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*Please note: The Final Finished downloads for all the bases can be found here:
(Anthro Bases V1.5 No teeth All ages, Anthro Bases V2.5a Teeth Young Adult)<--[Preview Temp]
I am still in the process of finishing up the rest of the species bases, will add them to these folders as I finish.

*Added [Final Download] for: Amoraq, Dragon, Tiger and Fox bases*
 Added Final Instruction Update for....
Amoraq Skin Instruction
-Dragonian Skin Instructions
-Tiger Skin Instructions
-Foxen Anubis Skin Instructions

[HUGE UPDATE UNDERWAY.. I am finishing and finalizing all bases and instructions. I will also be uploading new preview pictures and finishing the V2.5b Accessories Categories. EXPECT A MOD THE SIMS RELEASE FOR IMPROVED ANTHRO BASES FOLLOWING THIS JOURNAL'S COMPLETION.]
Updated as of 10/22/20 This Tutorial is for sims3 Content just so everyone knows :D

(Zachs Anomaiy Fantasy Anthro Skin/ Skin keys and previews: FoxTigerWolf , DragonAmoraq/ Download All Skins Here)

(Disclaimer I did not make these skins or the original numeric info in the tutorials, credit goes to ZachsAnomaiy: TumblrDeviantart and Iomai)


For these Fantasy Skins To look Proper You will need to make the muzzles and ears. The skins you download provides the details but you need to make the actual faces in create a sim with the facial sliders. To Make the Muzzles/Ears you will NEED the mod Nrass Master Controller (Download below under you will need), the reason being that Nrass enables you to use the create a sim sliders past there set limit and also see the number on the sliders while your using them. To make these sims you just set up the sliders and then match the numbers of the sliders in your game to the numeric Instructions (listed below under v Skin Instructions v). 

*Slider Set Up*

1) So once you have Nrass installed You first need to set the Facial Sliders Past there default and also enable it so you can see the numbers when you use the sliders.

2) The way you access Facial Slider Settings is to click on your sim and then Click: Nrass, Master Controller, (a list of options will pop up) Click: setting, CASS, (Then you will see another list go to the bottom where it says Slider Multiple: Facial and Slider Multiple: Body) click on each of these categories and change them from 1 to 12 (this enables you to use the sliders past there set points and form muzzles and jaws, after you do this this click the check mark. 

3) To get the sliders to have numbers click, Nrass, Master Controller, Settings, CASS and then go to "Show Numeric Value" and set it to (true), and then click the check mark. You should now be able to see numbers in create a sim when you use the sliders and be able to follow the number tutorials matching number to number.

4) To edit with Maxed out sliders in CASS click: your sim, Nraas, Mastercontroller, Advanced, edit in CASS.


The muzzle making process is hard on the sims3 game and can lead to glitching. I recommend that after you make your character you save them to sim bin and start a new game this will insure no glitching. So, have a creating game save and a playing game save. Creating game saves can be used to create various characters without glitching, it's when you try and play with them on the same save that causes the glitches.

Note: using CASS and (testing cheats enabled true) at the same time or one after another can lead to some save breaking glitches only use one or the other at one time.

You will need:

Nrass Master controller- This mod is more like a feature it makes it so you can edit in CAS and change game mechanics. its VERY HELPFUL and can allow for clothing to be used by both genders and well as accessories and makeup to every age. also allowing multiple makeups and accessories overlapping in the same category. Can also expand the a sim household to more that 8.
( P.S. Install the Base-Mod newest Version, it installs just like any other mod it, goes in the mods, packages folder)

Helpful Sliders
Alien Sliders- By OneEuroMutt 
(^ I highly recommend The Alien leg and mouth Sliders they are perfect for Anthro legs and The Classic Cat mouth)
Height Sliders- CmarNYC
Ear Height Slider- by Sage
(^ To get the ears even remotley High enough on the head you will need this)
Body Sliders- Jonha
Jaw Talk Slider- by OneEuroMuttPreviewDownload 
(^Use as tool for editing inside of mouth or adjusting teeth)

