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A Fool in Love

hey you know...
somehow my deviantart account has been filled with
same thing happened with my mind...
i dont know what's happening
and I dont know what will happen
I'm going to meet her soon
I know I will only get a no as answer
if I count all the logic
the percentage of hope
condition and all the events
added with the fact that i'm just a total stranger for her...
the odds goes to 9.9999:0.0001 for a rejection...
I guess I really need a curtain to draw a conclusion on this
whole rampage.

wew, at least I will put this in the hands of God
and let Him decide later on...

music by Kevin mc Leod
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May I  know the title of the music please? Thank you!
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Awww~ So cute and sad, oh gosh, I'm not gonna cry, nope, nope, nope. Very nice job~
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very nice! i love your works..^_^ would you please make tutorials on how you make your animations? thank you..:)
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thank you!! the problem is i don't do animation anymore :(
well the key to do it is just to draw over frame by frame :) good luck!
cuffynaffy's avatar
what software do you use?
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how about all the textures u used in your works? where did you get them? ^_^
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hmmm cg not really sure try googling it! :) it's been 2 oh no, 3 years 0____00
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if you think about it it's kinda you're fault too for not having the courage to speak with her, I know how hard it is to approach someone you like but isn't it more painful to admire someone from afar? you're only hurting yourself, you're just scared at the idea of a rejection. Oh yeah, take it slowly if you're going to make advances on her
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:iconfinallyplz::iconsaysplz: i know how love feels because i fell in love now i'm a fool
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Oh sweetie! :hug: I'm so sorry...
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I WANT TO USE THIS!! ^_^ (of course give credit)
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haha that's should do a continuation of it :)
is that supposed to be you?
Poporetto's avatar yeah, hahah that's me a year ago...
was still insanely in love with someone :)
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coming from a girl's perspective, u shuda asked her out. if she liked u that would've been even cuter! ^w^
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What happened to the girl?
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whoa, it's really basic and rough, but thanks :)
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Aww this was like uberly cute! Totally liked it :heart:
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hey, thanks a lot! :)
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awww it so cute >w<
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