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Typographic Portrait

This if my first Deviation. I hope you like it, because now there will be lots more to come.
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Hi, could I use this picture in design of my site? I'll show you the result and I promise to post on my site your links (page in social network; site where you sell your portraits, etc.), just send me these links.
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You did a really wonderful job of clearly defining your objects, with such large type - that's hard to do!
I love, love, love, LOVE the fierceness of this portrait, it just has a lot of "umph," and (at least for me) perfectly reflects the frustration sometimes felt, that isn't always easy to articulate... To create a portrait that weaves the visual and written aspects together - just perfect :)
Wow! I am faltered to hear such a kind response and critique. Thank you for your comments :)
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i need to do that for my project work can u help me give me tips !?
I will try to keep them coming. I have been busy of late, but will get some new stuff on here soon.
I like you web layouts. They are very nice.
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There is so much I like here - kudos to you for using the form of the letters to suggest lines - the G on the finger is brilliant! Finally someone who understands exactly what a typographic portrait should be! You're gonna go far, dude!
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