Sliders you'll Need for the [Usagimi, Nekomimi, Inumimi or Bunny, Cat, Dog Ear] and [Wolf, Jackal, Fox and Dog(Hound) Ears]:
-Ear Height
-Ear Width
-Ear Stretch
-Ear Height Thickness
-Ears Points-Back 
-Ears Points
Download them all Here
(Ears Tilt/ Download Here)

The Pre-made sims

Yes I have provided base Pre-made sims for all the skins with all the muzzles made. These sims should work in your game and show up with the muzzles/details even if you don't have Nrass installed they were made in base game so no expansion packs required. However if you wish to change there faces in the Jaw, Chin, Nose or Mouth category you will need Nrass With maxed out sliders otherwise the sliders will snap the mouth or nose back to a default position when you try and edit them. Also don't forget to download the skins, the sims I am providing are just bases with the sliders saved and they do not contain the skins. Feel free to change them in anyway, just remember to give me a little credit if you upload them anywhere.
Improved Anthro Bases V1.5 and V2.5 Currently being added..
(Original) Anthro Bases: Here
Real Werewolf Bases: Here

Bases with Camkitty teeth vs. Bases without Camkitty teeth

Listed below are bases made with Camkitty Werewolf Teeth (aka Bases V2.5) and bases made without the teeth (aka Bases V1.5). The reason that two versions of the Anthro bases exist is because the original Instructions for the bases were made without Camkitty teeth. Thus the Instructions provided are for the teeth-less variant. Also it is to be noted that the Bases without teeth are more genetically compatible. From toddler to elder the bases can be aged up or down and still look reasonable good. Also Sim Bases without teeth can reproduce and produce reasonable good looking children. If the same were to be applied to the V2.5 Bases you would get toddlers, children and teens with mouths that go deep into there skull and hang below there jaw. There is a fix for this by simply messing with the mouth depth and height sliders, however this would effect the teeth placement when the sim is aged up and would require mouth depth/height movement for each age.

A Note about the Skins and Bases

(That Wolf and Fox skins and bases are interchangeable with each other. The Dragon and Amoraq bases and skins are interchangeable with one another. The Tiger skin and bases are not interchangeable to the bases and skins of the wolves, foxs, Dragons or Amoraq.)

v Skin Instructions v  (All skins Preview)


Wolf, Jackal, Fox and Dog(Hound) Ears Instructions: <Click Title

Preview: (Preview1)
(Born of Nature Contacts/Preview/Download/Note: for all ages, 3 color channels)


Usagimi, Nekomimi, Inumimi or Bunny, Dog, Cat Ear Skins Instructions: <Click Title

Overview Preview: (Here)

Previews: (BunnyPreview), (CatPreview1), (CatPreview2)
Skin Download: [Skin Downloads Here] {Skin Key Here}


Forest Orgre Skin 

(These instructions are missing if anyone has access to them or knows where they can be found please share)
Previews: (Preview1)
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Colors Here}


Amaroq Skin Instructions:  <Click Title [Final UPDATE!! V1.5]

Previews: (Preview1), (Preview2)
Skin Note: Earths skin is the same as Forests skin both are {sunny yellow>gold>dark green slider}. Original skin download duplicated and labelled wrong there is currently no Earth skin with {sand brown>dark brown>black slider skin}.
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Key and colors Here}

Pre-made Sim Bases
Imporved Anthro Base V1.5 
No teeth, All ages: [Updated] {new pic's coming soon v]
(Soren Amaroq/ Preview:TempDownload)
(Seria Amaroq/ Preview:Temp/ Download)

Improved Anthro Bases V2.5 with Camkitty Teeth, Young Adult: [Updated]
(Soren AmaroqPreview Temp:/ Download: V2.5a No ACC)
(Seria AmaroqPreview Temp:/ Download: V2.5a No ACC)

Anthro Bases V2.5b with Accessories:
Amaroq Bases with Accessories


Dragonian Skin Instructions:  <Click Title [Final UPDATE!! V1.5]

Previews: (Preview1)
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Key Here}

