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A gift for my cute lil' sis, Intan.

Wall poster, glossy print on wood block, 50 x 60 cm.

Hope she likes it....:)
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bikin'a pake apa ni ?
corel ya ?
betwix's avatar
love it!! really nice!! :)
i hope my sister's like you. HAHA i love this :D
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Intan banget! :D
i lovE!!!!!!

babyzaiyne's avatar
salam knal.
this is good.

which software did you use?
Angel-Daria's avatar
interesting picture (:
cyclones's avatar
so sweet....great job!
PHOTOGRAPH95's avatar
She will like it ;)
filip5's avatar
lomokotiv's avatar
cute gift,,pasti suka lah :)
RiNaKo-FuNkY's avatar
That's super cool XD
plastichurts's avatar
Dia bakal suka!!!
I love ittt!!
iPeH's avatar
VerY cUte.!!!
titwelve's avatar
Ehm... please write 2 me or somethin' i have 2 have contact with u ! ^^ msn: , mail: please!!! XD :wave:
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Love it. I KNOW she will like it! It's awsome! I love your works! :) :*
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I just love inspire me greatly!
Anrathebadangel's avatar
wow..awesome! :D
warnanya...bagus banget!
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awesome as always
gultzart's avatar
what a special friend!! :)

ms. hunzipheartcore!
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