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The Perfect Gift Necklace

Fresh from the bench! Available exclusively at :star:

This is the first time I've worked with super flattened argentium wire. It's sooo tricky to get this thing done, to look as good as the copper does. Copper is way easier. I didn't quenched my AS wire, instead i left it air cooling. Since one of the attributes of AS wire is heat hardened, the result isn't that malleable and springy. My fingers hurt trying to make the wire stay put. I was afraid to quench because I've read somewhere that it would make AS wire brittle (true or myth?).

But i'm liking both results. :) Wouldn't this make a memorable gift? :D

• Argentium silver wire
• Copper wire
• Sterling silver chain
• Chalcedony beads

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Oh, this is just precious :iconilavplz:
ChudnayaMamba's avatar
Absolutely stunning & unique!!!
Redbookbluebook's avatar
This is so pretty and unique; I absolutely love it
TerraRhapsody's avatar
Beautifully done! such a cool and cute idea!
alena-light's avatar
You are an amazingly talented artist (^
hunny21's avatar
The wire bows are fabulous!
i think it looks cute too
dalentalas's avatar
Very original wrap. Faved for reference.
PurlyZig's avatar
the metal ribbon is just great!
JesseRayus's avatar
its like its always gift wrapped!!! lovely!!!
popnicute's avatar
exactly my intention! :w00t: thank you *^3^*
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WOW, your work is so creative and beautiful. Great design on this one. :) Really nice :)
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thanks :) i love this one!
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You're very welcome :)
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So beautiful! :heart:
BlushieSoap's avatar
Beautiful and super cute as always!
burdensdown's avatar
this one's nice
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It may have been more difficult than working with copper, but the result looks really great... especially the curling ribbon effect. :)
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yeah, the end result is well worth it :) thanks! ^^
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omg these are fantastic!!! WOW!
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