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February 22, 2010
The Creator by ~Poporetto He twists a storyline suddenly by smart and creative ideas. it's hard to know what will happen next when reading his comic strips. And here is one of them, a story that shall make you laugh and make you feel full of life by reading it.

Sometimes a comic strip doesn't need to be full of details to be good, it only needs to be funny, and this is a good example of that.
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Thus I acknowledge my being as a human and not a creator of thing.

I can make but not create.
And I know how to spell Playztation alright, you don't need to tell me.

Genesis 1 --->[link]

---This and That comic strip---
[link] page 1 Introduction
[link] page 2 Always Better
[link] page 3 Suspicion
[link] page 4 Not That Strange
[link] page 5 How to Make Sense
[link] page 6 A friend's concern
[link] page 7 Meeting your love
[link] page 8 Kris Kringle
[link] page 9 A New Job
[link] page 10 Ponyo and Sousuke
[link] page 11 My Valentine
[link] Request

[link] page 1 Animal Lover
[link] page 2 Man is Back
[link] page 3 Reminescence
[link] page 4 Rainbow
[link] page 5 Descendant
[link] page 6 Language
[link] page 7 Unity
[link] page 8 Ambition
[link] page 9 Tall Tower
[link] page10 Good Job
[link] page 11 COnfusion
[link] page 12 Age Gap
[link] page 13 The Call of Abram
[link] page 14 Abram in Egypt
[link] page 15 Pharaoh in Law
[link] page 16 The Creator
[link] page 17 Creation
[link] page 18 Which Day
[link] page 19 The 6th Day
[link] page 20 Tree of Knowledge
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Brilliant as usual.