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Hello again everybody. Wow, I haven't updated my gallery (or my account for that matter) during the past seven months. Not that I stopped working though... not at all. I've been busy, promoting my work, making contacts and tyring new ideas, especially within the adult industry (no, I'm not becoming a porn actor... although I still love porn :)). In fact, I've been so busy that I had to put my dA updating to the side, in order to focus on the promotion of my artwork. Reality is that my time schedule is getting tighter and tighter, which in turns makes it almost impossible for me to be writing updates about my artwork, not only on dA, but pretty much anywhere. I still manage to write my thoughts and ideas whenever I upload a new image to my Patreon... and then I share those words on my social media. I'll be doing that here as well. I was actually doing that already, to some extent, almost copy-pasting my updates from Patreon here... I'm just cutting more corners now (I know, cutting corners is not good, but sometimes we have to). I have no plans of leaving dA, I'm just acknowledging that a quick artwork post with a copy paste text is better than no updates at all.

Anyway, I'll stop writing now. A big hello to my dA friends (don't hide, Rain! I know you missed me :D). You guys are the main reason why I'm not leaving. By the way, you are welcome to follow my artwork on my social media as well. If you don't have social media, I don't blame you (not at all!), but if you do, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, under @popeyewongart. Additionally, you can watch my YouTube videos (yes! YouTube! :D) by visiting

So, I hope you enjoy the multiple uploads that I'm doing at this moment, from the past seven months. More artwork is on its way, of course, so stay tuned. And of course, I encourage you to support my artwork through Patreon, pledges start at $1, and that helps me a huuuuge deal when it comes to stay working as an independent artist. See you next time!

Free of touch by popeyewongSweet birth by popeyewongDeep reward by popeyewongFail proof solution by popeyewongRisky intentions by popeyewongPawn and cakes by popeyewong

Wings to infinity by popeyewongRevision renovada by popeyewongMas que evidente by popeyewongTake me there by popeyewongFlight whithin route by popeyewong
Doloroso nacimiento by popeyewongDale dale by popeyewong
Aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back! Of course, I'm back with a new image, just in time for Valentine's Day, keeping up the tradition of holiday pin-ups for my portfolio. The model for this year's Valentine's pin-up is the beeeeeautiful and oh-so-ridiculously hot, Kendra Lust, an absolute goddess within the adult industry. As most of you know, this is not the first time I render an image of Kendra. This is in fact the third one, and you can be sure that there will be many more of her in the future. Thank you so much Kendra for being such a great inspiration and support for my artwork, not to mention a great boost when it comes to promoting it. :)

As you can see, the tendency to do more detailed work is definitely going forward. In the particular case of the holiday images (Halloween, Xmas, etc.), I like the fact that I get to experiment a bit more. That's why I choose to work with "repeat" models for these images (models with whom I've worked before). This allows me to simultaneously focus on the model and the surrounding background, contrary with working with a model for the first time, where I have to focus almost entirely on studying their features. I am very happy with the final result of this image, and I already have ideas for the next one.
As always, I want to thank my patrons and all my supporters out there, who help me keep working as an independent artist. I ask you again to consider becoming a patron of my work and visit my Patreon profile: Be part of the art!

I hope to be back soon. I will be working like a mad man, doing some pending projects here and there. I just realized that this is the 6th pin-up for this year alone... and it's only mid February! This year seems like it's going to be a very productive one, and I love it! Did you think that I would slow down? Not a chance! :)
That's all for now. Again: thank you! See you next time!

Ultimate heart by popeyewong

Time to post a new image (oh yeah!). Well, this image in fact is from last month, I just didn't have the time to post it until now. This is the third image that I do based on a belly dancer... a belly dance pin-up in a way. The reference model is the extremely talented Mira Betz, a staple name when it comes to belly dancing. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mira yet, but I look forward to do so someday. This project was done in conjunction with my younger sister, a belly dancer herself, who organizes seminars back in Mexico. The star seminar this past January was Mira Betz, so we decided to create an image based on her. I look forward to render more images of this kind, along with my sister and the talented artists that she invites to Mexico. And of course, I want to thank Mira for the inspiration regarding this new piece! :)

I am currently working on a new image, so it won't be too long before you hear from me again. My sincere thanks to all those that help me continue creating artwork, your support is greatly appreciated. By the way, I invite you to visit my Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron of my work. You'll get to see my new images before anybody else, plus a higher resolution version and other extras.

So, again, I'll be back soon, but in the meanwhile, stay tuned, for some blog entries, to see what's new in my life.
See you next time! ~Pops.

Not the light by popeyewong

Oh, yeah! I'm back... and don't act surprised, I told you I was coming back right away... after just two days of absence. And yes, the reason for my return is to bring another new pin-up. It feels so good when I have new artwork in abundance, I wish that was the case all the time.

The reference model this time, the inspiration of this artwork is a legend in the adult industry: Gianna Michaels. I met Gianna for the first time back in 2009, at Erotica LA. It was my first professional show, and I was fortunate enough to meet Gianna there. Years passed and I saw her again in 2015. But it wasn't until now that I finally was able to render a piece of artwork based on her beauty. Thank you Gianna for your support, making an image like this one a reality. You are truly a legendary star, and your reputation is only matched by your larger-than-life personality. :)

I am still rendering images in the mode that I mentioned previously: a bit more on the realistic than the cartoon side. On this particular image, I focused a bit more on incorporating highlights. Highlights here, highlights there, giving a bit more contrast and dimension to the image. I am happy with the result: a pin-up definitely in the very-risqué category, while keeping it sexy.

