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Last month, I thought I had regained my motivation to draw. At that time, it surely was there, but unfortunately, it wouldn't be there to stay for very long. Almost immediately after starting on the first request (which I did eventually finish), everything just left me again.

I soldiered on, trying to start on the next request, but I got a rough sketch done and that was the end of that. I've hit a rut, and a deep one at that. I hate everything I come up with, productivity is at zero, and what's worse, I'm letting everyone down who expected me to draw something for them. I'm so sorry, everyone...

This is why I'm closing requests for good. This is the second time I've tried doing this, and the second time it has failed, this time even faster than the last. At this point, I just can't trust myself to keep up a third offer to take requests, so I'm giving up here and now. Once again, many apologies to all of you whose requests I never followed up on.
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Submitted on
June 1, 2015