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Hey everyone, I feel like I need to make a journal to talk about Chicken Blood's Court status.

I haven't forgotten about this project and I still would like to continue, mind you that this is all my friend's original idea, but it seems like I have (almost) full control of it now.

So, as for all the delay, my friend and I had a rough school year and honestly, we left this project to a side.

I remind you that the court is OPEN for applications, all the rules and available ranks are in the journals of the group.

I must say that this would all have started to function sooner if we had the Empress design finished, which is not, I must blame myself for not reminding my friend to finish it, but she's been working on it from time to time. I want to let my friend draw her, because it's her gem after all.
I hope to update soon and to finally present the Empress, so we can start with the quests.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.
I'm making a separate journal for my Steven Universe related commissions. Advertising is very much appreciated! I'm goint to accept points for these too.

-Fullbody 8 USD/800 Points 

  • +4USD/400 Points for another gem added
  • Transparent background.
  • Gemstone: optional

Rubellite by popinat Mauve and Teal by popinat Gem OC- Inesite by popinat Pink Spinel by popinat Bonnie and Coral by popinat A weird trio by popinat

Chibi 5 USD/ 500 Points 

  • +3 USD/ 300 Points for each character added 

Comm- Tiger's Eye by popinat Commission-Tanzanite by popinat  Commission- Spinel by popinat Shaded chibi example by popinat

Pixel pagedoll 5 USD/ 500 Points 

  • animation optional

pagedoll example by popinat Pearl Pagedoll F2U by popinat

- Fusion Design

  • 2 gems: 10 USD/ 1000 Points 
  • 3 gems: 12 USD/ 1200 Points 
  • +3 gems: 20 USD/ 2000 Points
  • Custom fusion + their components: 25 USD/ 2500 Points (máx 3 gems)
Llx by popinat  Black Opal, the ultimate pun master by popinat Fire Opal by popinat 

-Gemsona custom

  • Surprise custom: 8 USD/ 800 Points 
  • Detailed custom: 12 USD/ 1200 Points 
  • Includes gem cut
  • + 2 USD/ 200 Points  for weapon

   Peacock Ore-Bornite by popinat Custom- Aquamarine by popinat Coloradoite by popinat Maxixe by popinat Selenite by popinat

-Sketches/Lineart 3 USD

  • Colored: +2 USD/ 200 Points
  • Comes with a transparent file.
Gema by popinat

-Ref. Sheet

  • Can be existent gem or a custom one (surprise or detailed)
  • 2 views + weapon + gemstone: 15 USD / 1500 Points 
  • 3 views + weapon + gemstone: 20 USD / 1500 Points 
  • 3 views + reformation outfit + weapon: 25 USD/ 2500 Points 
Opalite by popinat  Harlequin Opal by popinat  SUOC- Baryte (Bologna Stone) by popinat Gemsona- Turquoise by popinat

-Illustration 15 USD/ 1500 Points 

    • máx 2 characters.
    • complex background + 5 USD/ 500 Points 
SU- Holive (ship) by popinat Coral by popinat  nom nom by popinat My Lovely Stronk Porl by popinat Beach day by popinat


- To commission me, please send me a note with the details. 
  You can also email me at
- If you want to see initial sketches or the progress, just ask me to show you, 
  you can always ask me to change something that you don't like.
- Payment must be sent before I start working on the commission.
- Don't send any money/ points before I accept your commission.
- I don't do refunds.

- I accept USD but keep in mind that I prefer the payment to be in Euros (€).

Hi guys! I'm opening unlimited commissions, it would be cool if you can advertise this ^o^

-Fullbody 15 USD/ 1500 Points 

  • +5 USD/€ for each character added.
  • Transparent, white or simple color background.

Lucette by popinat Req-PomPom and Star by popinat Karen Transp by popinat Aa by popinat

-Half Body 8 USD/ 800 Points 

  • +3 USD/€ for each character added (máx 3)
  • Transparent, white or simple color background.

Lapis by popinat Older Style by popinat Nelly by popinat Surprise hug!! by popinat 

Chibi 5 USD/ 500 Points 

  • +3 USD/€ for each character added (máx 3)
  • Transparent, white or simple color background.

