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If you've been following the events of my personal life closely, you'll be aware that I began my first semester of college last year in October. Predictably, I'm majoring in Japanese studies, which consisted of a lecture every week about Japanese history, as well as a language course each day from Monday to Thursday. I've had my first exam on February 2 in the latter. The second exam about the stuff we learned in the lectures followed suit exactly one week later on the 9th. I passed the language exam with a score of 98% (a grade of 1.0 in our college system), which I guess was predictable as I already had plenty of knowledge in advance. After finishing the other exam, however, I was fretting. You need to score at least 60% in order to pass a test, and I felt like I was teetering very close to the edge there. Today, exactly two weeks after doing that exam and ending my first semester, I made the quick trip to campus in order to check up on the results that were sure to be out by then. Surprisingly, I passed with a score of 82% (2.0) - and boy, did I feel relieved and euphoric.

So yeah, my first semester had been over for quite a while now, but only after checking up on the results of both my exams do I feel true closure. And since we don't have any essays to write (yet), I can rest easy all the way until April 7, which is when the second semester begins.

(And yes, I completely forgot to pick out an elective course for that semester, so I'll have to be sure to pick up the slack during the next five so I won't end up killing my overall grade.)
ShinKong Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
Great to hear of this! I do hope the upcoming school years will be going well for you. I would like to take Japanese classes, but I won't be able to at the moment.
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February 23, 2015