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Finally decided to organise the rest of my actions into a downloadable file for everyone! 
There are 48 actions in this download, all free! There are actually four individual sets included in this zip since i kept forgetting to upload them individually.
They're all individually named and I've been working on these since 2012. My first home baked set can be seen here:…
This preview image is a mix of all of the actions in no particular order, some have been used more than others. All of these photos have been taken by me
the number of selfies in this image is ridiculous and i'm sorry hahaha.
If you download these please remember that not every action will be suited for every photo! You can mix them up or adjust the layers to make them work.
I'm using Photoshop CS5 but they should work on most versions (i think)
I really hope you enjoy these actions, they were super fun to make. (:

Theres around 100 photos on this omfg 
I'm also sorry for the lack of art recently i've just been so art blocked and busy :[
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Máximo agradecimiento, feliz 2021

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very nice. thank you!
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Right on!! These are NICE!!
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These are SO great!! Thank you so much! I was wondering if you knew of a way to play all actions and then choose and then also make them so that they are in a folder once you play them without having to make a new folder each time. If any of that makes sense.
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Waow It's cool 
Thks you ! 
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OMG thank you!!! Huggle! 
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u spelled tumblr wrong bappy hirthday :iconpartycannonplz:
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i know a did why do u keep judging me for ma past y can't u focus on the now
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Thank you! :) These actions are awesome. 
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Coolio, I'll have to try some of them out. ^^
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oh wow i have no idea what this is but it seems cool
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they're like, things that automatically edit photos for you?? idek how to describe it but it's pretty cool~
sirbarkalot's avatar
oh thts cute
also those photos are really awesome man! cool job
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thank you so much pop oh my gosh
//i'm such a sucker for actions 
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yay! I hope you like them c:
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