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Thoughts? by PorcelainEverett Thoughts? :iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 4 1 Fruits Basket Cosplay - Arisa Uotani #1 by PorcelainEverett Fruits Basket Cosplay - Arisa Uotani #1 :iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 0 2 Fruits Basket Cosplay - Tohru Honda #1 by PorcelainEverett Fruits Basket Cosplay - Tohru Honda #1 :iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 1 5 Hungary - Hetalia Cosplay by PorcelainEverett Hungary - Hetalia Cosplay :iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 11 0 Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket Cosplay by PorcelainEverett Tohru Honda - Fruits Basket Cosplay :iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 5 3
Apollo x Reader: Music Lessons
You sat in a field playing your favorite instrument. The music you were producing was absolutely beautiful.
Of course you were going to attract the attention of a God. Apollo watched and listened to you play from acoss the field.
Your eyes were closed and you were completely immersed in playing your music. And, of course you knew Apollo was the God of Music, you worshipped him often for this fact.
You hadn't noticed him stand beside you. You finished your song and looked around.
You happened to look up. Is, t-that Apollo?! You threw yourself onto your knees and looked down. "M-my Lord, Ap-ppollo." Your voice quivered.
"What is your name?" Apollo asked. "It's ________." You told him. "That's a beautiful name." He smiled at you as you burned crimson.
He grabbed your instrument. "What is this?" He asked. "It's an Ocarina*, My Lord-d." You were still on your knees and refusing to look him in the eye.
"Look at me." Your head swung up with swift compliance. "What might I do to please you, Go
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 109 20
Karkat x Reader: Horns
Today was the day. You were finally going to meet Karkat Vantas, your patron troll from Alternia. All of the remaining trolls were coming to Earth. Each of them would go to their patron earthing, and Karkat was coming to see you.
Right now on your part of the earth, it was snowing. Hardcore. You peered outside just long enough to see a short, horned person trying to stand up in the snow. You gasped excitedly, "Karkat!" and ran outside.
You saw him sitting there, pissed and cold grumbling to himself. "Shitty transporter, fucking dumped me here in this cold powder! The fuck is this stuff anyway!" He yelled to himself flinging the snow around.
You walked up to him. "Karkat?" You asked shyly. He flinched and turned around. "_________?" He asked. You nodded. You ran over over to him and hugged him. "Oh my gog, you're actually here." You breathed.
You brought him inside. "So this is Earth? Frozen wasteland as I expected." Karkat groaned. "Why the fuck is it so cold here anyway!" "You happene
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 342 51
Horuss x Shy! Reader: Back In Time
Requested By: :iconDoruDesux1:
You walked down the cobblestone path questioning yourself if you'd really be of to any help at the factory.
You finally made it there and took a grand look at it. It was a huge black and brown building, with steam and cogs all over.
You had been studing steamworks for years now, one of the large factories noticed you and you were sent away for London. You were believed to have great knowledge for  maintnence problems and building a wide varity of things.
You hesitantly knocked on the door. A young boy opened it and his eyes got wide. "Arnold! She's here!" He yelled. How did they know it was me? What if they thought I was someone else?
You were rushed in and greeted with hot steam and smog hitting your face. You coughed. "You're ________? Right?" He asked. You nodded your head.
You caught everyone's attention as you walked by, you were the first woman to ever have anything to do with the factory.
Some men whistled and hollered, and you hid your face o
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 54 9
Sollux and Karkat Funny RP
twinArmageddons [TA] joined chat. ~~ 1 ~~
carcinoGeneticist [CG] joined chat. ~~ 2 ~~
TA: 2up douchebag
TA: you know iit2 not alway2 to mo2t plea2ent tiime of day talkiing to you eiither
TA: 2ame
TA: youre welcome *2miirk2*
TA: iill do whatever the fuck ii want
TA: becau2e you know you want to *2miirk2 agaiin*
TA: yeah what a great leader youve been
TA: *2low clap*
TA: oh come on kk no one can re2ii2t me
TA: dont liie
TA: iill be waiitiing
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 16 9
Mituna x Reader: Skatepark Bruises
"Oh come on ________! Thith will be fun!" Mituna make a goofy smile at you. "Okay, fine." You agreed.
Never in your untalented life did you think you'd be skateboarding. You were probably going to fall on your ass and make yourself look like fool in front of your flushcrush, Mituna.
After walking to the skate park, Mituna grabbed some knee pads and a helmet for you. You slipped the gear on. Mituna lent you one of his skateboards. It was half blue, half red, with a mustard yellow stripe down the center.  
"Okay how about firth you juth try and go in a thriaght line." Mituna encouraged you. "Uh, okay." You agreed. You stood on the skateboard and pushed a few times. You wobbled a bit but managed to stay up.
"Nith job _______!" Mituna smiled at you. Your heart fluttered. "Okay how about try thith." Mituna got up and onto his skateboard. He pushed a couple times and went down a small hill.
You did the same with no difficulty. "You're getting good at thith _______." Mituna said to you.
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 170 9
Sollux and Eridan Funny RP
caligulasAquarium [CA] joined chat.
twinArmageddons [TA] joined chat.
CA: i thought i smelled sewwer sludge
TA: ugh not you
TA: 2hut up fii2hdiick
CA: wwoww sol i am internal wwounded my hearts pumpin gallons of pained blood at that one piercin insult
CA: fishdick
CA: i cannot take the agony
CA: pick up the slack sol that insults getting fuckin wweak
CA: like your quadrant game
TA: oh my gog you dramatiic piiece of 2hiit
CA: wwhat kind of guy evven steals quadrants like you do i mean wwhat the actual fuck
TA: at lea2t ii can get a mate2prit
CA: can i kindly point out that i havve been the most fuckin successful at gettin relationships compared to any of the twwelvve misfits wwe call friends
CA: i havve had a moirail and a fuckin kismesis
CA: unlike you
CA: youvve had twwo matesprits and i dont evven wwant to to knoww wwhat happened wwith the first one
TA: ii have a moiiraiil too 2tupiid
CA: honestly no one could fuckin tell
CA: is that wwhat she wwas
CA: you guys wwere flippin all the
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 21 14
Dave x Reader: Red
"You know, I'm only letting you do this because I love you." Dave said. "I know." You smiled. "You promise you won't leave me?" Dave asked. "I'm sure. You pecked his lips.
You grasped the slim shades in the tips of your fingers, almost always plastered on his face and pulled them off. Your eyes opened widely.
Beneath them were beautiful bright red orbs.
You hugged him. "I love them." You stopped and looked up at him. He looked shocked. "Y-you do?" He said in disbelief. "Yep." You poked him on the nose.
Dave's cheeks burned red. You handed his shades back. Instead of putting them back on, he slipped them onto your face.
"What?" You asked. "I don't want them anymore. You keep them." Dave smiled at you. Dave kissed you on the lips passionately to say thank you.  
He looked at you and chuckled. "I see you're finally starting you get some Strider coolness to your look." Referring to the glasses.
You giggled. "I guess so."
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 403 61
Dave Strider x Reader: These Shades Protect Me
"Daaaaave!" You moaned. "I wanna see your eyes!" You swatted, trying to rip the shades off his face.
"Woah! Get away!" Dave said as he grabbed a hold of your wrist. "Why won't you let me se theeeem!" "Because, your ovar-" "Yeah, yeah, I know my ovaries will explode." You rolled your eyes.
"Now come on! Lemme see!" You swatted for the shades again, failing miserably as Dave grabbed your wrist every time. You pouted.
Then, it hit you.
A smirk grew across your face. "Well fine, I can just call Terezi over. She can lick your face until she knows what you're hiding and trust me, she'll find out." You smirked at him. He gulped. "You wouldn't." "I would." You giggled grabbing your cell phone.
Before you knew it he had tackled you to the floor, pinning you down. "Dave! What the hell are you doing!" You yelped. He smirked. "This."
He pressed his lips to yours. Your lips melted together. You slowly reached a hand up to his shades while you two were still kissing and swiped them off. He immediate
:iconporcelaineverett:PorcelainEverett 408 44