A huge thanks to all of you who support my artwork, and an invite for everybody to become a patron of my work. Please, please, please visit my Patreon profile ( and consider being a direct supporter of my art. All contributions help me greatly in this never-ending adventure.

I'll be leaving for a bit longer now, but not much. Believe it or not, I have one more image that is ready. Yep, another one! I'll be back in about a week, to share this new piece. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this naughty pin-up and keep it real! :)
See you next time! ~Pops.

Keep it real by popeyewong

I'm baaaaaack!... wait, back from where? I just posted a new image two days ago, plus a blog entry less than 24 hours ago. Therefore, nope, I haven't gone anywhere, I just like to say: "I'm back!" :)

OK, let's get down to business. What do we have here? Well, I brought a new pin-up. As I mentioned in my previous upload, I have a couple of images ready to post, but I'll be doing it one by one.

The reference model for this image is Sheridan Love, a beautiful and voluptuous adult performer that I met about two years ago. Well, we didn't really meet in person, but we communicated online. It took me two years to finally sit down and render an image based on her. That happens very often when it comes to my artwork: I have to wait for the right fit of the model vs project. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes I just do it right away. Anyway, I am very happy to finally have incorporated Sheridan to my portfolio, and even more so because of the final look of the artwork.

This image follows the same trending from the previous ones, where the rendering is not so cartoony. However, I like this piece a lot, because I think it achieves a great balance between realism and cartooning. The image definitely looks like Sheridan, but it's definitely not a portrait. It's still a cartoon (or a caricature perhaps), fun but still sexy. I like it! :)

Before I go, I want to thank everybody who supports my artwork and at the same time invite you to become a patron of my work. You are a patron already? Awesome! Gimme five!... wait, you're not a patron yet? Don't worry, you can always sign up to become one and support my artwork directly. Just go to . I really ask you to consider it, every single contribution helps. Pledges start at just $1 and they can be cancelled any time, no strings attached :D

I'll be back soon... very soon, to post another image, because I'm on a rooooooll! In the meanwhile, let me hear from you to see what you think. Thanks again!

Time arrived by popeyewong

Aaaaaaaaaaaand... I'm back! Yep, I am back to bring a new image, after a short absence. I've been working like a mad man during the past couple of weeks, getting some images done. I'll be posting them one by
one, so I can dedicate the proper time to write about each one of these pin-ups.

This new image is based on cam model and performer Natalie Star, a sweet girl with a a lot of energy. This is the first time I collaborate with Natalie, but it was truly a pleasure to be able to work with her image. I had a lot of fun rendering a pin-up highlighting Natalie's features, from her tattoos, to her long long hair on one side, to the her almost shaved head on the other. And of course, her beauty above all. Thank you so much, Natalie, for being such a great sport, supporting my artwork, you rock, girl!
As you might have noticed, this pin-up goes a bit more in detail than my usual, following the trending from last year. My cartoons are not looking so much like cartoons anymore, but more like illustrations. As I mentioned before, shifting the way my artwork looks, my style, my technique, is what keeps it fun and fresh to me. In which direction am I going with this? I'm not sure, but I am surely having fun :)
As always, I want to thank each one of my patrons for supporting my work, your help means a world to me, I hope you realize that. People like you allow me to keep working as an independent artist. I also hope that you continue believing in my work, because I still have a lot to bring to the table. I also ask you to please share my Patreon page to anybody who might be interested in supporting my artwork. The more the merrier!
If you're not a patron of my work, I ask you to check out my Patreon profile (, where you can see more of my work and ultimately make a contribution towards my work. Pledges start at $1 (yes, one dollar!), and they can be cancelled at any time. Every single help counts, so please don't be afraid because your contribution "is too small".
I'll be back soon to post a new image, part of the group of pin-ups that I created recently. In the meanwhile, please accept my thanks again and stay tuned. See you next!

Two quarters by popeyewong

2017 is here, 2016 is officially history! It seems like 2016 was here just yesterday... well, actually it was, but you know what I mean. I can't speak for anybody but myself when I say this, but 2016 was a good year for me, in terms of my artwork. It was a good year all around for me (in contrast to how bad it was for pop culture and also for people I know personally), but it was ground breaking regarding my work. I should use that topic for my blog tomorrow, and as a matter I fact I will. In case you're wondering where to find my blog, just visit:

Anyway, let's talk about artwork. I am back after a quick hiatus, where I took time off to visit family and friends. It was totally worth it and re-energizing. Now that I'm back it's time to get back in track and get down to business :)So, I decided to start the 2017 with a bang and bring a new image commemorating this holiday. For this new pin-up, the reference model is the amazing Brazilian performer and friend of mine, Fascinatrix (Karina). I haven't collaborated with her in a long time now, and it makes me really happy to feature her again. This image is really symbolic, because not only keeps the style that I've been using on my artwork lately, but also keeps on the path of doing holiday images with models that have been a huge milestone, when it comes to my art. The holiday images for the second half of 2016 featured models that really made an impact on my artwork. These are models that have become part of my life. Fascinatrix (Karina) is definitely in that list, and I am proud to be able to call her friend. Thank you, Karina, for such an incredible support towards my artwork, and for bringing so much inspiration. Keep on dancing, my friend! :)

Again, thanks to everybody that supports my artwork. It is truly a pleasure to share it with you all. If you'd like to support it directly, please consider becoming my patron, by visiting my Patreon profile: Every single contribution goes a long way!

