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Katia Delicious Cake

By poptart36
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Thanks to M Leth I found a new addiction called "Prequel" which i have constantly been reading and enjoying a little too much~ this picture comes from a comment by genericuser2 from the story here: [link]

i laughed my ass off and was slightly disappointed that kazerad didn't hop on such a yuri i did! :D
even before i turned to the next page i went straight to work on this cuz i just had to get this one out of my system
enjoy it good!
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Needs to be canon.
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Someone had to do it, and it looks like you're that someone.
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katie try to resist, don't lick, licking is bad and it makes her wett... eat her instead :3
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katia does whatever to get her stuff back and a bit extra money
asks for most popular book she can afford so she has somthing to read while making the trip back
doesent look at it
goes back plops her stuff down on table to talk to quilweave
quill weave notices lusty argonion maid in her bag and asks her about it

possible outcomes: laughs or one of them crushing on he other
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for some reason I want this two together in the comic ...
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Hilarious simply hilarious
This is pretty sexy.
You did good.
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Ehehe, Yes.

Though I do respect the integrity of the creator for not taking that path just for fan titiliation.
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that's the fun with fan fictions -all the titillation you can imagine :3
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Well sometimes it does go too far or is handled badly...
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you can never go "too far"
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Too far is when you have safe search on and you type "katia managan" into google images and over half of the resulting images are Rule 34... That's to far!!!
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mmm yes it has digressed quite a bit, I withdraw my previous statement. The ample amount of r34 for this comic is far too pungent.
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