Pre-made Sim Bases
Improved Anthro Base 
V1.5 No teeth, All Ages[Updated] {new pic's coming soon v]
(Argon Dragon/ Preview Temp:/ Download)
(Ava Dragon/ Preview Temp:/ Download)

Improved Anthro Bases V2.5 with Camkitty Teeth, Young Adult: [Updated]
(Argon DragonPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)12
(Ava DragonPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)

Anthro Bases V2.5b with Accessories:


Foxen Anubis Skin Instructions: <Click Title [Final UPDATE!! V1.5]

Previews: (Preview1)
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Colors Here}

Pre-made Sim Bases
Anthro Base V1.5 
No teeth, All Ages[Updated]
(Ryan Fox/ Preview TempDownload)
(Rebecca Fox/ Preview TempDownload)

Improved Anthro Bases V2.5 with Camkitty TeethYoung Adult: [Updated]
(Ryan FoxPreview Temp:/ Download: V2.5a No ACC)
(Rebecca FoxPreview Temp:/ Download: V2.5a No ACC) 12

Anthro Bases V2.5b with Accessories:
Fox Bases with Accessories


Tiger Skin Instructions:  <Click Title [Final UPDATE!! V1.5]

Overview Preview: ( Here)
Previews: (Preview1)
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Colors Here}

Pre-made Sim Bases
Improved Anthro Bases V1.5 All ages: 
[Updated] {new pic's coming soon v]
(Dean Tiger/ Preview Temp:/ Download)
(Dian Tiger/ Preview Temp:/ Download)

Improved Anthro Bases V2.5a Young Adult: [Updated]
(Dean TigerPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)123 
(Dian TigerPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)

Anthro Bases V1.5b with Accessories:
Tiger Bases with Accessories


Wolf Skin Instructions:  <Click Title

Overview Preview: (Here)
Previews: (Preview1)
Skin Download: [Skin Download Here] {Skin Key Here}

Pre-made Sim Bases

Anthro Bases Ver1 No teeth:
(Victor Wolf/ Preview/ Download)
(Vianna Wolf/ Previews: 1, 2, 3 / Download)
(Butch Hound/ Preview TempDownload) updated
(Bella HoundPreview Temp/ Download) updated
(Rex Jackal/ Previews: 123 / Download)
(Rece Jackal/ Preview/ Download)

Improved Anthro Bases V2.5 with Camkitty Teeth
(Victor Wolf/ TempPreview:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)
(Vianna Wolf/ TempPreview:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)12
(Rex Jackal/ TempPreview:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)12
(Rece Jackal/ TempPreview:/Download: V2.5a No ACC)
(Butch HoundPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC) updated
(Bella HoundPreview Temp:/Download: V2.5a No ACC) updated

Anthro Bases V2.5b with Accessories:
Wolf, Jackal, Hound Bases with Accessories 
© 2017 - 2021 Popcornstar45
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They all seem to work, but it seems all the Amaroq Skins conflict for some reason so you can only get one in game at a time.

Popcornstar45's avatar

Yes, you are correct for some reason with the Amoraq skins you can only have few types in the game at once. Although the original key claimed you could have up to three of the five in the game at once. Based on my experience I was able to get TWO Amoraq skin types to work without confliction at a time. This requires more testing.... Thank you for your feedback :).

Quote from the original skin key:

"you can only use up to 3 of the 5 sliders, so please pick which 2 you can do without in game!"

destallano4's avatar

Before downloading anything I would like to ask, are the skins of all species uncensored?

Popcornstar45's avatar

The skins all have anatomy details. Yes, all the skins are uncensored.

Popcornstar45's avatar

HUGE UPDATE UNDERWAY.. I am finishing and finalizing all bases and instructions. I will also be uploading new preview pictures and finishing the V2.5b Accessories Categories. EXPECT A MOD THE SIMS RELEASE FOR IMPROVED ANTHRO BASES FOLLOWING THIS JOURNAL COMPLETION.

