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Yeah. I'm still alive. And still using DeviantArt to some small degree. Amazing, innit?

I don't even have anything terribly interesting to say. Progress on chain of lucidity has been coming along well enough (I've implemented furigana support into my dialogue system yesterday).

You know what else happened yesterday? Team Gaijin Alex's website got a complete overhaul after languishing in shittily-designed pages with little content for nearly two whole years. Here's what I changed:
  • replaced the tacky diamond-patterned background with a simple three-color gradient
  • recreated various image assets and improved the page layout for a more professional look
  • commissioned wodkanna for a group drawing of the current three members of the team in order to finally have something to put on the "Meet the Team" page (although she unfortunately wasn't able to accept payment, so she ended up doing it for free)
  • made a page for each game now, even the incomplete and/or abandoned projects (which is basically all of them); also, the Games page now has a more compact design
  • moved the twitter feed from the side bar to the Contact page
  • completely rewrote all of the text (special thanks to nekokomancer for proofreading the Japanese translations)
  • custom error pages!
  • now using Meiryo for the Japanese font instead of MS Gothic

If you want to go see for yourself, then knock yourself out!
wodkanna Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017
hehe^^ don't worry! in truth I'm "sad" to send it so late
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