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Lore Concept: The Ghost Pantheon
Sort of inspired by the Black Zodiac from the Thirteen Ghosts remake, here are the 12 ghostly paragons that comprise the Dark Pantheon. Each acted in such a way in life, that they were cursed in death.
The Ungrateful Child- Lizzie Borden, infamous for (allegedly) murdering her step mother and father in cold blood, is the Ungrateful Child. Though she was never convicted of her crimes in life, the forces of death were well aware of her transgressions, and forced her into the mantle. Despite the murders happening when she was 32 and dying at 67, her spirit is bound in the form of an axe wielding child. She drags the axe along the ground, chanting her famous poem. Between the abuse of her malicious father, and the murderous rage that developed from it, she is a force to be reckoned with.
The Drunkard- Angelo Boanarti was the son of a humble French Vinter and found his fortune by becoming a general and eventually a vassal for some long forgotten king. The kingdom alas was invaded and Angelo
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Popculture Pandemonium: The Calarts Conundrum
So, with some looks at the redesigns of the She Ra reboot making the rounds recently, our old friend, "Calarts", started getting name dropped again. And of course, certain "individuals" are bent out of shape about it.
Ok... So, looks like Uncle Royce is gonna have to drop some knowledge and overstated opinions on ya... Mostly the latter.
And because this is a political topic, because of course it is, I'll be upfront. I am a liberal. I support women's rights, LGBT rights (trans rights included), black lives matter, etcetera etcetera. I thought Last Jedi was amazing. My three favorite shows are Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Legend of Korra in that order.
If you disagree with any of this, now is your chance to leave. Nothing you say can change my opinion, and chances are I won't be changing yours. Your only way to win is not to comment. Prove to me you have better things to do than argue with an overweight, balding twenty four year old hospitality worker about children's cartoo
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Villains for Hire: A Study in Sanguine
Chief Caleb Johnson didn't ask for his job. Then again, nobody would, seeing as his predecessors were not the luckiest men. One was torn limb from limb by an eldritch war machine, one was crushed by debris in the Chimera Incident, and one was blown to smithereens by Cosmic Retribution. At some point, they stopped appointing invaluable individuals with a lifetime of experience, and started appointing people they found expendable.
And so, that's when Detective Johnson, who snitched on the Police Union once or twice, got appointed to the position in the department with highest mortality rate at the tender age of 36, the youngest Chief of Police in Shoal Water's history. He'd be better off in Bomb Deposal.
Seventy percent of his day was spent behind a desk, dealing with the paperwork of the latest catastrophe. His light brown hair was often left unkempt from how little time he spent at home and his face covered with scruff. He never even got out of his tan trench coat because he knew as so
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Lore Concept: Legendary Weapons
I'm not a big weapons guy, but I am a big lore guy. So here are some of the more lore-rific ones I've written in over the years.
Weapon type: Long Sword
Elements Used: Astral Iron
Notable Features: Gold hilt, Latin inscription on blade, blade is almost white in sheen, does not rust or dull despite age
History: The most renowned blade here, this angelic weapon is the sword of King Arthur himself. Currently wielded by the Gold Gallant, its legend dates back to the 12th century. Gifted to Arthur by the mysterious lady of the lake after the destruction of Caliburn, the sword allegedly once belonged to the Archangel, Michael. It carries with it a holy light that is a beacon against all darkness.
Silver Fang
Weapon Type: Scimitar
Elements Used: Enchanted Silver
Notable Features: serrated blade, gold bat for crossguard