Animae - Body Types: the boys by SerenaVerdeArt Animae - Body Types: the boys :iconserenaverdeart:SerenaVerdeArt 2,944 131 Finn the Human by IsaiahStephens Finn the Human :iconisaiahstephens:IsaiahStephens 1,846 135 Matthew Macfadyen as Fitzwilliam Darcy by ElixFranceschini Matthew Macfadyen as Fitzwilliam Darcy :iconelixfranceschini:ElixFranceschini 60 22
No (Matsuoka Rin X Reader) Oneshot!
You say coldly as you arrive to your front door.
"C'mon [Name]-chan, Haru and everybody else are already there! Even Gou is there!"
"I have homework I need to catch up on Matsuoka-kun, and don't call me that." You snap at him.
He frowns at you, and you turn to open your front door, mostly trying to cover the blush that covered your cheeks. He was so cute when he pouts! 'No [Name]! Don't get sucked into his cuteness!'
"Welcome home [Name]!" Your mother calls to you from the living room. "Oh! Rin you're here too!"
You scowl at him as he steps in behind you.
"Good evening Mrs.[Last Name]."
You march to the kitchen and grab an apple with Rin still on your heels.
"You won't be studying all night, just come to the pool for a little bit."
"Matsuoka go home."
"Why are you calling me that? You used to call me Rin."
"None of your business, now go away."
Your mother walks in the room and you know as soon as she enters how this will turn out. Rin gives her a kind smile t
:iconravioli-rivaille:ravioli-rivaille 580 40
hp lovecraft suppressing a grin and failing by redig76 hp lovecraft suppressing a grin and failing :iconredig76:redig76 16 10 Wicked Games by Skitsofanacts Wicked Games :iconskitsofanacts:Skitsofanacts 6 0 Wicked Intentions by Skitsofanacts Wicked Intentions :iconskitsofanacts:Skitsofanacts 10 0 Code:Realize - Rebirth by AkabaraYashiki Code:Realize - Rebirth :iconakabarayashiki:AkabaraYashiki 31 8 Code:Realize - Monster by AkabaraYashiki Code:Realize - Monster :iconakabarayashiki:AkabaraYashiki 13 0 Never Give Up by Skitsofanacts Never Give Up :iconskitsofanacts:Skitsofanacts 8 0 Reality Is An Illusion by Skitsofanacts Reality Is An Illusion :iconskitsofanacts:Skitsofanacts 21 2
Mature content
Idiot [Kazuichi Souda x Reader] :iconanime-booty:anime-booty 70 8
AESTHETIC by pastelsl0th AESTHETIC :iconpastelsl0th:pastelsl0th 41 7
Final Dance - PromAU(LevixReader)
Read the Intro first~

