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Oliver x Kagamine len- BAD THINGS... (CRaCkFIC)
Title: Bad things that could happen?


God forgive me...
ALSO:This is probably gonna be my last oliver/Len related until a long time because I feel you all are getting real tired of this shiz I upload to DA (I know I would)!Sweating a little... s-sorry.
Okay so Oliver is a fucking bad ass who does whatever the fuck he wants right? He just gos through everything without even trying he's such a fucking bad ass he dosn’t even go to school but h-he's now living in fucking JAPAN-HE-HE'S A FUCKING SINGER/IDOL! He now gose to a middle school thou. He is friends with the most awesome fucking people in the world. Their names are Piko (FUCK YEAH!), Lui (HOLY HELL!), THE GREAT AND MI
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Love Academy! (Len X Reader) Chapter 2
“Nope!” He leans your suitcase against a wall and grins at you. “I… I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing a room with me.”
“What?” I must be dreaming, you think to yourself. This doesn’t happen in reality.
-Oh hon hon, but this isn’t reality, reader-chan. Wait did the writer just say something? Nevermind. It must’ve been in your head. Just keep reading~
Len purses his lips and starts to open the door. “Well if you don’t want to I understand-”
Suddenly the image of sharing a room with a certain hyperactive student and her pessimistic friend charges straight into your mind. Or sharing a room with that blue-haired narcissistic movie star… You shudder violently and cry out, “No! This is fine! I don’t mind at all!”
Len closes the door and moves next to you. “Okay. The beds are up there-” he points at the loft- “and the hidden fridge is inside the table betwe
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 132 32
Vocaloid! Oliver x reader- How to be a gentleman 3
Part 3
 The trip to the park was coated in thick silence. You were still irritated by how Olivers father acted towards the both of you. Oliver on the other hand didn't seem so bothered by it at all. He and his father been having this rivalry ever since he turned 7. Never understanding why Olivers father disliked him, Olive (yes, OLIVE!) often ignored his father whenever he would start accusing him.
------------------ yep...---------,------------------
The driver opened the door and helped you both out. Once Oliver's feet touched the ground, he grabbed the sleave of your coat and drug you off towards the far end of the park towards the pond. 
Oliver smiled as he went over to the waters as two swans came up to him.
"I often go to this place to get away for a bit. Surprisingly, nobody ever comes over here...." Oliver pulled out a bag from his pocket and opened it. Pouring some of its contents in his hand, you noticed it was
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