Merry Christmas and all that stuff.
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Published: December 27, 2014
So, I just got back home from a journey that took me to the complete opposite end of Saxony. From the evening of December 24 to the early morning of the 26th, I was paying a visit to my father (as well as his very much pregnant girlfriend - yes, he's the father - and her daughter (the one who's not currently in the womb, I mean)), and after that until the afternoon of today, the 27th, I was visiting my mother and her fiancé. Too bad my sister and her boyfriend couldn't make it. I was looking forward to seeing them again since last July. Oh well, maybe another opportunity arises someday...

Anyway, here I am to wish you all a kind of belated Merry Christmas. Admittedly I've hardly been active in the WSW the last weeks, let alone involved, and I'm led to doubt that this situation is gonna change. But I'm still here, and I made a few close friends who would be distraught over the mere notion of seeing me go... but that's a topic I intended to never address again, so let's move to something a bit more uplifting.

I seriously need a shave.

Better now? Good. I'm also resolving to find some time between my Spiral Knights deluges to get some drawing and composing done. As for drawing, Cruelty-of-Fate's request is still up next and I fully intend to get to work on that as soon as I can. On the composing front, things look as follows: I have a general idea for the Stage 4 boss theme. I also have a bit of progress, but the parts just aren't working together very well, so I'm likely to just start from the beginning with the idea and the melodies that I've decided on.

And on the TGA front... well, there wasn't a lot that we could get done over Christmas, primarily because of my absence. Before that, however, FullHitPoints squashed some bugs here and there and we did a bit of spellcard tweaking. TraditionalYoungMan's Wind Tunnel Distortion is pretty much done now, and is also not ridiculously hard for Normal anymore. Hell, we even managed to make the bullets change their angle accordingly when moving in a sine wave pattern. I think that's pretty damn neat. Now we just gotta change it around as corresponding to each difficulty... (Also, expect Aaron to eventually upload a video of the spell in action. Then again, last time he tried, it wouldn't record...)
ScarletImpulse has resumed work on the Reimu character drawing, and just as expected, it looks gorgeous. Progress so far is as follows: inking done, basic skin shading, nothing else. (Who'd have thought coloring in the flats for the skin would take a whole hour?) I estimate at least three or four more drawing sessions of one hour each before we're done.
And Spaztique... Well, he's got his hands full with a lot of stuff, so that TGAWOEBL stream we had going two weeks ago was the last time he managed to make progress for EB. According to himself, the Stage 3 theme is halfway done.
In contrast, all I did was pester Aaron and Lucas into dev and draw sessions respectively. I haven't done much spriting, even though I wanted to completely redo the enemy bullets, but it's not like we really need any particular 2D sprites right now (at least not in terms of what I'm capable of), and the new bullets are kinda low-priority to me.

tl;dr: I've been visiting my parents over Christmas. I need a shave. I gotta get going on Em's request. I'm likely to restart on the Stage 4 boss theme. We're actually making progress on EB again. And Merry belated Christmas.
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That was a mouthful. Anyway, merry belated Christmas.