!? Yay! We have a week! I'm gonna try to do something... not sure what, though... But WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR PERSONAL OWN WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna make a party =)
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Wait a second... OH CRAP.
I'll be away this week! DD: Noooo.

Well, then I'll have to have someone post my collection for me. xD Darn it all, how can I miss this?!
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PorcubirdStudent Traditional Artist
ah, that's life sometimes though, eh? Sorry that you'll be missing it :<
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PunkAvatardStudent General Artist
:icondweebdanceplz: TOKKA WEEK!!!
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I love the look on Topph's face!
Yay Tokka week!
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YEAH!!! RIGHT ON!!! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!! *i dont get why kataang and zutara got a week before avatar end and we tokka ppl dont... not fair!* TOKKA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG!! A WEEK OF TOKKA?! AND IN MY BIRTHMONTH!?!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:boogie: :typerhappy: :dance: :#1:
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