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Sparrow old and new

Old Sparrow Drawing 2008:

NewOne Sept. 2012:
Sparrow by popChar

Wow, I can't describe in words how I feel right now, after I'm in the top ten of the contest! I' m just totally overwhelmed as I never even thought to be a finalist in the contest "Draw this again challenge" at all. I want to thank everyone who supported me and voted for "Sparrow old and new". A big hug to all of you and a big hug to the jury. I feel very honored being among the top 10 finalists! Thank You!!! :sing:

Piepmatz, Vogel, Bird
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wow - there clearly is an improvement! The right one looks really great!
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IgneousRockCake's avatar
come appreciate this beauty with me
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The old one had Charm, the new one had better Details.
MimiYukiKawaii's avatar

How do I get this good?
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It's awesome how much you improved! The effects and everything... Incredible!
CreamyCat5's avatar
Wow! You greatly improved!
xXArtIsTheWeaponXx's avatar
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phillipine bird XD
sketchywhiskers's avatar
when did you do the last one?
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2012 or so, I dont know :-)
See contest..
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Jeez.... Honestly..... That is AMAZING.... It looks like a photograph
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Haha, not really but thank you so much :sing:
sketchywhiskers's avatar
It does! Some high definition picture of a sparrow
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Very inspiring. Thank you so much.
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