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Jeremy Quinn - Red X

Piccie for :iconkira-mcgrath:'s contest. =D 'Tis Red X from "Teen Titans". Of course, she designed his appearance and name.

(My apologies to :iconkira-mcgrath: if the eyes are the wrong color. The only piccie I could find of him was black and white. (So, I just made 'em green. :XD:)


Shading inspired by - :icontsuka-sama:

Art - Me.
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I am pretty sure a red x is a oc version of jason todd, thats how he's so good agaisnt the titans and robin. But that's just my opinion.
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I don't think so. If he was, Dick Grayson would be Nightwing, not Robin.
DanNorcross's avatar
Good point. Then could it be a grayson clone?
DoctorWhoXXX's avatar
Possibly. One fan fiction had him as Slade's son. Best part of this character is that it's all theory.
BlackSandSorceress's avatar
lol my last names Quinn :), i guess red x is my soul mate even though we really dont find out who he is inhis appearances. :/
loppytaffy's avatar
well...that fcks up my red x alter ego oc...nice name, but i had a totally different wouldn't be so bad if your;s wasnt so frewaking awesome...XD
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
Thanks. It's all :kira-mcgrath:'s design. I personally would've made him scarred... missing an eye or both eyes... something like that.
loppytaffy's avatar
both eyes? lol, my OC is blind, i don't think two blind teens makes a good partnership in crime- he has to look out for her all the time. XD

nah, i had him look completely different, like Robin (or more obvious in Nightwing) he's a different person all together without the mask; kind, shy, caring, intelligent, romanic- brown mussy hair, green eyes, glasses. the nice guy who Skye (my OC) hangs out with on a weekend and he stays over eating pizza (or w/e she cooks up from her english cookery know-how; welsh rarebit needed a lot of trust), watching Doctor Who and Scrubs re-runs.
The ultimate gay best friend who is always there to cheer her up. she totally denies needing anyone for anything (she's lived on her own since she was eight- night of the grayson murder), but he forces her to confront her issues (she also gets mad a lot of the time when he's acting arrogant or like a total douche when he has his mask on- he has bruises.)
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
:XD: But remember, he works alone. So, he wouldn't need a partner...

I'd either make him already blinded, or make him go blind in a fight with Robin. And he would have some special microchips fitted into his mask in order to help him navigate.

And then, later on, he would meet Blackfire... because she kicks ass. The two would fight and then become impressed by one another, and start to develop a romance... :XD:

Yeah, I'm a dork...

My TT OC, Crow, is blind too... but people of DA know I do enjoy kickass blind dudes.
loppytaffy's avatar
yeah, something happened (not telling cos it would spoil my fic), and now X works alone, he's just rebelling cos he doesnt know how else to reaction to negative emotions. it's the way he was raised.

beside, he was a different villain before he was Red X, where else do you think he got the free running and martial arts training?
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
I was going to make his history that he learned from various people in his earlier days and then, he became very rebellious and reluctant for help because he was an orphan child who spent most of his life alone.

Before long, he assumes another alias (Black Panther) and starts a life of crime... and winds up in jail, until he breaks out.

Then, he finds Robin's suit and decides it's time for a new villain. Later on, he gets injured and has to rely on special technology that an old acquaintance (not saying who as of yet) makes to help him... which is why he needs the chemical. (It recharges his mask as well as his suit.)

Blackfire comes back to Earth again and encounters him. The two fight for a while and then, start to become fond of each other. She then later on assumes the alias of Black Panther and becomes his right hand lady. He tells her he prefers to work alone, but she insists on being his partner (she's quite forceful... ;))
loppytaffy's avatar
well, how about...Robin must have multiple costumes right? and in the ep where he was playing X, he was both a helmet and a fabric mask? mayber he had two suits, they were stole at the same time but robin never mentioned have a spare cso things were edgy enough as it was, one was kept by Quinny, the other quctioned off the prof chang, that's when MY red x steals the spare suit from chang. that way, both of the characters can co-exist.


My Red X wasn't orphaned, he was abandoned. Poor kid, doesn't hold it against them either.
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Jeremy Quinn hmmm any relationship to harly
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
Dunno... he's not my character, so I couldn't say...
johnnyjean's avatar
isn't RedX Jason Todd?
a.k.a Robin? from teen titans?
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar

The Robin in Teen Titans is Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd... and the villain Red X who appeared later in the series never revealed his identity... so, ~kira-mcgrath made him an original design....
johnnyjean's avatar
i heard on Dc Comics that it was Jason Todd D:
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
It's always been Dick Grayson in TT.
johnnyjean's avatar
so who's the guy i am saying?
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
He was the first Robin... =)
johnnyjean's avatar
aah batman's first side kick than it was that guy!
Porcelain-Requiem's avatar
Yup... there were three Robins in total...
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I always thought it was Goth boy :p
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You did??? So did I! Which is why I drew Goth boy as RedX in this one contest I did.....:D
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