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Albert Equinestein



:icondisapprovingplz::iconsaysplz:"Wait, how come I've never seen this pony before?"
:iconpopmannn::iconsaysplz:"Cause hes from season 3"
:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz::iconsaysplz:"But season 3 isn't out yet!"
:iconskytriggershrugplz::iconsaysplz:"Yeah, what's your point?"
:iconpinkiepiehorrorplz::iconsaysplz:"Breaking reality is my job..."

So yeah, SPOILER ALERT (if your reading this its to late, HA HA HAAA) but this science pony be from the season 3 sneak peak from comicon. It was quite a bit of work. Lots of accessories and clothes are hard... Took about 3 and a half hours and my fingers are starting to cramp. But yeah, I think it came out Marvelously.

Oh and you don't like the name?
He doesn't have a fannon name yet so I made one up with the help of some friends. Who knows, maybe it will stick.

A guy can hope.:iconskytriggershrugplz:

Till next time Deviants

Art by me :iconpopmannn:
Albert Equinestein © :iconfyre-flye:/Hasbro

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:(and send me a link of it)

*EDIT* As a request here is the svg of this vector [link]

HOLY CRAP GUYS 2k views in exactly 10 hours. Good thing Equinestein here is so good at math. Other wise I wouldn't know that that is 200 views an hour on ave since I posted it.

If anyone cares to see what I had to work with to make this then here ya go: SUPAH LINK
I know it doesn't seem so bad but try zooming in to the point where the tie fills the whole screen and tell me it doesn't look like a pain to vector...
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I used it here, I hope you don't mind.