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Rise610 by popdood

In Yasogami High, I wasn’t all that special. Sure, I was a part of the Investigation Squad, but even then, I wasn’t that special… okay, maybe there is something about me that makes me a little bit different. On the surface, you might see nothing, but it’s a totally different story when it comes to me seeing other people. Could I see into people’s soul and immediately tell how they tick just like that? No. Rather, it’s what I couldn’t see.

I’m blind and the glasses that I use in the TV world double as the glasses I use in real life. Obviously, I’m not one of the people going out there and fighting Shadows, that’s insane. Like Rise, I stay behind and use my enhanced hearing to help spot things out and how far they are.

During the silent times between us and the others in the TV world, Rise and I have gotten to know each other through us talking to each other when Yu and whoever he brings are fighting Shadows. We’ve bonded and know a lot about each other, enough for us to be dating. Still, we keep some stuff from each other in good fun.

Yosuke: Like seriously Y/n, how do you even cook? You’re blind!

Y/n: My sense of smell and taste are much stronger than the average person. I go by those and add the necessary ingredients to help make it more flavorful.

Yosuke: I’ll be the judge of that. How about you cook me something?

Y/n: How about a salmon burger?

Yosuke: Your dad’s restaurant has a salmon burger? Never tried those before. Hey Yu, why don’t we eat at Y/n’s dad’s restaurant?

Yu: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Chie: But there’s no meat there though!

My dad and mom own and run a restaurant where the specialty there is fish. To us, we see fish as very healthy and they fish out various types of shellfish and seawater fish while my sister brother, and I do the cooking.

We try to implement fish into as much as we can and we’ve even started adding in foreign food into the menu, like fish and chips. We made a decent profit from this because of the wide variety of things we serve and create and I might just stay to cook some more. I’ll move out when I’m old enough, of course, but I’ll come back to work because it’s fun there and I enjoy cooking.

Yosuke: You got to expand your palette Chie. Fish is a good source for protein from what I’ve heard.

Chie: Mmm… I’ll be the judge of that.

~In the kitchen~

While my older brother and sister were cooking for everyone else, I was given Yosuke’s order of a salmon burger with lemon mayonnaise. Feeling the salmon on the cutting board and the knife in hand, it was time for me to get to work.

I started off cutting my salmon roughly. Personally, when I want to eat a burger, I want something to be going on in my mouth, some texture to it, you know? I then take those rough cuts and slice them down into small strips and transfer the now small salmon into a large metal bowl.

Next, I then take a green onion and slice it vertically down the middle and finely chop it up and add it in the same metal bowl as the salmon. I then take a couple of capers and finely chop them and add them to the bowl. Adding a bit of spice to the burger, I add one tablespoon of French mustard, salt and pepper, and one whole egg. Feeling around my workstation for a glass canister, when one touched the fingertips of my hands, I picked it up and raised it to my ears and gave it a shake. Hearing that it was panko or Japanese breadcrumbs, I added around 250 grams of it to the bowl. Giving my hands a quick wash, I begin to mix the contents of the metal bowl by hand and actually make the mixture into actual burger patties, two of them actually because why not make my cake and eat it too?

Before I forget, I took a small bowl and added some mayonnaise to it. I then smelt out a lemon and began to zest add lemon zest to the mayo, then I cut the lemon in half and squeezed it for the juice, making sure to squeeze the lemon between my hands to catch the seeds. Giving it a good mix while also adding a dash of black pepper to it, I could smell the lemon present in the once odorless mayo.

With the prep work done, I could finally cook! Setting the stove to high heat and putting a grill above the fire, I drizzled the patties with olive oil to prevent them from sticking and grabbed four buns and began to put them on the grill face down and pressed down on them, creating those beautiful grill marks.

Now, I finally grabbed the patties and placed one down on the grill and heard that satisfying sizzle that we all love to hear. If you’re making this at home, don’t put it on  super high heat because it leaves the outside burnt while the inside is still cold and raw. Depending on how thick you made your patties, you might have to wait longer than three minutes on each side.

In the meantime, I’ll let the patty cook on the other side as I begin to build my burger. Having the bun with the grill marks on the inside, I covered them up with the lemon mayonnaise we made. Next, on top of the mayonnaise, I put some iceberg lettuce because it gives off that nice crunch to show that it’s fresh and to compliment this, I add some avocado. Now comes the burger, piping hot off the grill as I put some cucumbers and red onions on top. Grabbing the other bun, I added some lemon mayonnaise to it and topped off the burger and put a toothpick through the burger.

