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No, DeviantArt. Fuck you. Perhaps you shouldn't have jacked up the cost of premium membership. Better yet, perhaps you should actually give a fuck about your userbase before asking us to give a fuck about you. You're basically the new YouTube in that you keep shoveling stupid shit upon stupid shit that no one cares about or even wants. All the while, when someone is getting their art stolen, you don't do shit. And you ESPECIALLY don't do shit when someone's being harrassed relentlessly by someone else. Instead, no matter how many complaints you get about someone, you always resort to the stock response of "block and ignore", as if that's gonna make the problem go away. You don't even go after people if they're spreading obvious hate speech or slander/libel about someone, instead claiming that it doesn't count as harrassment if you're seeking out comments (yeah, right. As if you couldn't find them on submissions showing up in your watch feed, you one-track-minded fucks), and that, basically, you can say whatever the hell you want if you're writing a journal. The amount of times you actually get off your lazy hedonistic asses and actually do some good for the community for once can be counted on one hand - if the hand belonged to a man who had both his arms amputated.

You don't care about any of us, so what gives you the justification to come grovelling, asking us to enable ads with an obstructive notice that takes up upwards of a fifth of the entire window? I have never supported you financially, and I never will, nor will I want anyone to support you financially in my stead. In other words, I refuse to buy premium membership or to have it renewed, because you have done nothing to deserve my support, nor have you done anything to retain my interest in your service.

Go fuck yourself.
FullHitPoints Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016
You could try this.
popfan95b Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be fair, this was less about the fact that there was an invasive adblocker notification and more about dA having the audacity to pull that shit in the first place. Obviously no one is gonna read this, but I needed to vent.
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Submitted on
October 27, 2016