ZachsAnomaiy's avatar
I am glad to see these still being used and talked about!
ZachsAnomaiy's avatar
I did not see myself credited anywhere as the creator of the anthro skins/bases though I am very happy people are using them and seeing people play with them brings me a lot of joy. <3
Popcornstar45's avatar

No worries i'll ensure that you are credited.

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What is the Required Version?
Popcornstar45's avatar
Required Version? Could you please clarify?
thelonerranger's avatar
I Mean the Sims 3 Version, like the Patch/Update
Popcornstar45's avatar
Oh! well im not sure about the minimal requirement but this mod works great with Version of the sims3. It also doesn't require any expansion packs to work.
rbmc88's avatar
Any plans for sims 4? first comment
Popcornstar45's avatar
Hmm, I still have so much I want to do and share in the sims3. I honestly don't like the sims4 that much, but I can't deny the potential it has for some fun creations. After I feel that I have adequately shared all my sims3 creations and fulfilled my projects I might try some sims4 stuff.
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Are these "wolf face" instructions only for females? I want to make a male wolf but I get really weird results despite following everything to the T. I made a great female sim from your base, but when I switch to male (or try to make one on my own) I get something like this and the proportions are just totally off. Could you possibly upload a male wolf base or share your settings for one?
Popcornstar45's avatar
The "wolf face" instructions are for both genders. The wolf face is hard to translate to male, I plan to release a male base eventually.

As for the images you shared with me I can tell right away that the nose tip depth and mouth depth slider are at fault.

I would recommend that you increase the nose depth and mouth depth. The nose should be easy to fix just mess around with nose depth until the lip clipping goes away.

As for the teeth problem, mouth depth needs to be increased until you can't see the teeth anymore. I Would recommended that you set the CASS sliders ( Slider Multiple: Facial) to 15 and increase mouth depth until the teeth are properly in the snout.

Im sorry I can't do more I am limited on free time at the moment, but if you have any further question or if this doesn't work for you please let me know.
EaterOfPie's avatar
Any idea what skin was modified for the usagimi? Guessing it isn't their work due to the differences in level of detail, and it isn't credited anywhere. Was hoping to use it for a were-bunny, but not being able to match the skin will drive me insane, and an ear covering hairstyle won't cut it due to the nose/mouth
Popcornstar45's avatar
AHH I wish I knew, I have the same problem she looks great in her were-form but when she turns human she turns a shade lighter and looses her cute lips. 

What I use to get by, is a lemon leaf skin mixed with light animal nose and mouth make up. 

Animal Nose Makeup:
(Pyxis cat nose Ver1 Preview 
Here/ download Here), (cat nose Ver2 all ages by pyxis preview Here/ download Here), (Traelia Feline Face/Preview/Download)

Animal Mouth Line:
Animal mouthline makeup by gaiahypothesims

I am sorry I cant help you further, ill keep a look out and see if I can find/ figure out what the base skin is.
EaterOfPie's avatar
Yeah, looking like I'll need to do a workaround short term, but I do like the skin (good combo of paleness/pinkness, and pretty high detail. Been wanting an albino skin that isn't just a desaturated standard version for years). Been keeping an eye out for it while looking around for new cc the last few days, and haven't seen anything close. Have a few of lemon's skins that I rarely use, they tend to be tinted towards asian or undead looks, and I generally use split-ma-soul's skin for asian sims, although I've used lemon's with frontbum's stitches makeup for (drowned) zombies a few times. Almost tempted to to give repairing the skin myself a shot, but i really question if i can do the shading for a nose without mauling it.
key7chan's avatar
do you have a tutorial on how to do it with the sliders..?
Popcornstar45's avatar
Yes, under (Instructions) (Slider Setup) steps 1 through 4, tells you how to set up the sliders get the numbers to show up and the sliders to max out. Then when you click on any of the (v skin instructions v) that gives you the numbers to use with the sliders to make the snouts and muzzles.

To make these sims you just set up the sliders and then match the numbers of your sliders in your game to the ones in the (v skin instructions v). 

Sorry I don't have a walk-through for ya, but I might make one in the near future. :)
If you have anymore questions or need further help with these skins feel free to ask.
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Oh my God! Thanks!!!!
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