History: This serrated scimitar's bite has ended many a vampire. Originally wielded by a legendary vampire hunter, he was slain in combat by the vampiric sorcerer, Ca
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 2 3
OC Profile: Agent Castle/The Night Terror
Name: Leslie Castle
Aliases: Night Terror, Luna Castle, Luna DeVille, Lunar Guardian, Agent Castle, Agent Lady, Agent Bitch
Born: October 13th, 1978, Naval Forward Operating Base, Okinawa
Age:  39
Height:   5'5 (6'10 as Lunar Guardian)
Weight:   169 lbs (unknown as Guardian)
Eye Color:  Gray (orange as Guardian)
Hair Color:   Black
Race:  Cacausian (French/Serbian Descent)
Nationality:   United States
Abilities:   Firearms proficiency, hand to hand specialist, Transforms into a Wolf/Bat wyvern-esque hybrid: flight; heightened senses; spirit tracking; increased speed, agility, durability; regeneration; disease immunity; razor sharp fangs and claws; echolocation; can produce hurricane force winds with howl.
Weapons:   talons and fangs that can cut steel and banish undead, howling wind can act as suppressive fire; while in human form, carries a
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A Dark Knight and a Dark Night by Popculture-Patron A Dark Knight and a Dark Night :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 2 0
My Top Ten Favorite Episode of MLP Season 7
Season seven was awesome! I'm actually able to do a top ten because of all the genuinely good episodes, compared to last year which had high highs, but horrifically low lows. Hell, I think the only remotely bad episode this season was Fluttershy Leans In. So, without further ado, let's ring in 2018 with my top ten My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7 episodes. As always, these are just my opinions.
10. Celestial Advice:
Starting off the list with the season premier. How fitting.
After 7 years, Celestia finally gets a central role in an episode. Man, what will be next? Her being a main character in an episode?
... NAH
We see here the evolving relationship between Celestia and Twilight as well as between Twilight and Starlight, as Twilight struggles with the fact that her student is growing as a person and may not need a teacher...
... More on that later.
The episode highlight is definitely the flashbacks/what if scenarios. Seeing Ember & Starlight acting like dude bros is a
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Sorrowful Cosmic Part 2
As time passed, something came over Retribution, the more time he spent with Haruko, the more he forgot about how miserable his life was. He started to find joy in helping the others entertain her. He even liked just sitting with Haruko, for hours at a time, as she exposited about her interests. Haruko felt happier too. Her sunken eyes and palor complexion had started to fade. She no longer trudged, she bounced and skipped.
It was three months later. September. The Hideout was practically empty.
Wolfe was having a cigarette in one of his few breaks when the phone rang.
"Never fails." he moaned, standing up. He winced as he put weight on his robotic leg, his flesh pinching where it met the cybernetic implants. The pistons in his leg hissed steam as he limped to the phone, now on its second ring. Corona was sleeping in the corner, cuddling a large bottle of whiskey.
"Wolfe's Tavern and Tenements, what's your pleasure?" the former commander asked, picking up the phone.
"I'm becoming impat
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Tales From the Hideout: Sorrowful Cosmic Part 1
Pan Piper isn't the most intimidating villain in the Masked Wizard's rogues gallery. He isn't the most powerful. Definitely not the most intelligent. He isn't even the most weird. He is, however, the most annoying. A faun with the power to hypnotize others through use of his pan flute, Piper was also quite agile, being able to duck and dodge between attacks, as well as leap great distances. His only real offense was a small dagger, but he made good use of it... Like cutting the suspension rope of a massive banner, causing it to fall onto the wizard as he tried and failed to use his magic to restrain Pan. Spells take focus, and Pan, being raised in the much more magically inclined Fae Lands, had become very good at disrupting focus.
