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genesis 1---->[link]

Thank God for the brocolli which I don't like but is good,
thank God for spinach which tasteless but gives iron,
thank God for all the greens which give oxygen
and thank God that they can't move, nor talk,
had they been able to do it, they must have fought human for exploiting them a lot, hahah

----This and That comic strip---
[link] page 1 Introduction
[link] page 2 Always Better
[link] page 3 Suspicion
[link] page 4 Not That Strange
[link] page 5 How to Make Sense
[link] page 6 A friend's concern
[link] page 7 Meeting your love
[link] page 8 Kris Kringle
[link] page 9 A New Job
[link] page 10 Ponyo and Sousuke
[link] page 11 Animal Lover
[link] page 12 Man is Back
[link] page 13 Reminescence
[link] page 14 Rainbow
[link] page 15 Descendant
[link] page 16 Language
[link] page 17 Unity
[link] page 18 Ambition
[link] page 19 Tall Tower
[link] page20 Good Job
[link] page 21 COnfusion
[link] page 22 Age Gap
[link] page 23 The Call of Abram
[link] page 24 Abram in Egypt
[link] page 25 Pharaoh in Law
[link] page 26 The Creator
[link] page 27 Creation
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How come the plants don't notice the strange neighboirhood? XD