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-To join the group, just use the join button and you will be accepted.

-To become an official member of the court, you must have at least one gem to put here.

-You must use this application:
  Chicken Blood's Court| Application by popinat

-When you've finished filling up the application, you must upload it to your and send me a note with the link to it. I will give you any suggestions or tell you the necessary changes you must make.

-Once everything is correct, you may procede to submit your app to the group.

-Make sure you put your gem in the correct folder.

-You can have from 1 to 5 gems in the group, but please keep in mind that you have to use them.

-Traditional art is accepted but be sure to have a proper reference for your gem. Applications with not clear images won't be accepted. You can request to have your gem drawn digitally if you feel like it's necessary.

-The gem should be drawn by you. The use of bases is allowed, but it requires a minimum of effort. Also you must provide credit if you use a base.

- Gemsona maker IS NOT ALLOWED.

- If you adopted or commissioned someone to design/draw your gem, you can use the purchased artwork in the app as long as the artist gives you permission and you give proper credit.

-If you cannot use the application because you don't have any way at all to put your gem on it, you must tell me and I'll make the app for you. Only if it's really necessary.


-Colours preferredRED, WHITE, BLACK PRIMARLY. (some exceptions might be allowed but don't risk too much)

   Bullet; Red Red includes: peach, salmon, pink, fuchsia, dark red, vine, reddish orange, going from the darkest tones to the brightest..... And any other gem that has at least some amount of red tones in them. Ex. bloodstone, pietersite.

   Bullet; Black Black includes: grey, gems that have a great amount of black in them. Ex. Goldenite

-Chinese themed clothing
(will make a journal for this)

-For any questions, ask here or send me a note.
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November 16, 2017
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