Ang Transparente 3 by popinat

Pixels 5 USD/ 500 Points (animated or not)

  • Icons 50 x 50
South Park by popinat Pumpkin Gal (NF2U) by popinat

  • Pagedoll 250 x 250

She has style by popinat pagedoll example by popinat


  • Simple: 18 USD/ 1800 Points 

Ryo by popinat Imp Tweek by popinat Dark Angel by popinat Cold days by popinat  Blackberry Cookie by popinat

  • Complex: 25-30 USD/ 2500- 3000 Points

HNK- Phos by popinat  Aisi by popinat  AAAA by popinat  Rock Star by popinat 


- To commission me, please send me a note with the details.
  You can also email me at
- If you want to see initial sketches or the progress, just ask me to show you,
  you can always ask me to change something that you don't like.
- Payment must be sent before I start working on the commission.
- Please don't send any money/ points before I accept your commission.
- I don't do refunds.
- Ask me what can and can't do: I'm not familiar with animals, mecha or heavy gore. No NSFW.
- Always ask if you have any questions.
Hey I'm finally done with my exams and I have the urge to draw other characters and try new stuff, also to work on my style :0

I'll be picking from your OC's, so just comment here with some refs and if I like your character I'll draw it, although I'd like to draw everyone's OC's, I have to be selective.
I'm looking mostly for humanoid OC's but feel free to show me all you got. Robots, weird creatures, monsters, anything anthro, even if it's a ball with eyes. I just love seeing creative designs.

What I want to do is to experiment. Let me draw your characters in different poses, maybe even try pixel art. You can also suggest what you'd like to see. My interests are in developing my pixel art, drawing more dinamic poses and to experiment with color and shading. I'm also open to redesign any character if you want.

-You must be a watcher (new watchers always welcome, but an active watcher)
-Comment with a link to your OC ref.
-Preferably show me a digital ref (I won't accept any written)
-You can show me as much characters as you want.
-You can't repost my drawing anywhere without permission.
-Advertising is very appreciated!!! ;0000 (yeah pls)
I will make it quick, I won't be active on the next few days so I won't be able to reply inmediately to all the questions about the court :iconchicken-bloods-court:

YES WE ARE OPEN (more or less)
I mean, not oficially until The Empress is finished, but you can already make your gems and submit them to the group, we also accept joining requests.
SEND ME A NOTE SO I CAN CHECK PUT YOUR DESIGN AND GIVE IT A OK. Then submit to the group on the correct folder and I will accept it.
We're putting a lot of work into the group, the court and it's story, so after we have everything finished, we will start.
Quests 1 and 2 will be also available soon.
The only requirements are:

RED, WHITE OR BLACK GEMS (always with something red in their clothing) Peach,salmon, pink, grey etc. are also accepted

CHINESE CLOTHING. from any dynasty, or from the modern era, there are lots of combinations possibles, search up for trousers, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, etc.
You don't have to go by the old and traditional style if you don't want to. Also keep in mind that nobles are in fact, more traditional and they would wear huge dresses and stuff. I'm sure there won't be problems on this, but in any case, I'll make a journal soon for reference.

That's it, but again, if you have any questions, send me a note or ask here and I will try to answer you asap.


-To join the group, just use the join button and you will be accepted.

-To become an official member of the court, you must have at least one gem to put here.

-You must use this application:
  Chicken Blood's Court| Application by popinat

-When you've finished filling up the application, you must upload it to your and send me a note with the link to it. I will give you any suggestions or tell you the necessary changes you must make.

-Once everything is correct, you may procede to submit your app to the group.

-Make sure you put your gem in the correct folder.

-You can have from 1 to 5 gems in the group, but please keep in mind that you have to use them.

-Traditional art is accepted but be sure to have a proper reference for your gem. Applications with not clear images won't be accepted. You can request to have your gem drawn digitally if you feel like it's necessary.

-The gem should be drawn by you. The use of bases is allowed, but it requires a minimum of effort. Also you must provide credit if you use a base.

- Gemsona maker IS NOT ALLOWED.

- If you adopted or commissioned someone to design/draw your gem, you can use the purchased artwork in the app as long as the artist gives you permission and you give proper credit.

-If you cannot use the application because you don't have any way at all to put your gem on it, you must tell me and I'll make the app for you. Only if it's really necessary.


