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Sugarskull Resurrected

The original was done by an artist named Brandi, I think she owns a studio called Human Canvas? I've never met her personally... This is a fairly decent example of how powerfully bright Fusion Inks are. This, if anything, healed to an even more vibrant set of colours.
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Apr 13, 2011, 12:29:12 PM
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Thank you Keith. Here is the Tat Tues feature with your words and work as the center piece on Dead Deco today at [link]. Thank you again.
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Nifty. Thanks for the consideration. I think that's my first 'interview' as such, at least insofar as my tattooing goes.
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You are welcome. Hope you enjoyed the experience and may you receive many more.
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Hello Keith. I like this tattoo and plan to feature it next week on Dead Deco [link] during our weekly "Tat Tues" segment. The discussion will be in regard to the Fusion Inks, and how the ink choice can impact a finished tattoo. If you would care to offer some input to this conversation, please contact me at Thank you.
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Cool. Fire me a link when it goes live. :)
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Thanks Keith. I'll send you the link next Tuesday. By the Way, is there anything else you have learned about Fusion Inks that you could share with our readers? And, is asking for a particular type of ink a reasonable request when someone goes to a tattoo studio to purchase some artwork?
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I would say its reasonable to ask what ink brand(s) a given artist uses, and basing ones decision to go to that artist on the answer, but asking an artist to use a different brand might be a bit much. Not offensive, but it would complicate the tattoo process.

For example, I use Fusion exclusively. If I had a potential client come in and ask me to switch to Intenze specifically for them, that's a bit of a tall order- that would be a hefty price hike for one tattoo, as I'd have to buy a set specifically for one client only. Mind you, if they were getting large scale work, and were genuine about completing said work, I'd probably do it.

As for Fusion, it's one of those things-- the consistency of Fusion ink works very well with my style of tattooing. That doesn't mean it's going to work flawlessly for all tattoo artists. Some artists prefer a more watery dispersion to their ink, and so they're happier with Intenze, or Starbrite, or Dermaglo. Others might find Fusion not thick enough, and will lean towards Classic Colour Systems or Eternal (although Eternal and Fusion are very close in that regard).

The bottom line is, each ink will rely on the hand of the artist using it to come to its full potential. For me personally, Fusion fits my style just right, and I get the best results with it. Their colour line is comprehensive, without being too over-muddied with 'gimmick' sets (zombie washes, irezumi dragon colour sets, etc), and their pigment load is insane- which to me means brighter colour lasting longer over time.

Hope this helps. :)
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That's perfect, and I will include all of that in the article. Is your blogspot website still the place you would like me to point visitors toward, or would you prefer I include something different as your contact and shop info?
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The blogspace or our FaceBook page. The new website isn't quiiite ready yet, but even when it goes live all it will do is replace the blog anyways, so..
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