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Sparrow (Sperling), Print here: [link]
Made while watching TV.
On the Laptop with a Mini-Wacom Graphire CTE 440

Wow, I can't describe in words how I feel right now, after I'm in the top ten of the contest! I' m just totally overwhelmed as I never even thought to be a finalist in the contest "Draw this again challenge" at all. I want to thank everyone who supported me and voted for "Sparrow old and new". A big hug to all of you and a big hug to the jury. I feel very honored being among the top 10 finalists! Thank You!!! :sing:
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So cute, love it very much Love 
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This image has really touched my heart, especially today. Our little jack sparrow we saved as a tiny baby died, She was still just a little thing so delicate there lives are. the eyes are just like our little ones eyes, so precious.
A beautiful portrait.
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Thank you so much :sing:
I'm sorry about your little sparrow :-(
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You are very welcome. And thank you, she was as sweet as your darling portrait. :)
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Naruto Dancing AWW YEAH! I look aweshum OvO
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wow this artwork is stunning! :o it looks so amazing!!! i really fall in love with it!!! Can't Breathe 
may i ask how did you made this? i know with photoshop, but what kind of tools did you use? :o
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Thank you very much :-)
I just used brushes...
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thank you for the answer :) 
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The eyes is beautiful
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OMG!!! I looooove it!!!!!! La la la la La la la la La la la la You´re amazing *^*
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he is adorable!!! fantastic job- you're extremely talented my goodness
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:-) Thank you very much !
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O_O Too damn good... How much time did it take?
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Thanks :-)
It took about 5 or 6 hours, I guess
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So 5-6 hours... Wait, WHAT? O_O For me it took like 3 hours to make something barely acceptable excuse of a sparrow using pencils, it'd take like 2x as much time digitally as of now (I hope I get faster, since I'm soooo damn slow like this >_<)
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This is adorable! Really beautiful! :heart:
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It's so cute! Amazing :squee:
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