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Hiii everyone I hope you guys aren't mad at me I am so very sorry for being inactive and haven't been uploading anything in such a long time. I promise I will bring in new drawings and sketches and all that other stuff for you all I will try my very best to come on and say hi to you sweethearts I miss you all so much and I will try to be on here as soon as I can

take care 

A/T :heart:
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sooo I am so so so sorry for not being on at all, I forgot to be on and well i forgot my password twice so i just had to reset it. It's been like what such a long time since i was last on here and I deeply apologize for my absence. i promise my absolute best to be on when i can and I will try to upload more stuff on here as well 

I missed you all so much and if you like to be in contact with me outside of here, please let me know and i will send you a message .

therefore i hope you guys are okay, i wasn't gone or I didn't quit or leave i was just M.I.A 
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hey everyone, it's been such a long time since I last either updated or did anything other than reply to comments but i got some life updates of what I've been up to:

well I took a long hiatus break from drawing and thought to quit but i decided to get back on drawing and such but I did little doodles and such which i will upload them on here when I get the chance to

since then I have been up to the point where I just didn't care about anything or anyone anymore up to the next point where I've been having breakdowns, serious low self-esteem, insecurities about everything I would be doing and the fact the past couple months school was so terrible for me throughout Semester 2 which led up to where some bad thoughts were starting to take in...

other than that I've been so damn focused on finishing school and great news I'm done high school and happy to be graduating ( unfortunately not until November )  and let me say this I am not going to miss being in high school cause it has been absolutely hell for me, I didn't trust anyone except for my 2 best friends partner in crimes and worked my ass off to get this far I'm actually glad I didn't screw up this semester other than screwing up everything else in my life and such but other than that I went my own separate ways, worked my ass off, tried to deal with stress and had some time to myself to relax. so hopefully throughout the summer I will be improving my art style and coming up with some new stuff too

and next I will finally be getting my haircut which is so relieving cause my long hair has been pissing me off for the past couple months

so yeah here's a huge huge update from what has been going on with me and my absence, also don't forget to add my other account savior-of-lost-souls :iconsavior-of-lost-souls:


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  1. Rules:
  2. Make sure you have at least one OC in your gallery!
  3. Comment below and I will pick one character from your gallery to feature. I'll add why I picked them/why I like them C:
  4. You must post a character feature journal as well if you participate and feature one of my characters! 
  5. I'll be featuring as many characters as I want, You don't have to do the same amount in your journal.

1. :iconelixsora4evr: 
Eli [Updated look] DOWNLOAD SUSPENDED by EliXSora4Evr
Eli is always adorable and bad-ass to me :3 

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hey sweethearts, I know it's been a while since I last either been on or uploaded anything once again I apologize for my absence. I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days and such but i'm somewhat feeling abit better 

the last time I had ever fixed my profile was I think since I first joined here and the last thing I ever did was add stamps and buttons, yeah sometime throughout the week or during my spare time I'll be doing some fixing up on my profile so if anything has been either rearranged or something like that, I'm just giving my profile a minor change up and I might start a new art style too 

again I apologize for either late replies, art delays and other stuff like that I just haven't been myself for the past few days or so 

so yeah, I'll be trying to bringing some drawings and such in when I can 

bye for now

A/T :heart: 
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I would've been feeling alright if some dipshit didn't spray their fucking axe all over themselves....

don't get me wrong it smells good but too much of it? no its too strong

I'm starting to feel so sick even after I got home

and to top it off finals are on Wednesday but I'm relieved that I only have 2 exams to do

so I may or may not be on until either I'm feeling abit better or when my finals are done so yeah

also if you have instagram I changed my username to heartless_hazard_ so yeah add me when you get the chance

A/T :heart:
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alrighty it's my first time doing this so bear with me
For the First 15 people who comment, I will feature one of their characters I like the most

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is to not get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I'll feature you after you have made the journal.

