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Into the Wild

Something for my AP Concentration. The bus that Christopher McCandless stayed in during his great Alaskan adventure. Eventually his body was found it in.

It's about 22"x30", done with weird wood paint. About, say, nine hours?

Yay paints.

Because this one is serious business.
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I love it <3 It has the creepy and lonely and sad atmosphere to it but also is kinda cute. The perspective and the colors make it somehow dynamic like something is about to happen. Which is in a perfect contrast with knowing how quiet and unefentful the actual place is when you see it. Or at least that's my impression from it :) I have finished reading the book few weeks ago and if everything works out, I will visit the bus in roughly three weeks time. But we will see about that.
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Beautiful job ;D
jinxedbyemily's avatar
Beautiful job, awesome blending, you really stayed true to the color scheme. Great movie/book as well. :D
popsicle-culture's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Dogman15's avatar
We're reading this book in English class, and this drawing stuck out to me as interesting because of the bus.
soay's avatar
Oh, I love this SO MUCH...!
Traumsturm's avatar
Happiness only real when shared ! I love it ! Great job, fantastic colours.
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Chris is my hero. I want to do what he did someday, but at least step up my survival skills beforehand. was this on a wood board? it looks amazing, and i bet even better in real life.
popsicle-culture's avatar
I know. I was totally inspired by everything he did. For my AP concentration I illustrated his journey. This was my favorite.

It's actually on a stretched canvas, and yes, it does look better in real life. Doesn't it always?
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That's awesome. How come you used wood paints on it?
btw, where are you going to college?
popsicle-culture's avatar
Massart in Boston.

And I only have wood paints at the moment, but I really like how the dry and blend, so I'm pretty partial to them. It's almost exactly like acrylics.
chrismakesmusic's avatar
Nice, I'm going to the art institute of boston. Do they blend better than acrylics? Because acrylics really suck for blending.
popsicle-culture's avatar
Awesome, we're both in Boston.

Yeah, I think they do blend better. They have more time for blending, and the colors mix really well when you first blend them, so it's pretty nice.

Another in my gallery, the Plugged in Generation one, is done in the same paints. They're pretty nice.
chrismakesmusic's avatar
Yeah. i left your actual dA page a comment saying i was a zombie marcher too, i don't know if you got it because it doesn't notify people.
I have to try that now, they sound great.
popsicle-culture's avatar
Yeah I just noticed xD I commented back.
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Amazing story.
Keira-Sama's avatar
Aw, this is so sad :( The bus is so lonely, and the landscape is so stark... this guy was found in the bus after running around in Alaska?! That's scary! :sprint:

I love the perspective you put on the bus. It's sharp and adds to the composition. Speaking of a bus in the snow....where's the snow on the top of the bus, when it's buried in snow already? ;P
popsicle-culture's avatar
Strange, huh. I used a photo reference (obviously unable to get to Alaska). The only thing I can think of is that the bus, which is metal, heats enough on the top in the sun to get snow off of it. It's kind of a rounded top too, maybe it slid off.

Thanks :3
Keira-Sama's avatar
Hm, very true :D And since I've been to Alaska, I should know that it DOES get pretty warm up there every once in a while. I was walking around in a miniskirt one summer...yep, miniskirts in Alaska, can you believe it? :D
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