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Sara Sixblades

commissioned by :icondarkmoonelf:

WARNING: the preview and full view images are slightly different :P the "real" image for ~darkmoonelf is the one on the preview.

Sara is an elf queen.

"I would like the pose to be slightly turned and looking upwards at something. I would like the expression to be a warm, and loving with a smile." that was ~darkmoonelf's note to me.. i hope it fits ^_^ i worked my butt off on this one ^^; does this mean i'm losing my skill? >.<

-this image has been approved- so sorry guys, i don't wish any critiques cos it's not like i would go back and fix this =P

Sara Sixblades © ~darkmoonelf | artwork © *kry1

i have the step by step drawing in: Digital Art Walkthrough With Kry1

Commission Me:
>> CLICK HERE for more information

i have a hair coloring tutorial if you're interested: CG Hair Using One Color
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© 2006 - 2021 popnicute
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wow, I haven't seen this one in years! I came across it such a long time and I loved it :heart: Now I can finally congratulate the artist behind this for drawing such a lovely elf queen!
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Featured your artwork on my journal! [link]
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It is my favourite!
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LOVE IT!... So pretty :D
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Its lovely !! I love the expression~
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I just adore this! Simply Beautiful! :heart:
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WOW i love this Image!

The little one is just amazing, this colours!
It´s a pitty that the colours are different.

I made a Wallpaper hope´ll like it ^^
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wow. She is stunning. <3
really nice sketch :)
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PRETTY!!!!! There is really no way to say how beautiful this is. I love it so much.
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thanks thanks thanks! :lol:
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............words can not describe............
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I like it a lot, thanks for posting.
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she looks beautiful:+favlove:
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very very very very very beautiful!!!!!:+favlove:=p:heart:
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....this is my fav painting of ALL TIME. i swear it was my wallpaper for like a weeks (i ussaly change daily :) ) :heart: :heart: wonderful job :) now to browse the rest of ur gallery hun!
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thanks! i feel flattered :heart:
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do you have an account on because I found this on here:[link] just wanted to make sure that no one was art-grabbing your awesome work!
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awesome, a foreign language site :slow:

no, i don't have an account there.. but it seems they're collecting stolen arts in that site.. :slow:

thanks for letting me know! do you know what's the purpose of that site? :?
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you're quite welcome!
I have no idea what it is, i actually was looking at it because someone else had put on a different deviation that it stole that one. I saw this on there and rembered that I faved it a while ago (and it was by an english-speaking artist!), so i decided to check!
seems they're a serial art-snatcher!!! :threaten:
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yeah.. weird tho.. they didn't remove any watermarks/signatures of the artists :XD:
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