"What's wrong, Wiz?" asked Pan, bounding on and off the Wizard's back, in a donkey kicking manner, as the mage flailed under the banner, "Did I break your concentration?"
Calling him Wiz and a pop culture reference? Pan had been hanging out with Dark Devil.
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 0 0
Popculture Pandemonium: Fear Street Retrospective
Goosebumps. Just the word conjures up images of R. L. Stine's timeless series. That slimy green G, the distinctive Tim Jacobus covers, and an iconic rogues gallery that managed to make masks, dummies, lawn ornaments, and even silly putty terrifying for children.
But, before that, Stine did a series of more... Mature horror novels for Pocket Books under the title of Fear Street. No horned Horrors or creeping Creeps to be found here, just teeny bopper murder mysteries and the occasional haunting set in the sleepy, Ohio town of Shadyside. Is Axe Murdering Cheerleader a genre?
The basic premise is that the town is cursed because umpteen hundred years ago, the wealthy, puritanical Fear family (changed from Fier when they moved to the country) burned an innocent girl and her mother at the stake for witchcraft and were cursed by the father (so... Right family, wrong members). I mean, it makes more sense than Cabot Cove, Maine just happening to have a higher murder per populace than New York,
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My Top 10 Worst Characters From Good Cartoons
And now for the spookiest Halloween scare of them all... DIFFERING OPINIONS!
For a show to be well written and... Well... good, it means the writers have to be, at the very least, semi-talented. This means that various things they do with the show must follow suit, correct? Well, it happens, not very often, that good shows, nay, even great shows, can have characters that make you want to rip your ears off just to shut them up. These are the cartoon character who pissed me off to no end just by existing. Just to lay out some rules: they must be a recurring character. Easy as it would be to yell at Bendy or whoever, I would prefer the anger be a slow build. Also, the show must be good. Much as I loathe Brian Griffin, he is par for the course with Family Guy's writing: condescending and loathesome. Nay, these must be long lasting and vile blotches on quality programs. And, as always, one per franchise.
Obviously, these are only my opinions and I have not seen EVERY SINGLE SHOW under the s
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 5 2
Storm King Friendship Gif by Popculture-Patron Storm King Friendship Gif :iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 13 1
Lore Concept: Undead Beastiary
*The following Journal was recovered from the ruins of the kingdom of Alfheimr*
*Translated by: Arthur Banks, Curator of the Jameson World History Museum*
*PLEASE NOTE: elvish doesn't translate well to english, and for the purposes here, has been westernized and anglicized a tad.*
From the Desk of the Royal Archmage, if found, please turn into the local authorities or face execution.
Elven kind has come to understand every fundamental element of life except one: our own mortality. For as long lived as we are, even the heartiest of us will die. It's our running gag, really, other cultures see us as these ascended beings, when really, we're just as gripped with existential fear as any other sentient soul.
I've decided to look into the so called undead that we seem perplexed with for their life beyond the mortal coil and record it in this journal. We know there is life after death, but how can we use that to extend our own lives?
Subject 1: Ghosts
Ghosts are a bizarre occurrence. People w
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Overwatch Character Concept: The Necromancer
Name: Minos
Alias: Necromancer
Race: Omnic
Affiliation: Talon
Class: Support
Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie
Design: Minotaur like Omnic design, with bull horns on a large humanoid head with two red triangular optic scanners for eyes, satyr-like legs, and wearing a cape scarf combo. Wields a crescent shaped scythe mounted on a modified caduceus staff.
Main Color Scheme: Black and Gold with Talon Logo
Place of Origin: Greece
Main Weapon: Scythe staff, swings around like Rein's hammer. Faster, but does far less damage.