Last but not least, please make sure to visit my website:, where you'll find links to my social media, to my blog, to my newsletter, and also to my online store. Thanks again for the support and see you next time!

A real beginning by popeyewong

Finally I'm back! It seems like it was just yesterday the last time that I was posting a new image. I've been extremely busy during the last few weeks, with many side projects, including the promotion of my online store. But that's a topic for another occasion, let's talk about the new image.
This year's edition of my yearly Xmas image is quite a different one. As you can probably tell, this image fits with the style, mood and feeling of my latest images, where I am experimenting on the "not so cartoony" look, along with semi-surreal backgrounds. For this year's Xmas image, I am featuring the beautiful and multi-talented model Ijsselina. She is one of the models that supported my work from the early years, and I'll always be grateful for that. A dear friend of mine, and a fellow artist, Ijsselina was born in Belgium. She currently resides in France, along with the love of her life, David Enam, a very, very, very talented photographer. Together they do amazing work; in fact, two of the photos that they produced together worked as a reference for this new image. Thank you Ijss for all the support that you have given to my work and me all these years. I am proud to have you as a friend, as an inspiration. 

This image, as usual, marks the end of the year for me, projects wise. This month will pretty much go into getting ready for next year, tying loose ends, and also getting together with family. This is the time when I stop, take a deep breath and look back, to see what I've accomplished... and what I didn't. Whatever I didn't finish, it has been pushed to the next year. Speaking of years, I must say that this one was filled with accomplishments. There is still a lot, lot, lot more to do, but I am confident that things will work out. My artwork is getting more and more recognition every day, and at the same time, that's opening more doors. I am excited to roll into the next year, because I have a lot of plans for my artwork and everything related to it. You don't want to miss it, so stay tuned!

A big contributor to the mentioned feeling of accomplishment, comes indeed from the contributions of my patrons. I will never get tired of thanking each one of you for supporting my work. As I've said before, there isn't such a thing as "too small of a help", every single pledge helps me in a great way, most likely more than you can imagine. So, tip of the hat and big thanks for helping me keep doing artwork the way I want. Of course, there are many many people out there that have supported my work as well without necessarily being a monetary patron, be it promoting my stuff, patting my back or simply saying hello. My sincere gratitude goes to all of you.

I hope you enjoy this new image, and as always, all comments/questions are welcome. I do wish you a Merry Xmas... which translates to me wishing you a smooth and happy end of the year, enjoying whatever celebration you celebrate, having a great time with your family, friends, or close ones. Call it holidays, call it family time, call it party hardy... whatever you celebrate, do it with the people that is important in your life... and enjoy it. Those are my sincere wishes. Until next time!


Jolly balls by popeyewong

Black Cyber what?...
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This sale is effective immediately and runs until Cyber Monday, November 28.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this double offer and get the perfect gift for that pin-up art craving person by visiting See you next!

Fronday2016 by popeyewong

(English at bottom)
Ya estoy de vuelta, y como es de esperar, traigo un nuevo pin-up. Por primera vez, he podido terminar una pintura con el tema del "Día de Muertos", algo que había querido hacer por muchos años. Debido a la importancia de este proyecto a nivel personal, decidí usar como modelo de referencia a alguien que reflejara no solamente el estilo de mi trabajo, sino también el espíritu del festejo tal y como la veía en mi mente. Es por eso que supe inmediatamente que esa modelo debía ser Lisa Del Toro, sin lugar a dudas. Me produce gran orgullo y satisfacción poder seguir colaborando con una modelo tan bella y talentosa como lo es ella. Muchas gracias, Lisa, por ese apoyo que le has dado a mi trabajo durante todos estos años. De verdad, mis respetos para ti, mi amiga.

Como ya lo mencioné, este proyecto tiene un gran valor personal para mí, muy parecido a lo que representa la ilustración conmemorando el Día de Independencia de México cada año. Ambos tipos de imágenes reflejan tradiciones e ideas que forman parte fundamental de la cultura popular mexicana. Espero les guste este pin-up y que este sea el comienzo de una nueva tradición en lo que respecta a las imágenes de mi portafolio.

Muchísimas gracias a todos mis patrones por seguirme apoyando. Cada contribución da un nuevo aliento a mi trabajo, lo deja seguir evolucionando a su propio ritmo y avanzar en su propia dirección. Eso precisamente, el tener esa libertad en cuanto a mi arte, es algo que no tiene precio. De nuevo, muchísimas gracias a cada uno de ustedes.

¿Te interesa patrocinar mi trabajo y convertirte en un patrón de mi arte? Visita Toda contribución es bienvenida y apreciada. De antemano, muchas gracias.

Como siempre, no duden en dejar sus comentarios y/o preguntas, yo personalmente me encargaré de responder. Feliz Día de Muertos de México para todo el mundo. ¡Hasta la próxima!


