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September 16, 2010
Pen Tool Tutorial - 30K Views by *Popo-Licious offers a great explanation of how to use Photoshop's pen tool.
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Pen Tool Tutorial

Pen Tool Video Tutorial
Hair Coloring Tutorial

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer! :3 (And if you use my tutorial, I would be very happy if you could send me a link to your work so I can praise you!) XD

Notes and Extras

Adobe Photoshop CS III
Please do not redistribute this tutorial.
Art © =Popo-Licious

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fluffydoki2's avatar
Thank you for this Popo-Licious :) We appreciate it!
inkybelka's avatar
AnimeFanatic09's avatar
This looks very helpful! Thank you! 
daydreaam's avatar
Ouu, thank you so much for making this! :D
It's incredibly helpful, and easy to follow, too! ^^
SAMSWAHID's avatar
thats a helping hand
thatonesheepywrites's avatar
Amazing tutorial! Thank you very much for this! While I may suck at applying the techniques, I still am glad for some idea of what to do with Photoshop.
*EDIT* Finally got the hang of it! :D
Made dis with your tutorial:…
Popo-Licious's avatar
That's awesome! Thank you for showing me! Keep it up. :D
the-ESSI's avatar
umm... but how do i do these lovely dynamic lines while using CS6? :(
Popo-Licious's avatar
You can follow the exact same instructions using CS6! :3
jspanda's avatar
awesome ......
FeerXD's avatar
really helpful, thanks!!
Excellent.  Thank you.
Popo-Licious's avatar
You're welcome! :D
AymFek's avatar
Can i get that brush Plz !!?
Popo-Licious's avatar
It's literally a default Photoshop brush. Nothing special and nothing to download. Just follow the instructions in the tutorial to set up the brush. :)
AymFek's avatar
i learn , ty so much :D look what i draw :
Popo-Licious's avatar
Awesome! Thank you for showing me! It makes me so happy to see that other people are able to use what I've taught them to make great things. :D
gwaciepanda's avatar
Any suggestions as to what to do in regards to my brush options not being available? They are just kind of grayed out :(
Popo-Licious's avatar
Hi! When you try to change your brush settings, is the pen tool still selected? You can access all the brush options without having the actual brush selected, and when that happens, everything is grayed out. :3
SakuraStar10311's avatar
This is awesome! I have one question though: It would not let me hit "stroke path", so I was wondering what I did wrong there? Or if there was any way to fix that?
Popo-Licious's avatar
It sounds like the layer is locked. :D
SakuraStar10311's avatar
ohhh! How do I unlock it?
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