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:iconpinkiepiepopcornplz::iconsaysplz:"Well this is a bit out of the ordinary for you."
:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"What do you mean?"
:iconpinkiepie-plz::iconsaysplz:"Drawing a background pony. Is it cause she's a pegasus?"
:iconkinkypieplz::iconsaysplz:"Do you like her?"
:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"WHAT!!! No..."
:iconpinkieisconfusedplz::iconsaysplz:"Then what?"
:iconskytriggershrugplz::iconsaysplz:"No reason, no reason at all..."

That's my story and I'm sticking to it....... OK FINE, there is a reason. Well truth be told I felt like making a vector today as well as test my desktop recording with Xsplit. So I needed something to vector (and it will piss off ~UnKnownBrony that I didn't work on his vector). I decided last night to go back to the Vector Reservation list on the VectorClub and see what was left. I noticed someone had requested Flitter and Cloudchaser be done justice from the final shot in the finale. Seeing as how Cloudchaser was done already, Flitter it was. And that's the end of that story.

As an added bonus treat remember how I said I wanted to test Xsplit. Well I made another Speedpaint video (yeah, another. The other one is low quality though). So without further adieu: Flitter Speedpaint

And of course cause I still have to here is the SVG for Flitter's: [link]

Till next time Deviants

Art by Me :iconpopmannn:
Pinkie Pie © :iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:(and drop me a link of it)
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She's really pretty!
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I wish to use this for cute sake please
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You may use for the sake of cute. All I ask is that I be credited.
MLPCutePic's avatar
You have no worries about that my friend and I might add a small cute story to this
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used, thank you very much! :D
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Finally got to to use that Flitter vector I requested [link]
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Oh yeah. I had forgotten it was a request. Heh heh...
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Since her first appearence Flitter has been my favorite pony next to Fluttershy, always great to see more of her!
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your a fucking dick >.>
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Ahhhhhh, there it is ^^
Turbo-the-Pegasus's avatar
This picture made me appreciate Flitter more than I had.
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