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I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!... yeah, yeah, I'm back. Of course, that means that I am bringing a new image. This time, the model and inspiration for it, is the incredibly beautiful Kendra Lust, one of the reigning goddesses of porn... and certainly a living legend. This is the second image I do based on her, and it is truly an honor to render another pin-up featuring her beauty and of course... attributes (oooh yeah!). Thank you Kendra for the inspiration and support, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Any patrons or fans following my work may have noticed a change in my pin-up style, something very common for me. Right now I am in a phase where my illustrations are less cartoony, although without becoming portraits. As you might know, I like to keep trying new styles and approaches, all inside the same theme: pin-ups. I am very happy seeing how  my artwork is still evolving, because, at the end, that is what keeps me going. Cheers for more exciting adventures!
As always, I want to deeply thank all the fans of my work out there, and an extra tip of the hat to my patrons. Every single contribution, every single pledge helps me keep doing this kind of artwork. I am planning to branch out a bit more, little by little, and platforms like Patreon are an invaluable tool. Please, consider becoming my patron if you have not done so yet. And if you know anybody who might become one, please share this page with them: Thank you one more time for your attention and support, and see you next time!


Both reasons by popeyewong

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Submitted on
October 5, 2016


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