-Colours preferredRED, WHITE, BLACK PRIMARLY. (some exceptions might be allowed but don't risk too much)

   Bullet; Red Red includes: peach, salmon, pink, fuchsia, dark red, vine, reddish orange, going from the darkest tones to the brightest..... And any other gem that has at least some amount of red tones in them. Ex. bloodstone, pietersite.

   Bullet; Black Black includes: grey, gems that have a great amount of black in them. Ex. Goldenite

-Chinese themed clothing
(will make a journal for this)

-For any questions, ask here or send me a note.
Tagged by Koymija  <333

1. Do you have any pets?
Yep, two bunnies X3

2. Amount of siblings
one stepbrother and one stepsister

3. Favourite youtuber

4. Got any obsessions

5. Name one obsession

6. Tea or Coffee
hmmmm cold tea!

7. Do you prefer sour or sweet
heheh sweet
8. Do you have a crush
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...idk

9. Favourite school subject
 Drawing, design, history

10. Favourite colour.
Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Red

11. Do you like kids.
Yeah ^^

12. Do you want kids
um yea sure

13. How many kids would you want
hmmmmm 1 or 2

14. Favourite dog breed
hmmm....golden retriever, pomerania? BUT I LOVE ALL DOGGOS

15. Sexuality?
Bisexual Bisexual Pride (F2U) 

16. Whats your hair colour
Dark brown 

17. Do you wear glasses.

18. Whats your eye colour?
Dark chocolate

19. Lucky number
2  and 11 I guess??

20. Month you were born.

21. Introvert or extrovert

22. Do you believe in magic
Um.........hard to tell, I've seen things

23. Can you swim
More or less, yeah, my dad taught me!

24. Amount of languages your fluent in?
in order of what I know more of:

25. Winter or summer

26. Halloween or christmas
hmmm tho I love halloween and the scary stuff, I prefer christmas because family reunions 

27. Friends or family

28. Can you cook?
Yeah, I'm the one who prepares all the meals at home =w=

29. Do you like studying
I do like studying...when it's something interesting, school stuff is good

30. Your least favourite subject
ehhhh........math or PE....I've gotten bad at them

31. Spanish or french
wow...well french sounds very beautiful, but spanish

32. Tag a random person to do this

33. Cats or dogs
CATS!!! :bademoticon: 

34. Any fears
 Losing my mom, being alone for a long time, not being able to find happiness, maybe a bit of heights

35. Do you talk a lot?

36. Do you like to draw
It's my passion

37. Favourite food

38. Heavy or light sleeper

39. Are you happy.
I try to be, so um...yeah

40. Ever thought of murder

41. Ever thought of stealing

42. Ever held a snake
No but I want to!!

43. Are u a kind or mean person
Kind pink heart bullet 

44. Person you kissed last
My brother

45. Do you like anime
I'm getting into it and YEAH!!!

46. Do you watch cartoons
47. Do you like yourself
Hmmm....I like my personality but I wish I could be more organized and less lazy...
about my yeah

48. Do you have straight or curly hair?

49. Tagg another person to do this 

50. Do you believe in ghosts
I don't know....I've seen stuff

51. Do you prefer the city or country

52. Do you like animals
I MUST PROTECT THEM Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 

53. Whats your characters name

Well I have a lot are the main charas of my stories
-Mya, Lilith, Edan, Salina 
-Kira, Matt, Nanna
-Tara, Robert (provisional names)
-Mike, Evy

