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I... I Lost.....



But, Gaming is my special talent. How could I lose? It's been so long since I've lost, I... I think I'm in shock....

:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"OH, YOU BETTER GIVE ME A REMATCH!! It's been a long time since I've ACTUALLY had a challenge. And I LOVES me a good challenge!"
:iconlunadoubledfunplz::iconsaysplz:"You got it. A rematch it is. In fact, lets DOUBLE THE REMATCH, for DOUBLE THE FUN!!!"

Anyway guys, this is the special project I mentioned I was working on a few days ago when I uploaded LonlyBrony's picture. And its actually taken me those few days to make it (as in while it could be done in a day I didn't sit down for that long. I do have a life you know). I spent a grand total of 10 hours(ish) on it.

You might be asking, "Popmannn, why did you make this at all?"

Well good question. I actually made this for the AskPrincessMolestia Tumblr HERE. If you haven't seen it before I DEFIANTLY recommend checking it out. Its Hilarious. Anyway, there is a contest to make fanart of Gamer Luna. And every Wednesday this month he's featuring someones picture. So this is my attempt to get featured.

Fingers Crossed

(My Unnamed OC) Scratch that, his name is "Sky Trigger" © :iconpopmannn:
Luna © :iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro

Big Edit:
Bet you guys didn't know, or maybe you did, but I forgot to mention this sooner. Equestria Gaming used this vector for they're logo for PON-E3 which is happening on the 13-14 of July. Don't believe me? Well then, I'll let this link speak for itself. SUPAH LINK
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