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Published: May 7, 2007
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I was part of Anima Anime and Zentraedi's AC 2000
we started this anime related shop in the net and materializes into a growing business, I manage and design the Zentraedi's AC 2000 site and then was re-design by a friend, Trish Alcantara, who did the GLAY theme online shopping site.

this was my first ever web review

and check out Ronald Guanzon's website too.

Pinoy Anime Site Spotlight in WEB Magazine Philippines
We are very happy that we appeared on WEB Magazine Sept 2001 Issue, website review.
Heres the copy of the article from their website [link] for more info buy their magazine. PHP 75 only

September 2001 issue now out on newsstands. Buy your copy now!
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Anime Rising: A Pinoy Otaku’s Online Anime Guide
by Jennifer B. Simes, Staff Writer;
Computerworld Philippines

Issue Date: September 2001

I've been watching Japanese anime as long as I can remember and I didn't know they were called anime at the time (there were simply no “We are Anime” ads back then). All I know is that I watched cartoons featuring big robots, manned by heroes and heroines that are so beautiful you could have big crushes on them, fighting off big monsters from whatever planet. If you've guessed that I watched Voltes V, Mazinger Z and Daimos, you are right. I am from that generation. I also watched Candy, Candy, Nobody's Child and other anime tearjerkers, the names of which I can no longer remember. And I swear I wore T-shirts emblazoned with their faces when I was a kid.

Back then I watched them for the sheer pleasure of seeing the bad guys being beaten by the good guys. Subliminally, I was mesmerized by the sophisticated weaponry and fighting techniques. Who wouldn't be? Have you seen weapons like ultra electromagnetic top anywhere in the world? How about Daimos’ double blizzard? Not to mention, Aphrodite A's amazing boob rockets that Mazinger Z holds onto so he could fly. (Hmmm... come to think of it, this is a nice subject to deconstruct on a feminist level, but that deserves another article altogether.)

Of course, as I grew older and encountered these anime series again through re-runs dubbed in our native tongue, I looked more at the character development and their conflicts. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the kick-ass fighting and the weaponry, be it mechanical or supernatural. But I also discovered that there’s more behind the violence and beautiful characters.

Today, many of the elements of the old anime are still there. Although the mecha (robots) era has passed, its descendents, like Gundam Wing, Vision of Escaflowne, Neon Genesis Evangelion, etc., continue to keep the genre alive. The stories are still set in the distant future, some are fantasy, while the others are based on Japanese history. Heroes, heroines and villains are still beautiful, wide-eyed, long-legged and sexy, with hairdos that don't get ruined even while fighting.

Story lines and subject matter have become varied though, from cute and wholesome formulas of shojo (anime for girls) and shonen (anime for boys) to surrealistic and dark anime stories for mature audiences. Adult themes have also come out into the open through hentai (anime with adult content) and yaoi (anime about homosexual relationships).

All these have become widespread and well known not only through printed magazines but also through the Internet. Web sites have played a major role in spreading the love for anime. For where else can one get anime reviews, summaries of episodes, spoilers and artist/creator information as comprehensive and as up-to-date as those on the Web?

The Internet has also become a venue for fans of different ages and races to build anime shrines for their favorite anime series, characters, artists/creators and seiyuu (voice actors). I would say my evolution from being a mere anime fan to a bona fide Pinoy otaku was brought about by these developments.

, According to the Web site Anime Twilight the term ‘otaku’ is used in the West to describe someone who is a fan of anime. In Japan, otaku means an obsessive fan of almost anything (idol otaku, gun otaku, etc.) These people are fanatically obsessive to the point of anti-social behavior.

So far, I've not turned into a sociopath yet. But if being an otaku means spending a lot of hours on the Internet looking at fellow otakus’ shrines, reading anime news and fan fiction, downloading screensavers, pictures, MP3s and ring tones, then I’m as otaku as anyone else. I've also gotten some of my anime merchandise (a 12-inch Ashitaka figure from the movie Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell DVD, Rurouni Kenshin artbooks, etc.) online.

Locally, we have a number of anime Web sites. Some sell merchandise while others are shrines dedicated to the different anime series shown on television. Most of these sites are filled with interactive features and freebies as well.

If you are looking for good buys, you can visit E-Auctions (www.e-auctions.ph). The site has an anime section that offers mostly fan-made copies of different anime titles in VHS and VCD formats (such copies are commonly referred to as “fansubs”). A few sellers also auction off toy models and figures. I got a VHS fansub copy of the anime movie Princess Mononoke from this site.

Bidshot.com (www.bidshot.com) is considered the Official Anime Auction Site, but I still haven’t tried bidding at the site since there’s not much anime stuff to choose from.

I’ve browsed through the site of Zentraedi’s AC 2000 (come.to/zentraedi), which sells anime-related goods. I got the URL address from a calling card given to me by someone I met at an anime show cum exhibit at the food plaza of Edsa Shangri-la Mall a year or two ago. The design of their Web site has improved. The picture of Japanese rock group Glay is refreshing and unique. Zentraedi offers anime VHS and VCD fansubs, soundtracks and albums of “jpop” and “jrock” groups such as Glay, L'arc en Ciel, Puffy and Max, to name a few. They also sell toys and other collectibles. It has no online ordering facility but you can send your orders via e-mail or cellphone. You can also join their mailing list and subscribe to their anime newsletter by contacting omake2anime@yahoo.com.