54. Do you feel like dying at times

55. Do you find some people annoying

56. Is this a lot of questions
it's fine

57. Have you ever been stalked
hmm......I think so

58. Have you ever broken the law

59. Amount of people you've dated.

0.....I'm a single pringles

60. What age do u think youll die
I hope more than 90

61. Do you speak spanish

62. Do you speak french

63. Name a country

Norway! I want to visit it. Also Peru <3

64. Do you have guy friends

65. a cat breed off the top of ur head dear cat, I miss her Rose 

66. Type of phone you have
hmm smartphone...Huawei

67. Do you like kpop
hmm not really, there are some good songs

68. Least favourite colour

69. Do you know what 69 means
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
of course I do

70. Have you ever seen a lion
yep in the zoo

71. Ever seen a bear
hmm...I think not

72. Ever held a frog

73. Amount of phones you've ever had.
one lmao

74. Do you like to cosplay
I never did but I'd love to!

75. Do you believe in satan
pffffffff......we are the ones that create evil...

76. Ever wanted to fly
ahahah yeah!

77. Are you a furry

78. Do you know what a nekomimi is
a cat girl??

79. Do you know what neko means
yeah, cat

80. Do you like horses

81. Ever been horse riding
nope ;;_;;

82. Tag another person to do this

83. Korea or japan

85. Do you like seals

86. Can you run fast
hmm...I try my best but...

87. Pick a random number

88. Mom or dad
ahh...I would say both

89. Do u like slime

90. Do u like cat ears on humans
uhhh sure

91. Do you like fluffy things.

92. Do you like airplanes

93. Are you afraid of heights.
of very high heights, but I like the emotion!!

94. Are you afraid of the dark
nah.....unless there is a killer or something XDDDD

94. Favourite fizzy drink
coca-cola I guess

95. Fruit or veg
Fruit but I like veggies too ^^

96. Plants or meat

97. Do you like nuts

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)....I'm PopiNUT....yeah I love them XDD

99. Do you like honey depends, not too much
ferrugineum fabric border g 2 ferrugineum fabric border g 2 ferrugineum fabric border g 2 ferrugineum fabric border g 2 
Ribbon [1] 100. Tag one last person to do this Ribbon [1] 
rachtheraichu you're always so kind ^^

Ribbon [1]kaomoji set 2 28/67 I am sorry if i bothered you in tagging youkaomoji set 2 31/67Ribbon [1] 

ferrugineum fabric border g 2    
All of these have lowered prices and also you can pay with POINTS

Red Pearl adopt CLOSED by popinat CG Chibi Adopts OPEN (2/5) REDUCED PRICE by popinat  Scary Girls Adopts (OPEN) by popinat

Mystery Gem Adopts OPEN (4/5) REDUCED PRICE by popinat  Purple Diamond n' Violet Pearl OPEN(REDUCED PRICE) by popinat 
I'm opening customs and regular commissions (SU and non-SU related). Unlimited slots

I accept points and paypal!!


- Fullbody : 10 USD or 1000Points 
  A drawing of your existent gem or oc, cell shaded. Transparent background. For simple background +2 USD/200Points . Please link their ref. Examples:
  Shaded full body example by popinatLilith and Edan by popinatGift- Olive Pearl by popinat

- Chibi: 6USD or 600Points 
  Chibi style drawing of your gem/oc, cell shaded. Transparent background. Please link their ref. Example:

  Shaded chibi example by popinat

- Reformation/Alternative outfit: 12 USD or 1200Points 
  I'll make a reformation or alternative outfit for your gem/oc, based on the information you give me. Please link their ref. Example:

regeneration example by popinat

- Pixel Pagedoll: 8 USD or 800Points  (non animated)
  10 USD or 1000Points (simple animation)

   Pagedoll of your gem/oc, shaded. 250x250 px. Please link their ref. Example:

pagedoll example by popinat


OPTION A) Mystery custom: 15 USD/ 1500Points 
  +weapon (optional) : +3 USD/300Points 
  I have full freedom over the design. You can choose gemstone and placement. Examples:
  Swiss Lapis by popinat  Maxixe by popinat Noble Orthoclase by popinat

OPTION B) Specific custom: 20 USD/2000Points 
  +weapon (optional) : +4 USD/400Points 
  You have control over the design, and get to see any sketches/concepts of it. Examples:
Custom- Aquamarine by popinat  Custom- Aquamarine by popinat Custom- Lapis Lazuli by popinat

- To ask for a commission, please comment on this journal with the type of commission you want.

For Regular Comissions, fill this form:

Type of commission: (fullbody, chibi, reformation or pagedoll) 
Link to reference:
Notes: (pose preference, important details, animated or non animated, etc.)
Payment: points or paypal

For Custom Commissions fill this form:

Type of custom: mystery or specific
Weapon: yes or no
Gem Placement:
Any notes: (ex.theme)

--with specific you need to add to the previous form:--
Pronouns: (she/he/they)
Rank: (aristrocat, soldier, high rank, tecnician...etc.)
Allignment: (A diamond's court, crystal gem or neutral) 
Personality: (cheerful, brave, shy...etc.) 
Any other notes: (ex. skinny, long hair)

- I don't do refunds.
- Please don't rush me
- You can repost the drawing on your page but always giving me credit for the drawing.
- If it is a custom, credit me as the designer the first time you draw them.
- If you want, you can send me a note and we can discuss any specific details
I was tagged by beaniebopp uwu
Rules: Tag 8 people you would like to know better with this meme.