You were content with sitting at the table and watching your friends pair up with each other until someone tapped your shoulder and cleared their throat. You turned your head, your (e/c) eyes wide in surprise and saw....
Levi Ackerman, looking bored as ever but incredibly charming in his all black suit and tie. His black hair was slicked into place and his silver eyes studied you as an expectant hand was held out. He quirked an eyebrow and frowned, "Are you going to just sit there and stare or are you going to dance with me?"
You hurriedly rose from your seat, placing your hand in his, "S-Sorry. I just... Wasn't expecting you to want to dance." Indeed, this was a surprise. Though there were a few people that he associated with in school, he wasn't a very friendly or welcoming guy. He wasn't active in sports, considering he wasn't exact
:iconkrebony:krebony 399 87
Boop You Little Brat (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because it wouldn’t be Levi without it)
Tugging the blankets fully over your head, you turned your body to the wall, attempting to ignore the voice.
“[F/n], get your ass outta bed!” The voice said, clearly getting pissed off as they were once again ignored.
The voice let out a snort of exasperation.  “Fine.  I tried, Krista.  She’s not moving, so let’s just go, I don’t need to get in trouble with shortstack again.”  The sound of stomping footsteps retreating from your little nest followed, along with the door opening and slamming shut.
Taking in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly.  Finally, now I can sleep… You thought as your body slipped back into slumber, resuming some weird-ass dream that Jean was actually half horse and Sasha had turned into a giant potato. (Im really sorry I just haD TO)
Levi narrowed his eye
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 1,408 315
Cuddles? (LeviXReader)
You sat on the couch, knees tucked up against your chest, your hands hugging underneath your knees, and stared.
What you were staring at was a desk.
On top of that desk were mounds of paper.
And behind that desk was a chair.
In that chair sat a certain Corporal, who also happened to be your boyfriend, with midnight locks and steely blue eyes, attempting to conquer the mountain of paperwork before him, his gaze never leaving from it.
You gave the oblivious man a scowl. He was always working, always doing more paperwork, always never having anytime to do “pointless things”, like the “pointless thing” you wanted to do now.
And boy were you tired of sitting on the couch alone. It was time to take action.
“Oh Leviiiii~,” you sang, getting up and sauntering to the front of his desk. He flicked his gaze up at you, though his pen continued to dance across his paper. He raised an eyebrow, and you decided to be blunt with him. “Stop doing your pa
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 1,179 170


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I'm probably going to be inactive on this account but I won't delete it. I'll probably check in here every now and then but don't expect any new writings. Who knows, maybe one day I'll come back to writing but as of now I don't generally find it as enjoyable as it used to be.

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My very first stories on here were when I was twelve, now I'm fifteen. Every now and then I'll post some cosplay or a drawing. Mostly fanfiction though. You'll find I post mostly Homestuck fanfiction. I do however, write from other animes too.


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