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Lately, it seems like the cool thing to make a journal entry explaining what you've been up to if you haven't shown any activity on dA for months, so I want in on that fun.

Except... well, I can't really say I've been as productive as I'd have wanted to be. As some of you may know, I was at A-kon last June, along with Spaztique, FullHitPoints, BleachBummer, HTFCirno2000, ChibioChen, LikeThisRLYMatters and Ceej39. That was fun, and I got a taste of just how massive and intense the Undertale fandom could be when assembled in a single room (hell, I was half an hour early for the panel and the line was already curving three times). On Sunday, my father gave me a phone call because I completely forgot to text him, so he got worried about me. Outside of that, I was also texting everyone else quite a bit, which really ran up the phone bill. Totally worth it, though.

There's also this game I've been working on, but since I need to make the rest of the soundtrack and the ideas just haven't been coming to me, I barely got anything done in the last couple months, which is frankly a shame, because I wanted to go all-out and be really productive, yet here I am, just wasting day after day by faffing around and doing other crap. I have no discipline, not even for my own personal projects. How pathetic.

Instead, FullHitPoints recently got into Phantasy Star Online 2, which in turn got me out of my hiatus with that game to the point where it's once again taken control of my life, although I'm mostly just doing emergency quests in order to quickly level up. I've also been getting back into playing Phantasy Star (the original entry on the Sega Master System), having reached the endgame. Phantasy Star II is also waiting for me to beat it (preferably before the backup battery dies, which it miraculously hasn't yet), but the endgame grind that awaits me is frankly off-putting.

Most recently, however, I've been working on some lesser tracker projects, which I'll showcase below:

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August 14, 2016


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