Alternative Fire: Poison Gas Bomb, enemies in area of effect lose health over time for thirty seconds
Melee Attack: whack with staff part of scythe
Main Ability: Undeath- Single Resurrect, must charge, long cool down time, target gets damage buff from resurrection, but only comes back at half health, can stack, but only if subject doesn't respawn or get rezzed by Mercy. Drains own health in process.
Passive: Vampiracy- Siphons health from allies to heal self
Ultimate: Powe
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 5 7
Top Ten Bizarre Transformations in Cartoons Part 3
Previously, on Popculture-Patron:
“Don’t you hate those ‘previously on’ jokes that have a bunch of misinformation and take forever but keep the last thing as factual?”
“I’d never do something so stupid.”
“A countdown made in MS Paint is my most popular piece, this is why Donald Trump is president”
This is what we do, people. We adapt. We evolve. I always said I wanted to do a third one, even if I piss and moan about the first one being more popular than my genuine literature. These are still fun lists to do.
Transformations, or TF’s, as I’ve learned the fetish community has classified them (y’all are sick puppies) have been a part of animation for decades, from the most minor changes, like Sailor Moon and Cinderella, to childhood scaring nightmare fuel like Lampwick from Pinocchio… for the record, I don’t cover films on these countdowns because they are practically a genre of holy shit unto themse
:iconpopculture-patron:Popculture-Patron 19 7
Hideout Book Concepts: Factions
In spite of its massive hero population, the city has its share of criminal groups. While the supervillains tend to work as individuals, some prefer the safety and authority of being part of a larger whole. Here is a quick breakdown of the multiple back alley hustlers and shadow agencies about the city.
The Raiderz
The gang that Geiger and Rage once belonged to came under new management in the form of Crank, a dwarf, built like a brick house, and a genius in the field of engineering. Easily recognized by his inordinately tall, neon green Mohawk and handlebar mustache and the pipewrench the size of a sledgehammer he wields, he dethroned Geiger as the Raider King and rebranded the niche apocalypse themed gang into a more traditional motorcycle gang, albeit with way more power under their hoods. He also opened up admission and brought in more of his kind of muscle: orcs, demons, yokai, and his personal body guard, Robo-zombie, or as some of the goons jokingly call him, Crankenstein's Mons
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Android 21! by FlameXSilver Android 21! :iconflamexsilver:FlameXSilver 359 6 Omega Agent by namesjames Omega Agent :iconnamesjames:namesjames 193 6 Sunset and Twilight by saggitary Sunset and Twilight :iconsaggitary:saggitary 205 19 (request) Daybreaker by Sketch-Shepherd (request) Daybreaker :iconsketch-shepherd:Sketch-Shepherd 15 5
Nooo not the wings, it's all ruined now...
Ha ha worries, I'm sure someone took the title seriously...anyway, "Molt Down" was pretty fun episode. I did enjoyed it, quite reminiscent of the old days. Plus Twilight & Spike team up to save both Zecora and Rarity was pretty cool too. Shout out to Pinkie Pie as well. Certainly one of the more enjoyable episodes.
:iconsaturdaymorningproj:saturdaymorningproj 6 63
IM GONNA DUUUUMP!!! by Zgrooz IM GONNA DUUUUMP!!! :iconzgrooz:Zgrooz 131 6 TFS Plays Pokemon by AresolHero TFS Plays Pokemon :iconaresolhero:AresolHero 16 4
These past few weeks I've been writing more than I have in a long, long time. It feels wonderful. My latest works I feel are some of my best and I am feeling more and more comfortable with sharing material that I once either kept to myself or shared with a select few. I have found a newer, definite comfortability through writing these past several months.
I think it's safe to say there is more coming, I've been feeling so very inspired. Especially after yesterday.
:iconnightmare-kaltes:Nightmare-Kaltes 1 3
the retrial by Combatkaiser the retrial :iconcombatkaiser:Combatkaiser 8 5 Non-Redemption Villain Bar by vavacung Non-Redemption Villain Bar :iconvavacung:vavacung 507 93
Infinity Whaaaaaat
Just got back from seeing Avengers: Infinity War and I am shook.