Voila! Yosuke’s salmon burger made by the blind chef Y/n L/n! Of course, you can add whatever you like to add on your burgers, but that is what I feel is good with this burger. Now, to make my burger.

~One burger making session later~

Yosuke: Little bit more forward Y/n.

Y/n: *takes a step forward* This close enough?

Yosuke: Yeah.

Y/n: *puts plate down near Yosuke* Here’s your salmon burger.

Yosuke: Well, it looks amazing! I’m hoping it tastes just as good.

Rise: I’ve tasted his stuff before Yosuke. I could die right now and have no regrets doing so.

Y/n: But, who will guide me to school?

Rise: Well, take solace in the fact that you made me die an even happier girl!

Y/n: Don’t know how I should feel about killing my girlfriend with food. I’ll go with… confused.

Taking the toothpick out, I “watched” Yosuke take a huge but out of the salmon burger and I could tell he liked it by the sounds of his mouth as he made those noises of delight and the fact I could hear his mouth open to take more bites. Thank God I didn’t have to see what was inside his mouth.

Yosuke: Dish ish delishioush!

Yukiko: Swallow Yosuke!

Instead of swallowing, I hear him take more bites and then I heard more plates be placed into the table and decided to get my salmon burger and join them.

~After hours~

As the last of the customers left the tip, it was just my brother and sister and the Investigation Squad. Although, my brother and sister had their own place while I lived upstairs above the actual restaurant.

Rise: Hey Y/n?

Y/n: What’s up Rise?

Rise: Can I cook something for you? You cook me all this good stuff and I want to return the favor.

Yosuke: *whispering to Yu* If there is a God, Y/n will say no.

Well, that is true, I never once tried Rise’s cooking. I imagine it would be a little bad, but with a little bit of training, I bet Rise will be just as good a cook as me. So, why not?

Y/n: Sure Rise. It would be nice to taste your food. Plus, I could give you some tips to improve your food.

Rise: Yay! *kisses your cheek and heads to the kitchen* Be right back!


Yu: The end times are here…

Yosuke: Quick! Before the others cook! I don’t want to lose my appetite!

Yu: Right behind you.

Huh… why would they leave? Surely the girls’ cooking isn’t all that bad. They should somewhat have a sense of cooking, at least, that’s what I assume.

Rise: Done!

Hearing the plate be placed in front of me, I’m immediately hit with something that felt like my eyes were gouged. The smell… if you can call it that… oh God, I’m starting to regret having Rise cook.

Rise: What do you think Y/n?

Y/n: Smells amazing…

You murder food Rise.

Rise: Have a bite Y/n! Tell me what hat you think.

Y/n: I just remembered that I have to do my homework. I’ll eat this while I do homework.

Rise: Oh yeah. Tell me what you think tomorrow then!

Hearing the girls’ footsteps go out the door as hearing the sound of the bell to signal that they were outside, I walked to the kitchen and dumped Rise’s “cooking” into the trash.

She should just stick to being navigation and an idol because…

Yikes. If I had tasted that, I would forfeit my firstborn son AND daughter...
Requested by :iconvolteg77:
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SabAlexander Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
I take it you really like cooking.
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Student Writer
Just a little
Creepervids25 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
Pretty great story! Kinda coincidental that this happened nearly the same time I purchase a Vita and Persona 4 Golden. Naoto best girl...
DackKirby Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
That was good. Love how yosuke and yu ran for it. I would have made then eat with me.
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
This was really sweet and adorable, but hey at least isn't Mystery Food X.
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Student Writer
But it's Rise's cooking
BraveVesperia1 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
Yeah, but her cooking is just really spicy not deadly.
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Student Writer
I always interpret her cooking as so hot, you lose your eyebrows from presentation alone
ec-tapia Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
Sometimes, there’s no greater danger than spicy food.
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Great. :D
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Student Writer
Thanks! Anything you like about it?

Any other Persona 4 waifus you want to suggest?
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Reader Character was fun.(Better cook than I am. >_< )

Rise and Reader's relationship and how it formed was cute. ^_^

Just eat it! Eat it you wimp! :dummy:

I R weird... The Nurse Lady! and the Bitchy Teacher Lady, and Marie!(Always need more Marie, thinking of getting a Vita to play P4 Golden, and Bonus content P3.)
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Student Writer
Persona 3 Portable is on the original PSP.

No Naoto coming from you? Surprised.

But if you eat it, you'll die!
IgnobleFiend Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
NVM then, would buy FES but I think it'd be weird to own P3 and P3 FES. -_-

Naoto is implied. =P

Unless you're a BOSS!
Volteg77 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Student Artist
This was awesome!:D and Funny:D
popdood Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Student Writer
Glad you think so!
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