I am back, and as expected, I am bringing a new pin-up with me. For the first ever, I was able to render a painting with the "Day of the Dead" theme, something that I had wanted to do for a long time. Due to the importance of this project at a personal level, I chose my reference model to be somebody that would not only reflect the style of my work, but also the spirit of the celebration the same way I saw it inside my head. That is why I knew right away that the this place was reserved for Lisa Del Toro, no question about it. I am truly proud and happy to be able to keep collaborating with her, such a beautiful and talented model. Thank you so much, Lisa, for all your support towards my artwork during all these past years. A tip of the hat for you, my friend.

As I mentioned it before, this project bears a great personal value, very similar to what the yearly pin-up of Mexican Independence Day represents. Both images reflect traditions and ideas that are deeply embedded in the Mexican popular culture. I hope you like this pin-up and also hope for this to be the beginning in a new tradition when it comes to my portfolio of images.

Thank you much to all my patrons out there for their continuous support. Every single contribution breathes life to my work, as it allows it to keep evolving at its own pace and also walk towards its own direction. That, the fact of having freedom with it comes to my art, is truly priceless. Again, thank you much to each one of you.

Are you interested in sponsoring my work and becoming a patron of my art? Visit All contributions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

As always, please don't hesitate to leave your comments and/or questions, I will answer those questions myself. Happy Day of the Dead from Mexico to the whole world. See ya next!

Manana de la noche by popeyewong

Mwahahaha! Halloween is here... well, almost. And that means it is time to come up with a new Halloween pin-up as I've been doing for the last several years. This time the reference model is the beautiful Seffana (or Seffy Moon nowadays). She is a model that has graced my artwork for the first time many years ago. However, this is the time first time that I get to portray her for a Halloween themed image. I had my eye on Seffana for an image of this kind for a long time, and now I'm happy to finally be able to have a Seffana-Halloween piece. Her look is certainly one that lends itself more towards a vampire illustration, but I wanted illustrate once more the classical Halloween witch. Thank you Seff, for being such a cool girl, such a professional model and such a great inspiration, you are a class act, my friend!
Ok, once again, I want to thank all my patrons for being the support that truly allows me to create this kind of images, a mere personal accomplishment. Please never have a doubt that every single contribution is greatly appreciated, I am grateful to each one of you. Also, if you know anybody that might be interested in becoming a patron of my work, please do not hesitate to share my Patreon profile with that person.
If you are not a patron of my work yet, please consider becoming one. Your patronage will help me get more of my work out there. But even if you are not a patron, any help towards my artwork, especially in social media, is appreciated and welcomed.
I'm out for now, not without wishing you a Happy Halloween, full of candy and naughty bits. See you next!

A trick or two by popeyewong
I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I know you didn't miss me, but I'm back anyway. This time I am bringing an image featuring the beautiful and exotic Ms. Jae Lee, a fast-rising talent in the adult industry. This is the first time that I work with Jae's image as a reference, and it was a real pleasure. From developing the concept to working on details (like her tattoo or including her island roots in the image), the whole process was pretty relaxed and pleasant. Thank you Jae for being such a great inspiration for an image like this one. I look forward to do more work featuring you. I know that there are a couple of projects involving your beauty, just around the corner.
This image is part of the new direction my artwork is taking, something I have mentioned in a couple of my last posts. Note that this is not a permanent direction. My artwork is constantly changing, going forward, going backwards, revisiting, reinventing, sinking, rising, etc. The theme is always pin-ups and celebrate the female beauty, but the possibilities to do so are endless. Stay tuned (or better said "tooned"), to see more of this journey called "enjoying what I do, my artwork".
As always, my sincere thanks to my patrons out there. Your support literally allows me to do more images following my passion, and that is priceless. My eternal gratitude to each one of you. By the way, if you are not a patron of my artwork yet, please consider becoming one. All contributions, and I mean all, are a big support. Do not hesitate to contribute because of fear of giving "too little", there isn't such a thing.
Want to learn more about my Patreon page? Go
I'll be posting new images pretty soon. We are gearing towards the end of the year... and that is exciting! Thank you again for all your support and see you soon!

Time to return by popeyewong

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!... yeah, yeah, I'm back. Of course, that means that I am bringing a new image. This time, the model and inspiration for it, is the incredibly beautiful Kendra Lust, one of the reigning goddesses of porn... and certainly a living legend. This is the second image I do based on her, and it is truly an honor to render another pin-up featuring her beauty and of course... attributes (oooh yeah!). Thank you Kendra for the inspiration and support, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Any patrons or fans following my work may have noticed a change in my pin-up style, something very common for me. Right now I am in a phase where my illustrations are less cartoony, although without becoming portraits. As you might know, I like to keep trying new styles and approaches, all inside the same theme: pin-ups. I am very happy seeing how  my artwork is still evolving, because, at the end, that is what keeps me going. Cheers for more exciting adventures!
As always, I want to deeply thank all the fans of my work out there, and an extra tip of the hat to my patrons. Every single contribution, every single pledge helps me keep doing this kind of artwork. I am planning to branch out a bit more, little by little, and platforms like Patreon are an invaluable tool. Please, consider becoming my patron if you have not done so yet. And if you know anybody who might become one, please share this page with them: Thank you one more time for your attention and support, and see you next time!