1. :iconelixsora4evr: EliXSora4Evr
onesies are gr8 by EliXSora4Evr   [Eliyame Day 2015] Me  You by EliXSora4Evr Eli [Updated look] DOWNLOAD SUSPENDED by EliXSora4Evr

2. :iconmegaspidermoon: Megaspidermoon
Nikki-Daughter of Yun by Megaspidermoon New Challenger approaches: Dark Saturn by Megaspidermoon Oc Rumble: Star Girl by Megaspidermoon
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hey guys, once again I must apologize for my absence once again I've been busy with family stuff throughout my holiday break

I had been dealing with christmas visits during my break

been trying to find som time to draw but I just couldn't find the time to so if you're expecting any new art or updates they are going to have to wait a while

for the past few weeks or 2 my shoulder has been acting up I might have slept on it funny or something idk or maybe stress

I swear my stress levels have been blowing up but one aspect is that my mom got me a book to color  called "Enchanted Forest" and says it helps relieve stress

while for school I've been freaking the fuck out since it's almost the end of semester 1 and I really don't know if I can really handle that

I'll try to make some doodles or something while I can

it's almost new years and once again I'm gonna have to listen to people saying "new year new me" bullshit which makes me want to hate new years even more

and etc etc you get the idea

so yeah I'll try to come on to upload some art but I mostly come on to reply and such

sorry for me being away for a while

art will be on hold for sometime

but if you wish to talk to me outside of DA or keep in contact of me:

Kik: popularca2
Instagram: goddess_of_death_and_eternity ( might change my name )
Skype: Tori-Ann Shorter
Snapchat: toriannshorter
Facebook: *comment for that and I'll send you a note*
Tumblr: Goddess-of-death-valentine
Twitter: @ValentineFarron

have a good day, happy holidays, haply new year and such idk

A/T :heart:
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hey sweethearts, I'm sorry I haven't been on since my last update from September.

I'm not dead just dealing with school and stuff at home.

umm I really don't know if I can really do this anymore: like I can't really come to school without having the urges to cry or to just basically give up or maybe wanting to die

I feel so alone at school, like I have to hang with a new group of friends everyday since my best friend partner in crime hadn't been at school only most days and my othet best friend asked me to give her some space for a while and I miss her terribly and all I can do is fake my smiles

I'm so sick and tired of faking my smile from my sadness and pain nobody really sees it from me since they think I'm a happy go lucky child or something....

to top it off it's like I really can't physically go to school without tearing up alot but i have to pull it together which I really can't anymore...

why is that i feel like either I'm pushing people away or they're pushing me away which is probably true I don't blame them and honestly I feel like I'm being talked about either behind my back or right infront of me with stares and dirty looks, even on my bad days this "friend" would do stupid shit and I couldn't take it no more I gave her a piece of my mind and yet she still does it

but you know what I'm fuckingdone tryin to please people, I'm done having to fake a smile everyday, I'm done having to be by myself all the damn time, I'm tired of everything and so done with school ugh just kill me now please

i swear I feel likeI'm going to crash cause I can't take it anymore

anywho sorry for not being on, I promise to be on alot more often with some new art and such.

A/T :heart:
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hey loves sorry I haven't been on for the past 2 weeks since school started school is just right back on stressing my soul again plus I really gotta focus too...

I really promise I'll be on with either new art or something in between

don't unwatch me I'm not dead just very inactive cause of the pain in the ass horror i call my 5th year of hell

I'll try my absolute best to be on

but if you wish to talk to me outside of DA my links are on my profile

Kik: popularca2

Instagram: goddess_of_death_and_eternity

tumblr: Goddess-of-valentine-death

Skype: Tori-Ann Shorter

Facebook: *please note me for that*

Twitter: @ValentineFarron

Snapchat: toriannshorter

ok here they are feel free to talk to me whenever

alrighty baii for now, stay awesome I love you all my sweethearts :heart:
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I'm really worried about my baby sis rocky13254 I really hope she's alright. I really hope nothing has happened to her...

rocky-chan my baby sis I miss chu so much I really hope chur okie ;;-;;

hope everything is going alright wuv chu tons

plus it's her birthday tomorrow and I really want to make tge best gidt to her for a surprise
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hey sweethearts, well i survived my first day of school well here's back to feeling like shit, being tired all the time and more irritation than last year

tomorrow is picture day and my picture better not come out shitty

but the good part is that I got spares so i can pretty much go home for abit, hang around and such

alrighty hope you guys have a great day

stay awesome, I love you all :hug: :heart:
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starting tomorrow I start school for my victory lap Grade 13  so I'll try to be on

I'm really sorry I haven't been on throughout the summer and such TT-TT  I promise I'll upload new fanart, maybe a new OC, updates with Tori, stuff with Annie and such. and maybe some gifts for you sweethearts

anywho hope you guys had a great vacation or if your already back in school good luck

stay awesome, I love you all :iconyuihuggleplz:

