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Code: Kingdom Hearts

Yes, another one of my random images...

My sister was playing "Kingdom Hearts 2", and I love it so much that this just came to me on a whim.

We both discussed which "Code: Lyoko" character would be which "Kingdom Hearts" character a while back. But after she started playing it again, I got the inspiration to draw this...

~Cast~ (Mind you, this cast is based solely on personality...)

Jeremie - Sora (Because both boys are loving and caring to their girlfriends.)

Aelita - Kairi (Because both girls are kind and sweet, yet are brave when faced with danger.)

Yumi - Naminé (Because both girls are lonely and sad, and need their boyfriends to make them happy.)

Ulrich - Roxas (Because both boys are gloomy, except when around their girlfriends.)

Odd - Axel (Because both are silly, and Odd is Ulrich's best friend, just as Axel is Roxas' best friend.)

William - Riku (Because both boys are cocky, and get taken over by the bad guy.)



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Characters - "Code: Lyoko"
Kingdom Hearts - Square Enix
Art - *Porcelain-Requiem
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This is pure genius! XD Amazing!!

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I think the reason I really love this is because it takes one of my favorite shows since I was a kid, and one of my favorite video games since I was a kid, and put them together. Now I really want to watch Code Lyoko again. Curse you Netflix!
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Man this is so good idea
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I remember seeing this a few years ago :)
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:iconaquastormfall:, I think you'd like this. 

:iconporcelain-requiem:, great job with the crossover. 
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I don't 100% understand. I don't think i want to 100% understand this thing of beauty so I'm just going to except this.
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Yes. Absolutely. Yes-o-lutely. Yes. (Also good picture). And yay! I'm not the only one who thought of this!
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You're welcome! 😊
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oh my god...all the yes
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I love it so much, this makes me so happy :,)
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