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My new Nokia 5800 theme :)
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I just bought myself a Nokia 5800, coolest phone I can afford right now, and been searching for new themes. I found yours, which is, judging from the preview the best of all. However I am getting this stupid certificate error, and was wondering while I am waiting for a certificate... isn't there a way to avoid that error message? By updating the file or something (from your side, I mean), dunno?
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Ok try this: download siscontent (search it on google). Open the sis file with siscontent and click on "sign" icon. It opens a new window in which you can select on your right the signing profile. So select "SIScontent self-signed certificate" and click on "add signature" button. Close this window and save the sis. You might be able to install any kind of app using this method. Let me know if anything goes right. :)
Thank you! I'll try when I have the time, might take a while.^^
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certificate error...i want this theme pls send me this theme n5233
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Sorry but you must have symbian hack or sign the sis with your own certificate. Search on google in order to have a valid certificate then use SignSIS (it's a free little app for windows) e link the certificate to the sis.
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this is awesome! i'm using it :)
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Mi dice Certificate Error.
I get a Certificate Error.
this theme is awesum
please send me the tdf file
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please tell me, what kind of weather wigdet is on phone screenshot?
and a purchase helping too please
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Archive. Upload sis theme file in zip archive, ~poptmartone!
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Can you please make a new link? :)
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I've done some mods to your theme.
Can I post it in my profile?
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HI can u plz snd me .tdf file i m on Lerner stage thanks
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Can send me mail? Can not download! thx!!
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Awesome theme!! Can u mail it to me pls? thanks a lot and keep it up!
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Do you mean the sis or the tdf file?
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have you tried to download it from mediafire? At the moment I can't send it because the sis is in my recovery hard drive and it isn't with you if you want to wait for a week I'll send it at your mail address, else...I don't know... :)
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Thats cool! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it a lot. For that I don't mind waiting a week!
You have to sign the app with your phone's IMEI number.
Register here and wait for the activation for your account (24 hours approx) and then you can sign an app for your phone.

Great theme Poptmartone! Keep it up ;)
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