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Equipped with Stella armor
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Melia is just so pretty, even inside! She's a strong character, and not just in battle...... but as a character, too!
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Absolutely fantastic!
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Shes very cute here <3
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waaaa she's so pretty !!!!!!!
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A very beautiful piece. Xenoblade is one of my most favorite games.
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This is amazing! Love 
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:iconyoushouldfeelbadplz::iconsaysplz:Your magic is bad and you should feel bad!

Don't get me wrong, great pic. But I swear, Melia is the ONLY MAGE EVER that I didn't like playing as.
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Melia is the most useful character to play as.

her magic works against everything and it's easy to do damage from a distance (and then run away by sacrificing your team... good times)
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That's too bad. I really enjoyed playing as her, especially since the AI couldn't do it worth a damn. Once you figured out how to stack her elements properly, she kicked ass.
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Oh god, her AI is HORRENDOUS.
But agreed. When she's player-controlled, she kicks ass.
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She's really cute. I love that armor! And the background with Eryth Sea is well drawn, too :)
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Very pretty.
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omg so cute >w< and the armor O: I've never figured how monolith soft could possibly mean people would draw fanart of their characters when they put in overdetailed armor like they did x) it looks pretty sweet tho c:
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Wow, this is so beautifully done. I absolutely love it!:aww:
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wow it´s really amazing!!!!
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Yep, I got her equipped with a full set of Stellar Armor for the most part of the game, until I linked Heavy Equipment from Dunban (only costs 15 aff coins, as opposed to 45 on all other heavy equip skills), at which point I gave her a full Ledios set (though a Titan set looks better with the Empress Staff).

Because she looks too casual without a battle skirt.

Fun fact: Your interpretations of her headwings look much closer to Lorithia's, which are rather vulture-reminiscent.
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Wow, that's amazing! Great job, Melia looks gorgeous!
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I love this! ^__^ Even Eryth Sea in the background was a nice touch, wonderful work!
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Thank you everyone!
I was surprised to have received a lot of comment!
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Melia is the cutest character out of any video game ever <3
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She's so cute ! =D ~ Great work !
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