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Yep. This morning I got to have an encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses. My life is a little bit more complete now, I guess.

So, what happened was that I opened the front door to two elderly men. The one closer to the door did all the talking, so I don't know what the other one tagged along for, but I also don't care. I wasn't met with the question "Have you heard the good word about our Lord and Savior?", otherwise I would have slammed the door in their faces then and there and you wouldn't have much to read. Instead, I didn't even suspect they were Jehovah's Witnesses until late into our conversation.

How it started was that I was asked what I think about my future. Weird question. Why would a random stranger ask me that? Are they emissaries from the job center or something, here to advise me on what path to take? That's what I wondered at that point. But since I had already made up my mind about what my near future would look like, I didn't deem it a necessity to share my plans and goals with a pair of complete strangers. Distrustful, I inquired as to the intent of their visit. Getting more questions about my future slammed into my face, I became impatient and very irritated. I told him to "Get to the point", firmly, but still politely, as I wasn't yet sure of their intents. It still took him a while until he finally asked the revealing question: "Do you think man creates the future or God creates it?"

At that point, I sunk into thought for a few seconds. I realized who was standing before me, and I also realized I wanted them off the property as fast as possible. So I looked for the words I could use for a sound rebuttal that was still polite enough so I wouldn't have to worry about a duress lawsuit or something like that. Discarding possible answers like "Sorry, but I'm an atheist" and removing my hand from my chin, I then said "I'm afraid I can't help you there. I'll create my own future, so good morning." and then closed the door in their faces.

Well... I've had deaf-mute people trying to guilt-trip me into buying their stuff, and now Jehovah's Witnesses, too. What's next? A delivery woman- oh, wait, that's not weird.
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:iconsanaeplz: "Have you accepted Kanako Yasaka as your lady and savior?"
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I've accepted Kanako and Suwako. Does that count?
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May 22, 2014


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