Both reasons by popeyewong

Saludos a todos y disculpas por ausentarme tanto tiempo. No escribiré mucho, debido a falta de tiempo, precisamente lo que me ha impedido estar más activo en deviantART. Contrario a lo que tal vez algunos pensaron, no he estado inactivo en cuanto a mi trabajo. No, de hecho he estado bastante ocupado desde la última vez que publiqué algo en este perfil, en Marzo (wow), antes de ir a una feria de motocicletas en Laughlin (River Run), para después ir a mi ciudad natal en México, Ciudad Obregón, a la Expo Obregón. Este último fue de verdad un evento memorable, ya que fue la primera vez que me tocó presentarme en mi lugar de origen, el antes mencionado Ciudad Obregón, y mostrar mi trabajo. Fue una experiencia agotadora, pero que valió la pena completamente, un gran logro personal. Después de finalizar la Expo Obregón, regresé a Estados Unidos en Junio, y a partir de entonces prácticamente no he descansado. Hay mucho trabajo qué hacer, y por eso estoy agradecido. Estoy tratando de involucrarme más y más con la industria porno, incluyendo la industria en México. Mi trabajo, como siempre, está cambiando en estilo, tratando siempre de experimentar para no quedarme estático.
Como ya mencioné, la falta de tiempo es el principal factor por la que no se me ve tan activo. Mucho de mi esfuerzo está siendo canalizado hacia mi página de Patreon: Por favor visiten mi página aún si no son patrones de mi trabajo, ya que ahí encontrarán mis nuevas imágenes antes que en otro lugar. Hablando de imágenes, acabo de publicar que no había compartido en este perfil. Como siempre, todos sus comentarios son más que bienvenidos.
Para finalizar, les presento mi más reciente pin-up. Esta ilustración, como ha sido una tradición por los últimos seis años, no sólo celebra el Dia de Independencia de México (16 de Septiembre), sino muestra a la bellísima Lisa Del Toro como inspiración, por sexto año consecutivo. Gracias, mi amiga por este apoyo de tantos años. Gracias también a todos aquellos que apoyan mi trabajo, ya sea con comentarios, con ideas, con saludos, y en muchas ocasiones hasta con dinero. Mis respetos a cada uno de ustedes, de verdad.
Como siempre, no duden en dejar sus comentarios, siempre es un gusto leerlos. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Greetings to everybody and my apologies for being absent for so long. I will not write much, due to lack of time, which is in fact the reason why I have not been more active in deviantART. Contrary to what many my think, I have not been inactive art wise. No, in fact I have been extremely busy since the last time I posted something in this profile, in March (wow!), before being a vendor in a bike rally show in Laughlin (River Run), and then at the Expo Obregon in my home town, Ciudad Obregon in Mexico. The Expo Obregon was truly a memorable event at a personal level, since it was the first time that I got to showcase my artwork in the place where I was born. It was an exhausting experience, extremely, but it was truly worth it, a personal achievement. After finalizing the Expo Obregon I came back to United States in June, and since then I basically have not had any rest. There is a lot of work to do, and for that, I am grateful. I am trying to get more and more involved with the porn industry, even the porn industry in Mexico. My work, as always, is evolving and changing in style, always trying to avoid becoming static or sitting still.
As I mentioned, the lack of time is the main factor why I do not seem so active here. A lot of my effort and energy is being channeled to my Patreon page: Please visit my page, even if you are not a patron of my work, because you will find my newest images there, before anywhere else. Speaking of images, I just posted seven images that I had not shared on this profile. As always, your comments are more than welcome.
Last but not least, I am posting here my most recent pin-up. This illustration, as it has been a tradition for the last six years, not only celebrates the Mexican Independence Day (September 16), but also features the beautiful Lisa del Toro, as the inspiration, for the sixth year in a row. Thank you, my friend, for your support of so many years. Also, my thanks to all of you that support my work, be it with comments, with ideas, with a simple hello, and in many times even with money. My sincere respect to each one of you.
As always, do not hesitate to leave your comments, it is always a pleasure to read them. See you next!

Vuelta correcta by popeyewong
Ya estoy de regreso, con una nueva imagen, de nuevo basada en mi paisana al cubo y musa de O-R-O, Ana Cecilia. Esta imagen es parte de la serie de ilustraciones en las que estoy trabajando, en la cual el tema principal es el estado mexicano de Sonora, haciendo hincapié en la región de Ciudad Obregón, de donde provenimos Ana Cecilia y yo (la razón por la que somos paisanos al cubo). Entre otras cosas, algo característico de la cocina urbana sonorense, son los hot-dogs, o dogos, como los llamamos cariñosamente los sonorenses. La idea de incorporar este elemento de la cultura popular de mi tierra en mi portafolio de pin-ups, es algo que revoloteaba por mi cabeza desde hace ya tiempo, al igual que otras ideas referentes a la cultura formal y popular de Sonora. Me da gusto poder compartir una imagen de este tipo con seguidores de mi trabajo en general. De nuevo, le agradezco a mi musa de O-R-O, Ana Cecilia, por haber servido de inspiración. Ella, como yo, sabe lo que es crecer con el olor de los deliciosos hot-dogs en las esquinas de nuestra ciudad natal. ¡Ahora sí que échate un dogo, mi amiga!
No olviden que la imagen en esta publicación es la versión de baja resolución. Una versión de esta imagen en más alta resolución se encuentra en mi perfil de Patreon. Los patrones de mi trabajo pueden descargar la versión de mejor resolución, además del archivo psd con fondo transparente (y compartirlo, si así lo desean), el bosquejo original de esta imagen, además como jpegs mostrando el proceso de trabajo de la misma.
Entre otras noticias, estoy por fin de vuelta en Estados Unidos, después de visitar mi ciudad natal en México (la antes mencionada Ciudad Obregón, en Sonora). El motivo principal de mi visita fue hacer preparativos para mi exposición en la Expo Obregón 2016 en Mayo, el primer evento de este tipo que haré en México. Ya mencionaré más de este evento cuando se acerque la fecha. El próximo lugar donde estaré exponiendo y vendiendo mi trabajo será el River Run en Laughlin, Nevada el próximo mes (Abril), donde las motocicletas se apoderan de este poblado. El año pasado me tocó asistir a este evento como vendedor y valió la pena, definitivamente. Esta vez las expectativas son aún mejores.
Gracias de nuevo, espero les guste esta imagen y les divierta tanto como me divirtió a mí. No duden en dejar sus comentarios y/o sugerencias. ¡Hasta la próxima!