Name: Natalia
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Average hours of sleep: Hmm can vary between 4-10 hours lmao
Favorite Characters: I love a lor of characters but I'll choose just three: Connie from SU, Princess Bubblegum and Hiccup from HTTYD ...7u7
When did I start this account: I've been here since May, 28, 2016. But I already made an account years ago and I don't remember my username or my password XD
Watchers: 522 I love you guys <333
What do you post drawing of: Mostly 
Do you get a lot of comments: yeah, I guess? But mostly because my friends comment :v

I tag SleepyStaceyArt Koymija Titansfan200  LightLuna20 Frootgum Sailor-Moron TheForgottenComet TheHollowBoy 
Please check this out the amazing Deltamimi 's commissions, she's amazing and is having a bad situation right now so it would help her a lot if you could look at them and maybe ask a commission or advertise her!

hhh who wants to do collab adopts? I never have done them before so I want to try it out :000
If you're interested pls comment…

Yoo check these out, I'm crying they're so pretty!
this pearl is my life ;o;another cutie!!

<da:thumb id="681429973"/><da:thumb id="681115816"/><da:thumb id="680334025"/><da:thumb id="680188626"/>

<da:thumb id="677257014"/><da:thumb id="661496354"/><da:thumb id="651518312"/>
Sooo I was tagged by PencilTree , who chose my Gemsona- Turquoise and Dadarisma , who chose my Gem OC- Rainbow Moonstone
1. She's one of my birthstones. She's the sagittarius gemstone.
2. She is the gemsona I relate the most to. She is my "emotional" part
3. Her design was the most difficult of all my gems. She went through 3 or 4 redesigns.
4. She's from Blue Diamond's court and usually serves blue gems.
5. She likes to take her skirt off.
6. Her dance style is swing.
7. She's in a relationship with Blue Topaz.
8. She doesn't have/ever summoned a weapon...................................yet.

Rainbow Moonstone:

1. I designed her as a component from a fusion I got in a gem gatcha.
2. She is Steven's height.
3. She has her right eyebrow cut.
4. She originally is from BD's court but I haven't decided her current allignment yet.
5. She doesn't talk too much.
6. Her dance style is inspired by the capoeira.
7. She has been living in other planets.
8. Never mess up with her, she'll break your bones.
Periadopts CLOSED by tanipop

Periadopts OPEN  ;00000
hmm yeah I'm poor with points. Each one is 250 but I can like...reduce it at 200 + art? idk
So, yeah, I'm back I guess. I'm feeling much better and I'm not so stressed with school. 
If you don't know why I have been so inactive here's the explanation: [link]
Also I had a problem with my house's internet and hahahah what a mess. But I'm feeling okay and with more energies. I think it was just because I need to get used to a routine but anyway. I'm going to buy a new pen because geez I still don't find it lmao. What a disaster XDD
I want to tell you guys that I appreciate ach one of you a lot <333 
Heyyyy my friend  :iconlikestomakegemsonas: likestomakegemsonas has some food themed adopts, Cherry Quartz and Watermelon Tourmaline :P

You can offer whatever you want, just pay what you think is fair.

Food Themed Gem Adopts~

Pleeeeaseeeeeee check them out :0000
Made by: Koymija  XD

~Tag how much people you like!
~Tag Backs count but if its a tagback you don't have to do it
~Don't lose your patience XD
~Don't edit something out
~Sorry if i messed up XD