too shook to write a full review like normal
Thanos is ultimate Marvel villain, Hela was hella boring, and more villains than I can remember were so forgettable I don't even remember them whoop
but why the fuck didn't Dr. Strangelove use the Time Stone to rewind time to keep Starfucker from fuckin' shit up
:icongrievousfan:grievousfan 14 38
Steven Universe episodes nowadays
Rose: *does anything*
every other character:
:iconsketch-shepherd:Sketch-Shepherd 5 3
S8E4 - Personas by luminaura S8E4 - Personas :iconluminaura:luminaura 836 64 Solstice (Mother of Celestia and Luna) Ref Sheet by Sorelstrasz Solstice (Mother of Celestia and Luna) Ref Sheet :iconsorelstrasz:Sorelstrasz 110 18 You are a TOY!! by Niban-Destikim You are a TOY!! :iconniban-destikim:Niban-Destikim 525 111 Summer trip by noahther Summer trip :iconnoahther:noahther 111 6


Oh sweet merciful Celestia, wait, no longer applicable. The style fits in with the show perfectly and is what their representation of i...


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Guardians 3 Pitch

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 3:58 AM
Apparently Disney may even suspend the Guardians script as well as Gunn. Christ, this is just all so stupid. Kowtowing to Nazis. What's next? Closing Disney World because someone got sick on Space Mountain?

But, loathe as I am to admit it, Disney's monopoly did put ideas in my head, like how guardians 3 could set up mutants in the MCU through introduction of the starjammers. Here is a brief treatment for the pre title intro:

A limo pulls up to a nice suburban home. A family of four gets in. The father, Christopher Summers(actor: Mark Hamill, digitally made younger); the mother, Katherine Summers; the younger son, Alex Summers; and the older son with bandaged eyes, Scott Summers (actor: Finn Wolfhard).

They're driven to a Stark Industries testing lab where they are greeted by Christopher's long time friend and former employer: Howard Stark.

Howard takes them to a testing lab where they have a pair of experimental sunglasses ready to go.

They sit Scott (eyes still bandaged up) in front of a large shooting range meant for missile launchers (prototype for Jericho somewhere in background). They tell him to keep his eyes tightly shut as they put the sunglasses on his eyes. The scientists affix the sun glasses and quickly back away.

The Howard nods toward Christopher and Christopher tells Scott he can open his eyes. Scott slowly opens his eyes. At first the glasses seem to start glowing, but it quickly dissipates. Scott looks around. He can finally see. Christopher and Katherine run up to him and hug him. Scott jokes "Well, I guess I jumped the gun on learning brail.". Christopher and Katherine cry as they laugh.

Christopher asks Howard how much. Howard says "For my best test pilot? Nothing. Consider it hazard pay for that incident with the Project Q (name for Quinnjet)" *scene establishes Christopher as a pilot*

Happy, they go home and talk about all the stuff they want to do. Scott really wants to go flying with his father again. Alex heartily agrees. Christopher says "as long as your mother says it's ok.". She agrees as long as she doesn't have to go up, since she hates flying.

Christopher, Scott, and Alex go to small airstrip where Christopher's Cessna, titled "The Corsair" along the side is waiting. Flight tower is manned by one of Christopher's buddies from his days as a USAF Major. He wishes them luck as they fly off.

Flying seems fine at first, but soon hit some turbulence and Scott briefly spots a strange shape in the clouds. Soon, their engine is damaged. Christopher calls mayday with their location, then goes for parachutes, but finds all but one of them had been chewed through by a raccoon.

Christopher hands the parachute to Scott and tells him to put it on and then hold Alex tight as he could.

Scott with Alex in tow bails, and Christopher has to try and land the plane in the forest because he's going down to fast. He asks his USAF buddy to watch over his family before crashing.

Cut to wreck of the Corsair. Christopher climbs out, coughing, visibly injured, but not severely. He sees the raccoon, still chewing on a strip of parachute and sarcastically remarks "At least you're ok."

He hears an intense thrumming noise as the wreckage around him starts to float, along with himself and the raccoon. They're being taken by the shape from earlier, revealed to be a kree ship.

Cut to:



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Looking to showcase my writing and investigate the Brony counterculture, seeing how far I drag myself down the Rabbit hole.


With Broly being added to Dragon Ball Canon in the next Film, Which Non Canon character would you add next? 

2 deviants said Cooler
2 deviants said Android 13
2 deviants said Janemba
1 deviant said Android 21
1 deviant said Towa
No deviants said Garlic Jr.
No deviants said Dr. Willow
No deviants said Turles
No deviants said Bojack
No deviants said Icarus


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