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I was gonna wait until I had a few more people asking me stuff, but such is not the case, it seems. So I guess I'll just get :iconjester-147:'s questions out of the way and call that a QnA session.

1. Favorite RPG?
Kind of hard to say. It's usually whatever RPG I've played last, but since I haven't played any in a while, this one's a blank right now.

2. Do you play rhythm games?
I do on occasion, though the only one I've been playing lately was "Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet".

3. Do you play Touhou fangames? If yes, tell me your favorite.
Yes, I do play Touhou fangames, but I don't really have a favorite game per se.

4. What sort of game genre and world setting do you play?
I mostly play sidescrolling platformers (2D or 2.5D), JRPGs and bullet hell shmups, but on occasion I also play ordinary shmups, turn-based strategy RPGs, beat-em-ups, 3D platformers, ...
As for world settings, I really don't have a preference. I can appreciate almost anything.

5. How's your fangame progress?
Right now? Practically at a standstill. Spaztique is trying to figure himself out (and even then, it takes a specific TGA stream for him to do anything game-related), ScarletImpulse declared himself to be on hiatus until further notice, and FullHitPoints and I are working on another game project right now. We were initially going to work on both at once, but he did state he was kinda sick of working on EB. As for just myself, I'm still doing a little work on EB on the side, making various graphical resources or coding some mock-up displays.

6. Is there any chance you will be back Walfasing?

In the unlikely event that you do have questions:
QnA is now open.I remember having tried something like this a year or two ago with Walfas, and while I did get a couple questions, I never had the drive to actually answer them in a Walfas thinf. So in order to make it up, I'll be accepting questions about myself and my works (or whatever else you wanna pester me with) in this journal. Said questions will then be answered in subsequent journals because writing is quicker and easier and I've given up on Walfas, anyway.
Up to 10 questions per person maximum. Ask away.
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Submitted on
March 22, 2015