I am back, featuring a new image, and same as before, based on my cubic paisan and golden muse, Ana Cecilia. This image is part of an ongoing series of illustrations, where the main theme is my home state, Sonora, Mexico, highlighting the region of Ciudad Obregon, home town of Ana Cecilia and myself (the reason why we are cubic paisans). Among other things, a popular element of the urban cuisine of Sonora, is the hot dog, or as we the people of Sonora like to call them: dogos. I had the idea of incorporating this element of the hot dogs culture in my pin-ups portfolio for a long time now, same as I have with other elements of pop culture in Sonora. I am very happy to be able to share this kind of image with my fans in general. One more time, I want to thank my golden muse, Ana Cecilia, for being the inspiration to this image. She, same as me, knows what is to grow up in a town where the street corners keep smelling like those delicious hot dogs. Now we can really say that it is time for a hot dog, my friend!
As always, I also want to thank my patrons, here in Patreon. Your support means a world to me. Right after posting this image, I will post the underdrawing sketch of it, plus jpegs showing the work in progress. The sketch is part of the rewards for those patrons in the $2 and above tier, and the work in progress jpegs are for the $5 and above tier. Same as with previous image, all patrons, regardless of their contribution, will be able to download a psd file of this image, with a transparent background.
Please do not forget that the image in this post is the low resolution version.You can find a higher resolution in my Patreon profile. Patrons of my work can download this higher resolution version, in addition to the psd file with transparent background (they can share those as well, if they want to do so), the underdrawing sketch for this image, plus jpegs showing the work in progress.
Among other news, I am finally back in United States, after visiting my home town in Mexico (the forementioned Ciudad Obregon, Sonora). The main purpose of my visit was to make some arrangements for my showcasing at the Expo Obregon 2016 in May, a fair-like event, and the first one for me in Mexico. I will give more details about this show when the date for it gets closer. My next show will be the Laughlin River Run next month (April), where the bikers take over town. I got to attend as a vendor last year, and it was totally worth it. This year, it looks even better for me.
Thank you again, I hope you like this image, and that you have as much fun as I did with it. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments and/or suggestions. See you next!

Salchicha con chile by popeyewong
I am happy to share these two images, featuring a theme that I had wanted to incorporate in my portfolio for a long time: belly dancing. It was truly a new and fun experience to render an image with such a delightful theme... and reference models.The model for the image at left is the belly dancing legend, Rachel Brice, and the model for the image at right is the multi-talented April Rose. Both of them an example of beauty and talent. The idea had been floating  inside my head for a long time now, due mainly to the fact that my two sisters are belly dancers themselves. One of them is so into it, that she actually organizes events back in our country, Mexico, featuring mostly belly dancers from United States. That is how I came to learn about Rachel and April. Working on these images was indeed fun and challenging, because I wanted to evoke movement, beauty and sensuality, which is what I personally see in a belly dancing performance. Thank you Rachel and April for the inspiration!
On a side note, these two images are the first ones in a long time that I upload in low resolution (500 pixels high). The higher resolution images from now will be at my Patreon page, along with tubes for taggers, sketches and jpegs of work-in-progress. From now on the higher resolution images (1000 pixels high) will be posted only at my Patreon page, in an effort to direct more traffic to it. To my patrons out there, thank you so very much for the support every month. If you are not a patron, but still support my work, I do thank you sincerely, as we all know support can come in many ways, not just money. On the same note, please visit my Patreon page, and consider becoming a patron of my work. My pin-ups and I will thank you deeply!
See you next.