A/T :heart:

plus don't forget to add my other account :iconsavior-of-lost-souls:
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yep so once again i changed my instagram name lol



A/T :heart:
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hey guys, ok I knlw i promised you lovelies I would be on more often and more art buuuuuuttt this summer has been all over the place so yeah sorry once again ^^;

alrighty happy august and such heres to the last month of summer

I'll try my very best to upload something for you guys, I'm not dead just inactive so yeah don't worry ^^

alrighty bai for now, stay awesome I love you all :iconyuihuggleplz:

A/T :heart:

don't forget to watch my other account too :iconsavior-of-lost-souls:
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hey lovelies sorry I haven't been active on here

umm yeah I forget to check here alit abd such

I'm not dead or anything

itd just that I hsvent bern on or to update on my art and such

okie i promise to be on when I can

anywho baii for now, stay awesome and lovely

art may or may not come in

A/T :heart:
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hey lovelies, how are you doing?

alrighty so here's some good news I finished my finals, but i still have to go back in September

but here's to summer :D

alrighty as for art it might come in throughout the summer and suh but I'll keep that in mind

um about FanFiction/Stories I might need some assistance with that so I'm still not sure about that

hmm anything else? hopefully thats all

anywho I miss you guys and I'm gonna be on for the summer for you guys ^^

well by for now, stay awesome I love you all :iconyuihuggleplz:

A/T :heart:
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hey guys sorry I haven't been on for quite a while just alot of stuff had been going on

What happened in May:

1. I have a new baby brother and my mom wasn't feeling to well which resulted in her being at the hospital for a week and a few days and had a near death experience which scared the living shit out of me. Since she came out of the hospital she's still abit sick but getting better by the second which I'm really happy for her and me and her really patched things up after all that, I almpst lost her one I will not lose her again

2. since she's getting better, I have  to help her with my baby brother and such since shes still abit weak but like I said getting better

3. school was such a struggle of pain while that happened

Now in June:

1. starting tomorrow I have exams until Tuesday so which means art/gifts and any other stuff are going to be on hold until after Tuesday

2. throughout the semester I was feeling like complete shit everyday and was tired of everythong and everyone's shit but since it's over I can finally relax

3. I have to start learning on how to drive since my step-dad got me a drivers ed book which I havr to study that madcore so I can get my license and start learning

4. I had no motivation to do any art and I'm really sorry for that TT-TT

5. after what happened in May I just started to give up on everything and got so worried for my mom that if she was gone then I would be thinking of joining her but she's back and kicking ^^

6. I was thinking on attempting to try writing a fanFiction but I'm not really sure yet, I'm gonna have to ask an expert for that

7. I am going to be available outside of DA so you know where to find me: Skype,Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook (unless if I have you) , Kik, Instagram and Snapchat I am always available on those stuff if you wish to contact me and such

Plans for September:

1. Unfortunately I have to come back for a victory lap and do my English credit

2. hopefully for art, everything will be improved and updated if necessary

3. studying for my licence is probably going to be scary and I'm tired of taking the school bus, and since i have spares for September I can just walk home for 2nd and come back during lunch or 3rd


alright there is what has happend last month and whats happening now

so yeah I'll try be come on as soon as I get home from my exam tomorrow and such

anywho baii for now, wish me luck, stay awesome and lovely, I love you all :iconyuihugplz:

A/T :heart:
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hey my lovelies, again I apologize for my inactivity of absence it's just that school is really being the biggest pain and some personal stuff too

umm I've been trying to be on here as much as I can but I just don't have motivation to do that...

umm here's some stuff for me to do:

Rocky-chan & Tori-san / Sophie & Annie for my baby sis rocky13254 :iconrocky13254:

Birthday gift for my sweetie Andie xXFly-To-NeverlandXx :iconxxfly-to-neverlandxx:

MLP mane 6 for my sis Wynnie Xxsparkle-rosexX :iconxxsparkle-rosexx:

some OC fan-art

update on Tori

and maybe a comic on something

new OC progress

and a few more but I can't remember


anywho I'll start on those right away....but right now im in class

well baii for now, stay awesome I love you all :iconyuihuggleplz:

A/T :heart:

also don't forget to add my second account :iconsavior-of-lost-souls: :savior-of-lost-souls
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hey guys, so my internet is back once again after 6 days without it, which I somewhat managed but still xD

anywho, new stuff might be coming in soon

stay amazing

A/T :heart:
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