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Party Cannon Use #63

:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"Wait, use number 63, how many uses could there be?"
:iconpinkiepieexcitedplz::iconsaysplz:"A lot."
:iconskytriggerfacehoof::iconsaysplz:"OK, better question. How many are there?"
:iconumadpinkiepieplz::iconsaysplz:"More than you can imagine ^^"
:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"But I can Imagine HUGE numbers."
:iconseriouspinkieplz::iconsaysplz:"Yeah, I know. Is there a problem with that?"
:iconskytriggershrugplz::iconsaysplz:"Guess not..."

Yeesh... I'm Already making more Pinkie Pie when I said I would do other things. God I go back on my word too much. But to be fair this was a commission and not something I thought up. So that releases me from liability? RIGHT???...

Anywho this is for :icontygerbug:. A poster for his BroNYcon booth. He also drew the original line-art I used to make this vector for him. So no, Its not from the show and I didn't design it. But I did spend a good 4 hours vectoring it (about 40 mins for the confetti alone, and a good 30 mins for the cannon). I think it came together rather nicely, don't you think.

Art by me :iconpopmannn:
Orginal line-art by :icontygerbug:
Pinkie Pie © :iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:(and drop me a link of it)
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