Wavy song by popeyewong Tight midnight by popeyewong
(English translation at bottom)

Ah, ya llegó Febrero, y con eso la tan mencionada celebración del 14 de Febrero, o Día de San Valentín. Me da gusto poder presentar una imagen celebrando esa celebración. La última imagen en la que introduje el tema del Día de San Valentín fue hecha hace ya siete años. Desde entonces, no ha formado parte de mis proyectos, debido principalmente a otros proyectos tomando una prioridad más alta. Este año, termino con esa ausencia y lo hago con la ayuda de mi paisana al cubo y musa de O-R-O, Ana Cecilia, quien me sirvió como modelo de referencia, convirtiéndose en una bella Cupido. Gracias, mi amiga adorada, por seguir siendo tan grande inspiración para este arte que seguimos construyendo. Cabe mencionar que esta imagen además de ser la segunda de nuestra colaboración este año, es también la segunda imagen producto de una colaboración total. Con esto me refiero a que todo fue producto de nosotros, desde la foto de referencia hasta el concepto. Gracias de nuevo, mi musa de O-R-O.
No tengo eventos de exposición en un futuro inmediato, pero sí tengo planes. El más cercano es en Abril, cuando iré al evento centrado en motocicletas, River Run de Laughlin. Tuve la fortuna de exponer y vender mi trabajo ahí el año pasado, y la verdad fue una experiencia extraordinaria. La meta este año es sobrepasar al pasado. Claro, siempre tratando de tener diversión en el proceso.
Por último, pero no menos importante, quiero mencionar de nuevo mi página de Patreon, para la cual he obtenido más y más apoyo, poco a poco, durante las últimas semanas. De nuevo les pido consideren convertirse en patrones de mi trabajo. No hay ayuda que sea muy pequeña, toda contribución ayuda. En mi página es posible ver un poco más de mi proceso de trabajo, ya que he incluído para cada imagen nueva, el bosquejo de referencia con el que comienzo el proceso de dibujo. Además he incluído imágenes donde se puede ver la evolución del proceso de pintura. Si les interesa ver cómo es mi proceso de dibujo, los invito a verlo por ustedes mismos en mi página de Patreon:
Es todo por lo pronto. Gracias por su apoyo y por tomarse el tiempo de leer esto. Como siempre, si tienen alguna duda, pregunta o tan sólo quieren saludar, por favor no duden en contactarme. ¡Hasta la próxima!

Ah, February is already here, and with it, the celebration of Valentine's Day as well. I am very happy to feature a new image celebrating that celebration. The last image I did featuring Valentine's Day was rendered seven years ago. Since then, it has not been part of my projects, due mainly by me working in other projects that took priority. This year, I am breaking that absence and I am doing it with the help of my cubic paisan and golden muse, Ana Cecilia, who served as a reference model, becoming a beautiful Cupid. Thank you, my dear friend for still being such a great inspiration to keep creating this artwork of ours. It is also worth mentioning that this image is not only the second of our collaboration this year, but it is also the second one product of a full collaboration. By this I mean that everything that led to this image was a collaboration between us, from the reference photo to the concept. Thanks again, my golden muse.
I do not have any shows for the immediate future, but I do have my plans. The closest show to date will take place in April, where I will be a vendor at the Laughlin River Run, a motorcycle rally. I was fortunate enough to be a vendor there last year as well, and it was truly an awesome experience. The goal for this year is to surpass last year. Of course, always trying to have fun in the process.
Last, but not least, I want to mention my Patreon page again. I have gotten more and more support during the last few weeks, little by little. I ask you again to please consider becoming a patron for my work. There is not a help that is too little, every single contribution counts. In my page, you will be able to see a bit more of my work process, I already included underdrawing sketches for all my images there, the first step when I work on a new piece. Plus, I have included work-in-progress images, where you can see how a particular image evolves and transforms to become a finished piece. If you are interested in having a peek at my drawing process, I invite you to see it for yourselves at my Patreon page:
That is all for now. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read this.As always, if you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact me. See you next!

A darle corazon by popeyewong
This goes to my friend :iconraininthewillows: . I am sorry for taking so long, buddy, I just have not had any spare time at all lately. However, I am about post a new image (and a new journal entry), and it is clear to me that if I do not post my answers now, I never will (for such is my level of procastination, a gift... and a curse, ha). I really do not know anybody who might like the tags. Honestly. You know me, I usually keep myself... well, to myself, thus I do not know if would be stepping into anybody's toes. I honestly consider you my friend here on deviantART, and that is the reason why I did not want to ignore your tag... and here I am. So, sorry for not tagging 10 more persons at the moment, but at least I am posting a bit more about myself. Baby steps, uh?

Ok, so share 10 facts about myself. Mmmh, I am such a one dimension person, that this is actually a challenge.
* Random fact #1: I actually do not like to share much about myself. At least not something that goes beyond the surface.
* Random fact #2: I only wear black tops, mostly t-shirts, no logos. I think it stems from Random fact #1, as I like to keep a lot of things to myself. By not wearing logos or brands on my chest (or sleeve), I eliminate a little of what I project. Of course, we always project something, even lack of projection... but that is another story.
* Random fact #3: I do not consider myself a good artist... just a very stubborn one.
* Random fact #4: I cannot stand routine. Well, I can, but not for a long time. Even in artwork, I like to go around, different styles, different approaches (same topic: pinups, though, ha).
* Random fact #5: I value loyalty a whole lot. Probably more than I should. And I do not mean blind loyalty, but giving back. When you give me something, I will give back something as well, and if you give me back from that back, I will give back from that back of back too. And so on and on.
* Random fact #6: I have grown up, I have matured as an adult, but I still like to see many things in life as a little kid... and sometimes that makes me depressed (I know, weird).
* Random fact #7: I tend to trust strangers more than I trust most people I know personally. When I meet somebody, that person has a clean slate, I really do not have a reason not to trust her/him.
* Random fact #8: I love drawing scantly clad women (I know, shocker, uh?).
* Random fact #9: I am an Electronic Systems Engineer, with a univesity degree and everything. I only practiced for six months after I graduated, so my degree is just symbolic by now.
* Random fact #10: When I was a little kid, I gave up my dream of being a cartoonist, because a relative of mine convinced me that I really did not have the talent required. I gave up... and many many years after that I became an engineer (see Random fact #9).

