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Updated as of 12/1/20 Added* (Karine78′s Mermaid Scale Acc Tops Conversion by Windermere/ Download)Medusa SnakeBottoms by VenusPrincess**Lillith's Chain Horns*

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*If you encounter a dead link try using TheWayBackMachine or searching the on The Sims3 planet, and please notify me so I may update and re-link *

Favorite Creators :

NG Sims3
Moonskin93 (Alternative downloads for her stuff Here)
Lord Simlish
Sil fantasy
Niobe cremisi

Mods I Highly Recommend

Nrass Master controller- This mod is more like a feature it makes it so you can edit in CAS and change game mechanics. its VERY HELPFUL and can allow for clothing to be used by both genders and well as accessories and makeup to every age. also allowing multiple makeups and accessories overlapping in the same category. Can also expand the a sim household to more that 8.

Nrass PortraitPanel- helps Makes it so that your game can play with more that 8 sims per household easier by expanding the number of portraits on the left side of screen.

cmar Skin tone panel (Preview/ Download Here)- Expands the skin select menu so you can scroll up/down and makes it so when you select the drop down arrow a skin panel pops us displaying all your skins. This is SUPER HELPFUL and should have honestly been part of the Vanilla game.

Custom Content Lists

Links for sim anthro or animal Hybrids Content/lists
(master list) little sims shack…
(Animal parts) the mushroom ring…
(Animal Ears mixed)…
(Animal tails)…
(Wings mixed)…

Misc. Sim-Animal hybrid stuff & Mythology

Specific Custom Content Journals:

General Fantasy/ Sci-fi Cosmetics and Accessory's

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Eyes, Eyelash, Teeth, Skin,*Maxed out Slider made Anthro: skin, makeup and teeth*, Face Makeup, Nose Makeup, Ear Makeup, Mouth Makeup, Body Makeup/Body Tattoo, Birthmark Makeup/Tattoo, Body Hair, Sliders, Misc Accessories)

All Animal Ears and Tails Accessories In the Sims3 Custom Content Universe

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Cat Ears, Cat Tails, Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Wolf/Dog Ears, Wolf/Dog Tail, Fox Ears, Fox Tail/Nine Tail, Lizard Tail, Demon Tail, Misc.Ears, Misc.Tails)

Fan,Game, Cartoon and Superhero Related CC For Sims3

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Invader Zim, Undertale, The Sims Medieval, Fallout, Detroit Becoming Human, Mas Effect, Starwars, DC and Marvel Superhero's)

Sims3 (Pets) Stuff

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Wings for Pets, Dog Stuff, Cat Stuff, Fantasy Cat Acc, Pet Sliders, Fantasy Horse Stuff)

Mythical, Fantasy, Supernatural Categories

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Satyrs or Faun, Centaurs, Mermaids, Nymph, Dryad and Plantsims, Demon/Succubus, Anthro wolf or Werewolves, Anthro Cat or Khajiit, Anthro lizard or Argonian, Anthro Fox or Kitsune/Ninetails, Anthro Bunny, Anthro bird or Harpy)

Zachs Anomaiy Fantasy Anthro Skin Tutorials

^Just click the Title to access ^(List: Instructions, Slider Set Up, Warning, You will need, The Pre-made sims, Bases with Camkitty teeth vs. Bases without Camkitty teeth, A Note about the Skins and Bases, Skin Instructions)
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LilyValley807's avatar

Hi! I uploaded the Custom Content in a sort of WIP stage!

Popcornstar45's avatar

Hey just wanted to let you know I posted a review for your mod on your MTS thread. It was a lot of fun downloading and experimenting with your masks. Thank you for sharing your creations.

Popcornstar45's avatar

Looking good! I'll share this link around to help and get you some feedback.

LilyValley807's avatar

Heya! I've been browsing your content links and I do enjoy what's out there! If I were to make some cc I made available would you link to it? It's still a project I'm chipping away at - but I do want to show you what I have done.


I found the actual sim faces with sliders too messy for me, which brings me to say I've made some clever accessories that hide the sim head. Sliders and facial expressions, even eye movement work!

Popcornstar45's avatar

How Interesting!!

Of course I will link your mods to my CC lists when you post them officially.

LilyValley807's avatar

I added bats now! I.. honestly don't know how to improve this look, because it's rather uncanny.

Also, my modding tool I'm using isn't able to deal with larger projects like I would hope. I'll need to find out how to get further on these items.

Popcornstar45's avatar

Uncanny but weirdly cute :)

LilyValley807's avatar

Well, dino-sims are ingame.

Popcornstar45's avatar
UnderNerd97's avatar
The gorgon/snake tail is missing.
Popcornstar45's avatar

Oh man, thanks for letting me know. Here is a new download link for you :

(Snake Tail by cakestore/ Preview/ Download) I will also fix it above.

P.S. I took the liberty of translating the Chinese into English for ya. :)

UnderNerd97's avatar
Ah thank you. ^^
Popcornstar45's avatar

If you guys find any links with the cc not working or the cc not being downloadable, please let me know and I will fix them and or upload the cc so it's available for downloading.

ShapeShifter499's avatar
Popcornstar45 ok I think I got the cmar skin tone panel with the updated "xcas" mod from…

Now i have a separate issue, I can't get the lower body snake tail working.  I imported it via the download feature of the launcher but I only see the dress/kimono top in my inventory. I don't see the snake tail anywhere.  I know I have things working somewhat because I was able to import the centaur lower body.  Do you have any ideas how I can get the snake tail working?
Popcornstar45's avatar
Yes you got the correct cmar Skintone panel, I updated my link with the one you provided. Thankyou!!!!

Ok for the snake tail..
Just going through steps.. to review.... :)
Its a sim custom content download, you download it and them put it in (Document / Electronic Arts/ Sims3 / Downloads )
Once in Downloads file you open the sims3 game launcher and go to (Downloads) and check mark the snake tail CC listed under (items) then click install
once installed the CC should appear clouded over and the (status) should have a sim icon with a blue arrow appear in it.

I think the issue is something with the CC name it's in Chinese so maybe the launcher is having trouble reading it and therefore not displaying it in downloads. Ok so I translated the downloads to English and uploaded them Here:….

I would recommend you uninstall (via the launcher) all the old downloads that are in Chinese and download the English translated ones.

I don't know if this will solve the problem but at least it well help you locate the downloads in the launcher and in your Download folder.

Let me know if your still having trouble or if the new downloads fixed the problem!!
ShapeShifter499's avatar
cmar skin tone panel

That download link is broken
Popcornstar45's avatar
oh I see what you mean.. ok So the (Preview/ Download) I listed works but the Cmar link is not working.
I will Update the link, Thankyou so much for telling me!!!
Anon262's avatar
the centaur body keeps showing duplicates of whatever feet i put, how do i fix this and make them invisible?
Popcornstar45's avatar
For the centaur body you need the invisible feet shoes: Info here--> http:/, Download here--> Steampunk_robot_no_feet_(FIX)
Anon262's avatar
i can't get the screaming mustard tail to work, where do you find it?

EDIT: i found out how, it's a sims3pack type file, and it needs to go into downloads
Popcornstar45's avatar
oh good, sorry I wasn't able to help ya but I am glad it is working now.
milizeelashee's avatar
It seems the Mermaid ear links don't work for me.
Merman accessory does though.
Popcornstar45's avatar
oh my bad I didn't link the original page which has the downloads. Here:… is the link your looking for and I fixed it above as well.

Just encase here is a quick link to the female Mermaid ear download…
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