Anima Anime (old site: [link] new site still under construction: [link]/) is an anime shop in Katipunan, Quezon City that is very active online and offline. Started by a group of four friends, the shop initially provided anime merchandise such as manga (Japanese comic books), artbooks, and collectibles through custom orders, as well as sell VCD and VHS copies of anime series. It also started giving anime film showings called "Anime Revue" at Oracafe in Quezon City in 1999. Now the revue is being brought to campuses in Metro Manila and to Powerbooks in Makati.

I was able to attend some of these marathon film showings where OAVs (original animated videos), not-shown-in-TV episodes were screened. I say “marathon” because the film showing usually started at 5 pm and ended at 12 midnight! The organizers had a VCD player or a VHS player, a screen big enough to let the audience watch comfortably without squinting, a projector and a lot of anime titles. But despite the limited resources, the room was always jampacked. And as intermissions, the NEOtaku band played popular anime songs, while invited guests talked about the services and/or merchandise they offer. The old site contains a list of anime products and the AXN Anime Club for those who want to post their views in the message boards.

There are also news, pictures and updates on the local anime events that Anima Anime helped organize, like the AnimeXplosion 2000 and the AXN Final Fantasy Cosplay (Costume Play) Contest 2001 last July. Do you know that a Filipino won the grand prize at the regional cosplay at the Hongkong ComicFest? His name is JM Chua and he dressed as Saitoh Hajime, one of the characters of Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin. The new Anima Anime Web site, which is still under construction, now sports a new design as well as a new slogan: "Anima Anime, the premier provider of Japanime merchandise and anime event organizer in the Philippines."

If you are looking for general information about the local anime community and its recent happenings, the We Are Anime (www.weareanime.com) Web site of GMA-7 is one venue you can check out. This site is very clean and organized. Menu buttons are easily accessible and it appeals to kids of all ages. It has a mailing list where members can win giveaways and prices. It also has a very active and interesting forum, containing praise and complaints about GMA’s anime shows. Recent buzz in the forum is about ABS-CBN’s plan to air Card Captor Sakura and Oh! My Goddess. But beware, some of the links don’t work, while others have no content whatsoever, just a blank page.

For freebies, try visiting [link]. You can get free anime cellphone logos and ring tones of anime soundtracks. But you have to download a program like a ring tone converter in order to convert the RTTL format of the songs into a format for your cellphone's composer. The only catch is that your cellphone must be a Nokia 3210. But it’s cool because it works. The site also has MP3s you can download, although there is a warning that says the MP3s are just samplers of the real thing. This is probably to avoid being sued for copyright infringement.

Anime Collection (www.geocities.com/kobe_08_1981), designed and created by AMA student Albert P. Tagaban, has an extensive collection of JPEG pictures of anime characters shown locally on TV. One can also download the pictures as wallpapers for his or her computer. The story and character information of each of the anime series are also provided as well as a message board and MP3 collection. If your looking to send an anime electronic postcard to a friend, don't click on the post card section. It doesn't work.

One interesting find is the P.Otaku Bytes Anime Fanzine (www.geocities.com/charlesatan) owned by Charles Tan. Its tagline says: “The Anime Fanzine for Filipino Otakus by Filipino Anime Fans.” It has interesting features and reviews, editorials as well as opinion columns about anime. Unfortunately, when you get to the site you will see the last and final issue of the online fanzine. Tan enumerated his reasons for discontinuing the fanzine in the editorial section. “If I value my sanity and emotional stability, I am afraid I have to discontinue the fanzine. Too many things have come up and my personal life (I have one?) is crashing at me. Oh well,” he said in the November 2000 issue. Nevertheless, the site is still up and running. You can still check out the back issues as well until Geocities decide to close it down. Look it up since it’s an interesting read.

Anime fan fiction is also as popular as MP3s of anime soundtracks. Some fans write stories based on their favorite anime characters or shows. Others create crossovers or fusions of two or more anime shows where the different characters interact. Such is the imagination of an otaku that if he is inspired enough, he can make a piece of anime fan fiction using a song from Smashing Pumpkins (this is true, I’ve read it). One such site is LeeKing Works Anime Fanfiction (members.surfshop.net.ph/~lynch). The writers here are Pinoy otakus and their stories vary. Too bad, the creators updated it a year ago. But still, the fanfics are worth reading. If you want to see a sample of a Pinoy otaku’s fan art, on the other hand, check out Snowball Z Anime Domain (www.geocities.com/tokyo/pagoda/6156). The site was put up by an otaku when he or she was 13-years old and some of the fan art are his or her creations. It needs a lot of patience though, since some of the pages download so slowly. I always experience a runtime error on every page.

I’m sure there are other Web sites out there made by Pinoy otakus that I haven’t explored nor discovered yet. Those sites might be the best of the breed for all I know. And so, my journey as an otaku is only beginning because kindred spirits are still out there. Nagai koto o-jama itashimashita! (Thank you for your time!)

(photo above is by Danny Cho)
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