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Cause Spitfire Is Equally As Awesome

By popmannn
:iconrainbow-dashplz::iconsaysplz:"Spitfire truly is the Greatest Wonderbolt ever."
:iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz::iconsaysplz:"Does she realize were here in the room with her?"
:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"I think shes off in her own little world at this point. Lets just finish the description and be on our way."

Yeah, I told you I had one of Spitfire and I'd post it today. So yeah, here you go, Spitfire. Not much else to say on this one. Its from Memories.

Art by me :iconpopmannn:
Original designs by :iconcapt-nemo:
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:(and drop me a link of it)
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I've always wondered why smoke is emitted from them when they fly...
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It's clouds, not smoke. Kinda like how skydivers use smoke trails; they use cloud trails.  If that makes more sense. (also your icon is really fitting)
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Can you do Fleetfoot next?
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Submitted on June 19, 2012

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Why thank you. To bad, the orginal files smoke trail is twice as long and peters out. Oh well....
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It's obvious - her very WINGS emit jet-heat!
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Used here [link] I hope you like it =D
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I used this for a wallpaper - [link]
This looks awesome!
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Indeed, I concur, most indeedidly :iconpinkiegustaplz:
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