Now, time to answer your questions, Rain:
1- what kind of animal would you be if given the chance?
My favorite animal is the lion... but I would rather be a turtle. They seem to have a very laid back life.
2-Do you have a favorite color?
Yep, black.
3-If so what comes to mind for you when someone says that color?
4- would you go penguin sledding with me?
Anytime, my friend. Wait... did you say penguin sledding??? Oh, ok, just wanted to make sure. Anytime, my friend.
5- have you ever had someone who could make you laugh as hard as you can (until you pee your pants while gasping for air funny cuz you just CAN'T stop laughing? I know they exist, I'm that type of person, I apologize to all I inflicted that on :cries: I'm sorry ;A; lol)
Not as far as I can remember. However, I remember laughing really hard when I was younger, more or less often. Somehow I kind of forgot to do that. Do not get me wrong, I laugh once in a while, just not as hard as I remember I used to do. Maybe is the reason why I forgot how to cry. By the way, back in high school, I used to make my friends pee ther pants, or almost, on a regular basis. Being the only one who did not drink, I was driving all the time. When it was time for them to pee (after many beers), I would drive to the very edge of our home town, until their bladders were about to explode. Maybe it was not funny enough to make me want pee my pants, but it surely was funny!
6-What's your guilty pleasure?
Watch TV, but I never get a chance to do so.
7-What's your take on evolution,creation, alien spinoff theories? Which one do you choose or what's your alternate theory?
I definitely think there was an evolution. I just think that we are far from knowing what really happened. Not that humanity will never know, it will just take time. For me it seems like everybody has just one or two pieces of the puzzle.
8-What's one word that you can't help but to giggle at if someone says it?
Mmmmh... ummm... errr... I cannot think of a word. It all depends on the moment, I think. It could be any word, like "word", but landed at the right time.
9-If you were the big bad wolf and someone offered you life insurance, would you take it?  Cuz honestly if it were me, I'd think some ill piggie was plottin on me >~>....Fernando I know it's you....
If I was the big bad wolf, I would definitely not take insurance. I would go out big bad wolf style. Fortunately, I am a chicken, not a big bad wolf.
10-Have I been random enough for you yet? :p
Nope, you are unique, my friend. :)

Again, sorry for not sticking to the rules so much, but again... baby steps. Thank you for being who you are, Rain, and thank you for the support, my friend. Until next!
I am back, although I have not been gone long. This time my newest image is the fourth installment of my "I Love Porn" series, featuring the lovely and beautiful ShandaFay. Shanda, a Canadian star in the amateur porn field has really made a name for herself. Shanda's little friend featured in this image is a nod to one of her most popular signature activities on her weekly shows: pegging. If you do not know what pegging is, I suggest for you to look it up. This image was really fun to do, not only because of the theme, but because it is a real pleasure to work with Shanda's image... such a cool hair, outfit, shoes, and of course, such a beautiful face. Thank you Shanda for being such a cool girl in porn! We love porn, we love Shanda!
Not immediate shows or plans at this moment, other than finishing many pending projects I have. No rest for the wicked, as they say, so you can be sure I will be drawing constantly during the next few months. That leaves me time to talk about my topic for the last several months: my Patreon page. Please, I ask you to check it out. My page now includes underdrawing sketches for all the images featured there for the $2 tier. Additionally, I started including snapshots of work in progress for the $5 tier. This will give you a much closer view to the way I work my images, something I have been asked several times in the past.
Please, consider becoming a patron of my work. If you like what I do, think about it. Also, if you are an artist in Patreon and want to support each other mutually, let me know, we can go pledge for pledge. Thank you for your support! Below, my Patreon page:

See you next!

Sailor at heart by popeyewong
Another Adult Entertainment Expo is over, but not without me doing a new image based on a porn star. This time I decided to do an image of Kendra Lust, a big name in the porn industry (not surprisingly, as she touts a voluptuos and sculptural body, nonetheless). I had the pleasure to meet Kendra Lust in person at the Expo, and she absolutely loved the rendition I did of her (awesome!).
The first month of 2016 is almost over, but I am indeed excited to the plans I have for this year. Little by little, things are coming together and with that, my projects seem to take a more definite shape. I do not have any immediate shows coming up, but if everything goes right I should be back at the Laughlin River Run, a biker show, in a couple of months. Last year I had a blast, and I am looking forward to do it again.
My Patreon page has also been updated, with more rewards. The $2 tier now gives you access to my underdrawing sketches, and the $5 tier allows you to see the work in process meanwhile I am working on a particular image. That will allow more fans of my work to see what my painting process is. In addition to this, all patrons, regardless of amount pledged, will get a psd file with a transparent background for each one of my images at Patreon (for the taggers out there!). If you like my artwork, please consider becoming a patron for it, every single helps counts:
As always, all comments/questions are welcome and see you next time!

Lucky seven by popeyewong