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I am happy to share these two images, featuring a theme that I had wanted to incorporate in my portfolio for a long time: belly dancing. It was truly a new and fun experience to render an image with such a delightful theme... and reference models.The model for the image at left is the belly dancing legend, Rachel Brice, and the model for the image at right is the multi-talented April Rose. Both of them an example of beauty and talent. The idea had been floating  inside my head for a long time now, due mainly to the fact that my two sisters are belly dancers themselves. One of them is so into it, that she actually organizes events back in our country, Mexico, featuring mostly belly dancers from United States. That is how I came to learn about Rachel and April. Working on these images was indeed fun and challenging, because I wanted to evoke movement, beauty and sensuality, which is what I personally see in a belly dancing performance. Thank you Rachel and April for the inspiration!
On a side note, these two images are the first ones in a long time that I upload in low resolution (500 pixels high). The higher resolution images from now will be at my Patreon page, along with tubes for taggers, sketches and jpegs of work-in-progress. From now on the higher resolution images (1000 pixels high) will be posted only at my Patreon page, in an effort to direct more traffic to it. To my patrons out there, thank you so very much for the support every month. If you are not a patron, but still support my work, I do thank you sincerely, as we all know support can come in many ways, not just money. On the same note, please visit my Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron of my work. My pin-ups and I will thank you deeply!
See you next.

Wavy song by popeyewong Tight midnight by popeyewong
RainInTheWillows Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Professional Writer
Both are breathtakingly beautiful great work again Pops!
popeyewong Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Professional Artist
Thank you my friend (yep, I'm finally able to respond to comments, it's been a looooooong year). It's always great to hear from you. :)
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February 22, 2016


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