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i think this is a thing where you list your OCs from most important to least important, and include a quote by them..?

Rules: 1: there can be only 10

2: you can up to 5 quotes per character

3: it goes from best to least

4: Tag as many people you want

5: Have FUN!!!

i was tagged by @mistymidnights

lol these are so bad

1. - Poppy

"If you can't find your croissants, then Sterling probably took them. I'm not much for life advice, but this is definitely a pro tip."

2. - Sterling

"First of all, don't believe anything Poppy says. Second, croissants are the best thing France has done since human rights. Not that those really apply to me, of course."

3. - Marigold

"I can't really speak for everyone, but being limited to big metal bears that you're not allowed to go more than 50 miles an hour on must be such a drag. I much prefer....... running in the 90's ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)"

4. - Comet

(translated from Dragon) "One of my general policies is that if you can sniff it, you can eat it. It's worked very well for me in some cases, but then again there is that small matter of poisonous things and stuff that is generally inedible. Also, I stick by what I said that Scottish Terriers were created for the sole purpose of making bigger animals like myself miserable."

5. - Tea

(translated from Dog) "I've been through lots of dimensions, and seen lots of different things. I can tell you there is no better feeling than rolling in a good old puddle. It's like a free bath."

6. - Bluebell

"If anyone tells you that you can't do it, they might be right and they might be wrong. But you should try it anyway, because either way it's a win-win. If you can do it, you are happy, and if you can't do it, everyone else is happy. At least, until you tell them to try it if they think they can do it so well themselves."

i might add more in the future, but for now that's all i can think of. Please tell me if i forgot a main OC (that makes me sound really bad to forget a main OC), or if there's an OC of mine you'd like to hear a quote from! Thanks <3

i'ma tag these bois:

@aquivi @awesomeamber-669 @auraluv @cloudthedragonet @hackermagikarp

you don't have to do it, of course, but i'd love to hear the quotes from your characters XD

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What do you think of Alex and Kiki?

Backstory of Alex and Kiki

Alex and Kiki has been around since the summer of 2016. Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, and a French comic named Lou! by Julien Neel, Alex and Kiki was basically life adventures of a girl and her magical talking/flying cat thing. Some of the characters were based off of people in real life, such as Alex being like me, and there being a character like my best friend. Occasionally, we see Alex's parents talking about her, but we never see them, or any adults (yet) it's still undecided whether all adults are simply not seen like in Peanuts or if it's just Alex's parents. They believe that Kiki is simply a normal cat, rather like Calvin and Hobbes, but Kiki is not Alex's imagination. Her friends see Kiki for who she really is. Later, (i can't remember if it was 2017 or 2016) i made a mini-series called Alex and Kiki Minis. These were made on smaller pieces of paper, were coloured, had more summer-y adventures and introduced new characters. Some characters were Tawny, (Alex's human best friend and based off of my BFF irl) Rocky, (The stereotypical hot guy and Alex's crush, not really based off anyone that I know irl, has a cat that is Kiki's crush, referred to as 'the cat across the street') and other random characters that I can't remember or they weren't important. Anyway, production of comics slowed down significantly after the first year or two, but occasionally I'll make a new one and get more inspiration. Every time i try to make a new Alex and Kiki, i'll try to improve the artwork but stay true to Alex's original design, which is kind of hard since younger me had no idea what anatomy or any of that stuff was. Alex tends to age with me, as i draw her older every time i'm older than the last one, and she's usually around my age. For instance, she acted rather like a 11-12 year old at first because that's how old i was when i made her. She's older now, as seen in some of the more recent comics with her and Rocky hallucinating after getting high on Sharpie fumes or Alex freaking out after getting her period. Some of my first candidates for redrawing would probably be the first four Alex and Kikis i ever created. They featured probably almost all of the mistakes made by every rookie cartoonist: They were drawn on loose leaf paper, one strip per side and upside down, the dialogue bubbles were not in order which confused things, there was no ruler used for straight borders, and at least one of them was some kind of complaint about political stuff on television (this was summer of '16 in the U.S., the campaigning was getting to me). In terms of content, they weren't actually that bad, and were somewhat funny (to my twelve year old self, anyway) but in terms of art quality? Absolutely terrible. I think if i were going to redraw my old ones, those are definitely my first picks. Anyway, i'm hoping to take Alex and the gang to the digital platform and the internet! they probably still won't be that good, but i could redraw some of my old ones digitally, and maybe you guys will like them ^^

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