1. hi! hello! :3
2. you like tags?  mmm yeah
3. how was your day?  I was tired
4. do you go to school? Yep
5. you like anime? Hmm yes, but I don't watch
6. favorite animal? Cats :3....or bunnies....or horses
7. zodiac sign? Sagittarius
8. what's your spirit animal? Lmao well I think the cat because it's very independant
9. who's your best friend? (friends) My best friend in real life is yaozhim but I have a lot more here (I luv you guys)
10. who your friends? ahhhhhhhhhh well I think they know
11. what are your top 5 likes 
     2. SU ;;_;;
     4. space
     5. eating :P
12.and what are your top 5 dislikes
    1. annoying people
    2. disrespectful people
    3. deadlines
    4. stress
    5. cringe art :/
13. fav food? ahhhh......pasta? idk ;;o;;
14. fav drink? a nestea :V
15. fav candy? chocolate counts?
16. do you eat healthy?.....XD I wish
17. What's your fav song I can't choose no mind by madeon? 
18. fav color? turquoise? green? pink?
19. if you could change your race what would it be.......dude I'm half european/american idk
20. if you could change where you lived where would it be ...well maybe somewhere in Europe/ USA
21. cats or dogs caaaaats :33 but I love dogs too
22. 5 fav shows?
     1. Steven Universe (obviously)
     2. Adventure Time
     3. Star vs the forces of evil
     4. Gumball
     5. Bee and Puppycat
23. how ya feeling I'm fine
24. animal you don't like....I'm going to say an insect: cockroach
25. what is your biggest fear....losing the ones I love.....
26. you like to be alone or filled with people....with people I guess
27. what's your sexuality....that's hard to say...straight? but maybe pansexual
28. what's your worst quality......dude I'm TOO LAZY
29. ice skating? :^)  yaayyyyyy I have to learn ;;_;;
30. how do you rate your look on the scale of 1/10:........7/10??


1.I speak spanish, english, french and some catalan
2.I'm half peruvian
3.I have two half siblings
4.I have a niece
5.I'm the youngest on my class
6.I'm an art student, junior
7.I'm a gifted girl
8.I had broken my two wrists
9.I had 3 cats
10.I can't find my pen
11.My bedroom is a huge mess
12.Once I had a bob cut
13.My natural hair is wavy
14.I need brackets
15.My tooth hurts a lot
16.I had a crush on someone but never told who




Tagged by: MrChaseComix 

[x] Mother 
[x] Father 
[ ] Step-Father 
[ ] Step-Mother 
[] Step Sister 
[] Step Brother 
[] Brother 
[ ] Brother In Law
[] Sister 
[ ] Sister In Law 
[ ] Twin
[x] Half sister
[x] Half brother 
[ ] Nephew 
[x] Niece 
[ ] Boyfriend/Girlfriend 
[x] Mobile phone 
[ ] Own bathroom 
[] Own room 
[x] Have/had a swimming pool
[ ] Have/had a hot tub
[ ] Guest room
[x] Living Room
[x] Own computer 
[x] Own TV 
[x] flat TV 
[] There is some big carpet at your house
Starting total: 11 

[] Full size/Queen bed 
[x] More than 8 pairs of shoes 
[] MP3 Player/iPod
[] PS2/3
[x] Nintendo DS or PSP 
[x] Gameboy/Advance
[ ] Gamecube 
[] Xbox/Xbox 360 
[ ] Wii
[x] Your Own Laptop
Adding total: 15

[] Basketball net/hoop
[] Air hockey table 
[] Pool table
[] Ping pong table
[ ] Football table
[x] sport gear 
Adding total: 16

[ ] Nightstand
[ ] Stereo in bedroom
[ ] surround system
[x] DVD player in bedroom/portable
Adding total: 17

[x] Go shopping at least once a week 
[ ] Expensive cologne/perfume
[x] camera on phone
Adding total: 19

[x] Straightener/curling iron 
[ ] Have been to a batting cage
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet 
[] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card 
[x] Have a TV in your room 
[] Mirror in your room 
Adding total: 21

[ ] Been to Paris
[ ] Been to Rome
[ ] Been to Australia
[ ] Been to Switzerland
[ ] Been to Dubai
[ ] Been to Germany
[ ] Been to the United Kingdom 
[x] Been to a place written in 7 wonders 
Adding total: 22

[] Parents have a car
[] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat
[x] Had/have Camped
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces 
[x] 80+ buddies
Adding total: 25

[x] Home cooked meals almost everyday 
[] Been in a limo 
[] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera 
[] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times 
Adding Total: 27

Overall total: 27

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 3 people) 
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people) 
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people) 
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (and tag 20 people)

Average Teen :0

10 People that I'm gonna tag: (you don't need to do this if you don't want to :V)


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:iconbotcp: BotCp is a great artist and has commissions open, go check them out if you're interested ;0